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  1. (NES) Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 (11.8)

    On the Bears, Bellamy is gonna get cut and Tanner Gentry will likely make the team as WR 4 moving up to WR3 by game 3. He's a beast.
  2. View File 1978-1993 Tecmo Super Bowl Updated/Juiced/SuperCharged Now that the winter sports lull is almost here, I have created the ultimate Tecmo Super Bowl 1978-1993 set, including alternate roms for strike year and seasons where multiple qbs made an impact. Can you take the 86 49ers to the Super Bowl with a young Jerry Rice and no Joe? Can you steer the 84 Bears to the Super Bowl with a pair of the worst QBs to ever grace the Tecmo field? See what the 1991-1993 rosters really looked like with these roms with 100% accurate rosters. Hundreds of hours of research and development have gone into these and I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Roms include 1978 Season 1979 Season 1980 Season 1981 Season 1982 Season 1983 Season 1984 Season (2 versions) 1985 Season 1986 Season (2 versions) 1987 Season (2 versions) 1988 Season 1989 Season 1990 Season 1991 Season 1992 Season 1993 Season Submitter qbvikings Submitted 02/01/2016 Category NFL By Year
  3. View File QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017 JUICED AND NON JUICED versions included! Just in time for your Tecmo Super Weekend! QBVIKINGS 2016-2017 Super Tecmo Bowl rom is here! This rom is my greatest yet and is the result of hundreds of hours of work and analysis. Be prepared for a competitive season and bring your "A-Game" as this rom is juiced to the max. Rosters are accurate as of 8/25/2016. Have fun! Special thanks to pambazos88 for his technical assistance. Submitter qbvikings Submitted 08/25/2016 Category NFL By Year  
  4. File Name: QBVIKINGS TSB 2015-2016 Season ROM File Submitter: qbvikings File Submitted: 21 Jul 2015 File Category: NFL By Year BRAND NEW for 2015 Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP TO DATE ROSTERS. QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2015-16 Every player researched and rated! Scrubs to stars, rookies to vets! I have scoured the waiver wires, beaten the bushes for camp reports. I have spent hundreds of hours updating this rom with player attributes from well respected sources and it's all here for your enjoyment. How will your favorite team do in 2015??? Can you take your team to the Super Bowl? Enjoy. Juiced and non juiced roms attached. Too many people to thank and too many hacks to list but thank you to the Tecmo Community for keeping this game alive. 7/22 Updated uniforms 09/14 Updated rosters Click here to download this file
  5. Brutal game against the Bears, wasn't even close. But a come from behind victory against the Bucs keeps us alive for the playoffs with one last game to go in the season... a rematch against the Bears.
  6. Games are starting to get a lot more competitive and the Pack's weak defense is really a glaring issue. We barley outlasted bottom feeder Minnesota and let a bad QB Steve Dils throw all over us. Then... Detroit took it to us after the Pack had an early lead and again our bad defense made a sub par QB Eric Hipple look like Joe Montana in an upset loss. Then, the bottom fell out in Atlanta. The Pack allowed 480 yards rushing to William Andrews and gave up a 50-Burger. Wow. Just Wow. We now have 3 games left in the season and likley need to win 2. Up next are two games with the Division Champ Chicago Bears and a rematch with the Buccaneers who upset us earlier in the season. Will the Pack make the playoffs? We've got the offense to outscore anyone, however our defense cant hold anyone so it's anybody's guess. Stay tuned.
  7. A little swing back through the AFC North. The Bengals were never a serious threat although the running of QB Anderson and heavy play action kept me on my toes. The Cleveland Browns took it to us and had an excellent pass rush. Matthews was after Dickey all day and they even forced our first punt of the year. The Browns offense led by Brian Sipe was a quick scoring machine. We are keeping pace with the Bears and if we can sweep them (we play 2 of the last 3 games) we can win this division.
  8. Blew out the Redskins and the Vikings in my next two games. At the halfway mark we are 6-2. Can anyone stop the Packers passing game???
  9. Weeks 4-6. Dickey and Lofton are firing! The Tampa pass rush derailed us and sacked Dickey into bad condition but sitting pretty after a thrilling victory against Billy Sims and Detroit and now 4-2 with the #1 ranked offense in the league. Up next the 4-2 Redskins. They are favored by 7.
  10. Picking up the action in the 3rd week of the 1983 season. I'm playing as the Packers. Just finished destroying the Rams in a game that started as a track meet. We held Dickerson in check and Dickey went wild passing for 547.
  11. (NES) NCAA: TSB 2016

    DUDE! Awesome! Thank you!
  12. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    lol. you are right that was a rather silly statement on my part.
  13. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    **Updated Browns QB situation as it has major impact on season.
  14. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Just uploaded final, final with most up to date rosters!
  15. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Just download the rom from this site. I play the rom on this: http://www.fceux.com/web/home.html
  16. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    A lot of cuts and i'm assuming some signings coming, i'm gonna hold off a little on next update. Perhaps Monday, we'll see.
  17. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    whoa... wow man. sorry about that. fixed.
  18. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    See above and thank you. Nope after this weekend that's it for this year. After all that's how the OG Tecmo boys did it.
  19. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Yep got em, im gonna do as much as I can when I can this weekend. I have Bills, Titans and Falcons so far. Bear with me folks. Latest files uploaded.
  20. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Your NT is a beast. This wont be the case for every defense.
  21. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    haha OK OK I get it Yep saw his highlights and he's in. Thank you for bringing his "Bob Nelson" like secret skills to my attention.
  22. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    ROM has been updated with updated Vikings QBs.
  23. Dude, this is so AWESOME! Considering the juice of my roms, you have skills. With that in mind, I have a challenge for you. Can you get the 86 Bucs to the playoffs?
  24. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Uploading some minor roster updates today along with some major updates to the rom, including Pro Bowl rosters thanks to Baron von Lector and moving oline, grappling and the ability to exit the playbokk with the "b" button, thanks to guidance from pambazos88 . I should also say THANK YOU to all the original creators of the hacks that I use to create this ROM as well as the creator and host of this site. Thank you for keeping Tecmo alive and making it better.
  25. (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    So my gameplan is to keep editing rosters this week and re uploading new files daily until end of week. Come Sunday, all roster updates will be final for the season. Hope everyone is enjoying!