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  1. im right across the bridge from hood river oregon... aka brewery heaven... im lovin it....
  2. living in washington now... ill be there... the return of the bombjack will be in person.... get ready kamph...
  3. RAMJAM ready in los angeles
  4. ok guys change of plans... i will be staying in los angeles.... i traded Elway for a kings ransom
  5. killed it... 11 picks 10 starters Elway/Byrd duerson kinard 3 olinemen 50 +.... leonard marshall... mongo hit a 50 int db in late rounds etc etc... many said Elway busted with less than 25 ms... in my opinion he hit his second best line... his best line was 7%... ill take that 2 line any day
  6. id like to move my franchise form the rams to Denver... Elway has to be in the gross denver unis
  7. ready for the ramjam
  8. hey guys I had a KR perf gain that never got used.... id like to apply it to a rb or wr 4 that will return for me... prob is that the guy who got gain retired.... no prob if it cant be used its just BC and HP... but if I can apply it to personal fav and current punt returner dennis gentry or my crap rb 4 Paul Hofer.... that would be cool... if it means that you have to F with the phile and its a pain in the ass... no worries... its almost irrelevant... I just need all the help I can get in the greatest league of all time... THE WTF!!!
  9. ya my punter sucks... we need them lol
  10. that was awesome.... a non accurate QB who is referred to as one of the most accurate passers in the game. In the orig instruction booklet that came with the cartridge... Coach Jim Harbaugh is described as one of the most accurate Qbs in the game. The bears of WTF have been given a similar description at QB.
  11. im ok with all of them... but the gains thing is a bit weird.... really hard to regulate.... and with attribute caps in place... its kind of an unnecessary regulation... its fun to take a zero and play well enough with him to develop him into a beast. Perhaps we should be looking at the gain ladder. Perhaps a lesser amount of attributes could be increased per gain to avoid the eventual over-juicing of the league. As a manager that keeps inheriting terrible teams... the ability to gain the crap players you inherit is the only way to ever climb out of the basement and be competitive.
  12. if its not 2 late, and it doesn't cause any extra work on league admin duties... id like to change to the LA Rams as opposed to switching to the PHX cards. If its 2 late... no worries but id like to change the redskins to the RAMS
  13. sorry cubsfan... but im in the middle of a draft with that team.... and I don't wanna give it up lol... when I inherited it I don't recall anyone telling me I was a fill in manager
  14. Rams Redskins Oilers are available