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  1. hey Jeremy here from iowa are you doing tourney this year?  thanks

  2. hey, im old member looking to get back into leagues etc but i want to start with tpc first.  is there a tpc channel you can give me? i played for a couple of years then took break with kids etc and job.  im friends with a lot of guys on here and play live tourneys also hosted a tourney for a few years.  thanks


    also what other channels do i need to log into? does each league have their own channel?  thanks

    1. hoffnasty9


      I see you're on discord so you're all set right?

      feel free to post on the HSTL wait list!


  3. thanks guys for opportunity in league, I think im just going to play in live events. with work and kids hard to find time to play also im not that motivated as I was when i first started to play online. ill try and get last couple games in before deadline.
  4. ryan

    Ryan hmu also..I texted u last weekend
  5. floismyname...cleveland

    I've tried like 10 times never any reply
  6. Coconuts' Schedule

    Hey play tonight? 407 924 4047 text me
  7. floismyname...cleveland

    Kamp I can't get email to work on Dyna anyway way u can post it? I don't think he responds on aim. Thanks
  8. Week 5 and 6 lines

    Week 5 Pitt -7 Bills + 3 Week 6 Tampa +14 Minn -3
  9. HSTL s30 Week 4 Power Rankings!

    Nice work fun read!! Regulator wins it all I'm going to say it now.
  10. da bears/schroeder availability

    I'll try that thanks
  11. floismyname...cleveland

    Does any know his aim or contact info? Thanks
  12. I'm free almost everynight 8 - 930 central time. Best way to reach me is by text 407 924 4047. Aim might work but does not always alert my phone with new messages.
  13. hake/schroeder

    Yea Friday I'm free 8 930 central and sat...maybe at night but tough on weekends... Text is best way u should have my number still but if u don't 407 924 4047
  14. Set your lineups/Check your team

    Bears look good