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  1. @BaseballHQ https://t.co/UDQf4cQEGz

  2. RT @pattymo: Mike Pence fucking sucks https://t.co/w8EyqAAWyj

  3. @joegagne Joe we need to get you in the discussion group. It’s def happening

  4. RT @GFAllentownPod: New show! WCW Monday Nitro after the infamous '95 Halloween Havoc! The importance of Nitro on wrestling in general, Hog…

  5. RT @GoGoACH: Ahem. https://t.co/rKQFScGYbN

  6. RT @Place2BeNation: The PTBN GWWE: Tag Teams Project officially kicks off 4/9/18... here is the link to the Facebook group where the discus…

  7. RT @trillyrobinson: We did it! https://t.co/w5uOie4gXZ

  8. RT @mikeVSphilly: Took this in line at Toys R Us yesterday and forgot to post it https://t.co/rPA9DwxQux

  9. RT @Place2BeNation: The Top Ten for the PTBN GWWE Project will be released Monday morning... get yourself caught up before we reveal the gr…

  10. RT @fart: a fun thing is how there are thousands of tweets from Early Twitter of people saying "nothing whats up" and "nothing whos this" e…

  11. RT @Place2BeNation: New P2B Podcast! @bigboysplaywcw joins the PIC's to chat 11/28/87 Saturday Night's Main Event! https://t.co/V1NNLP0mvM…

  12. RT @Place2BeNation: Geek & Sassy #22 https://t.co/ZVw0S0l8vk

  13. RT @_joenick22_: You guys seriously want a QB who runs like Mose Schrute? https://t.co/IwlyVdrAYw

  14. RT @AndrewPaulJoyce: *Six hours from now* NUNBERG: I’m not going to jail, do you think I’m going to jail? SPACE GHOST: I... think a lot o…

  15. RT @luchaundead: If you want to hear this match properly broken dowb listen to main men @qt_moody & @jamesie_2015 talk about this match htt…