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  1. @Tanner1495 Pretty fair rating

  2. RT @robschamberger: ADAM COLE BABY! #NXTTakeover

  3. @mikeVSphilly Adam Cole will be heavily cheered

  4. @voiceswrestling This always pops me - smdh marks tagging people

  5. 😂😂

  6. RT @SteveDubRN: Listen in as I join Will from TX and Johnny Sorrow to discuss how ECW alumni might fare in the @Pla…

  7. RT @dadflannels: Motherfucker you're wearing a navy jacket and black trousers, you can't even dress yourself with your damn bare hands http…

  8. @hEnereyG Yano as a boss is wild right?

  9. @mikeVSphilly The second worst part of twitter is this stuff - good tweet

  10. ******1/4

  11. RT @therealmikekb: Fultz has range #sixers

  12. RT @owengood:

  13. RT @GFAllentownPod: New show! Megapowers explode in a sea of bloopers and Hogan's bad acting, Rashomon in wrestling, lust & much more! http…

  14. RT @RebelLifeMedia: Ep. 1 of #SHOOTFACTIONPOD starring @Amazing_Maria & @RebelLifeMedia on @Place2BeNation. We talk #rickrude @HulkHogan ht…

  15. RT @Place2BeNation: Proud to announce the arrival of the Shoot Faction Podcast on PTBN Wrestling Feed courtesy friends @RebelLifeMedia http…