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  2. @MikeMcMahonPW Thanks Mike (I removed it)

  3. RT @nilaffle: This gorilla looks like he decided to have this undergrad philosophy lecture outside since it's a nice day…

  4. RT @bigboysplaywcw: This is the 2nd installment of me looking at Kazuchika Okada's 2012 matches.

  5. @mikeVSphilly You have to wait until tomorrow with this but don't forget to parlay in "wow $35 for a ppv? I can ge…

  6. @gphillips8652 @mstarjd Performance wise I'd be curious if he's the better wrestler in any of those, sure. Those ar…

  7. RT @gphillips8652: Did you know we nearly got a #WonderWoman series on NBC a few years ago? We found the pilot episode and reviewed it! htt…

  8. RT @mookieghana: @WWE Hey Siri, find me living wrestling alumni not currently suing WWE over CTEs.

  9. RT @JoeGiglioSports: NBA exec was Danny Ainge talking in the third person.

  10. RT @SEGAbits: What @Nintendo ISN'T telling #MarioOdyssey fans. #SHAMEFUL #DISGUSTING

  11. RT @fergnerduson: A twitter play in two acts

  12. @concrete1992 @mikeVSphilly Also not sure upside in meeting costs is there.

  13. RT @hEnereyG: How I'll remember E3 2017: 80 different videos of people getting stabbed in the neck, then Mario became a T-Rex…

  14. RT @Place2BeNation: Happy Birthday! Check out the time @GRthrasher joined us for an excellent interview! https://t.…

  15. RT @Place2BeNation: Be sure to check out episode 3 of the hit sensation if you haven't yet... Jeff learns all about NWA 85/86 and more! htt…