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  1. IN.......................whens' Labor day FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cool image???........naw.........BEST IMAGE.
  3. Hey................check this out, You're a fucc!n idiot. Johnny Johnson is the best all around offensive weapon in the game of Tecmo Superbowl. If you're to stupid to understand that, it's your problem, not mine.
  4. When's Labor Day.........? {OFFICIAL} day and date please... (p.s. and yes, I'm to lazy to look it up)
  5. I HATE N.E.....but this was one of the greatest Superbowls of all time...with the greatest comeback of all time...with maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady showed his haters how ya put a stamp on that b!tch. (p.s. If through some kinda divine intervention Seattle could aquire Todd Gurley in the off-season from the Rams, you'd see the SEAHAWKS in the Superbowl next year)
  6. ^^^Can't hate that.
  7. If you really wanna compare highschool careers, I was 6'1 195 as a freshmen, was a 110 meter hurdle champion with 7 touchdowns...and that was just my first highschool year. (on a very shitty team mind you) In sayin that, acceleration, not the best, but size x top speed = Touchdowns...and long runs. (A 79 yrd TD vs Franklin in the second game of the season was my first, and longest touchdown I ever had ...and they were good)...fear was never a factor because I was the same size as most of the defenders on the field............................I don't know Buck, I think I woulda' started on your team
  8. Johnny plays for people who understand how to utilize his unparalleled skillz...............If they don't understand how, they never will.
  9. Geeeeeee Buck, you were a small a$$ fullback ........I now know why you jock Sanders so much. If you didn't run like him, you woulda' got KILLED! BTW, Le'Veon Bells' running style is exactly like Sanders, it just looks different because Bell is big and tall.....but for Michigan State, he was 240 lbs. and didn't run like that exactly.....To run like Bell, you have to have a great line that can afford you the PRIVILEGE to dance around and 'be patient' (Sanders was an exception because he was so fu**!n short, no one could see him) I'll use an example of my 2 favorite players in the league, put Le'Veon in Todd Gurley's situation on the Rams, and I'll bet a million bucks he won't be pullin' that $#!t, because he couldn't. The game of football is all about situational opportunities, and a lot of luck.....some, like Bell or Brady take advantage of them, but most can't of don't. In sayin' that, I WISH Todd Gurley somehow got traded to SEATTLE. That would be a perfect situation for him.....and the HAWK'S.
  10. ^^^WOW..............You mad bro??? Seems to be a lotta hostility in that statement. Like you had a real bad experience or somthin'. Kinda like you had a bad trip the first time you smoked weed because it got you too paranoid, or you were hangin' round the wrong people and you swore off it and never tried it again........When your the only person on the team who can do anything special, people key in on you because that's all they have to do...a fumble here or there comes with the territory. When the games on the line, there's no other player in the game I'd want in on my offense no matter what position you line him up in...running the ball, receiving, or as a decoy. The positives WAY outweigh the negatives. Don't be butthurt that he fumbled in a key situation for ya, and hold a grudge, because it coulda' happened with anybody else.....Chances are if you give Johnson another try, he'll shine for ya in a big way.......that is of course unless you don't believe in the 'force'....remember, he's a different typa' player that can and will do unexplainable things other players can't....You must 'unlearn' what you have 'learned' when using him with the game on the line.
  11. I call this one quite a bit, because I think every opponent will take PIT here, leaving me with The Man, The Myth, and the Legend they call Johnny Johnson, who of course I prefer. (who wouldn't?) When you really think about it, the matchup is not even close. It's eazy to score on a soft, towel waiving defense as long as you keep Rod Woodson honest by dropping a couple bombs on his a$$ by using "THE LEGEND" as a decoy, and if you have any type of a tap game, it makes it only that much worse for PIT. I like the offensive advantage at Tailback a hell of a lot more because I have Johnny Johnson in my backfield and they don't.
  12. I said Le'Veon Bell was gonna be one of the best backs in the league, what is it 5 years ago now, on this forum........My next big thing picc's were #1 Marcus Lattimore, #2 Le'Veon Bell, and #3 Todd Gurley............I seem to recall Bell and Lattimore were only Juniors, and Gurley was a freshmen......I hate to be the one that says I told ya'll so, but I told ya'll so......................and yes, I should be an NFL runningbacks scout.
  13. D.T., you lucky muthaphukka........you survived me by the skin of your teeth. It's time to get serious now and start concentratin' on matchups...I'v found to be on the next level of ELITE, you have to pay attention to those.....SO.....in sayin' that, you betta be ready because its' gonna be a whole nother story at the PNTC.......just remember...........EVERYBODY who's anybody round these parts has lost to the Tailback King. Your next.
  14. IN 'MUTHAPHUKKIN' VADER STAR...............The boy got skillz.
  15. Herschel KILLED IT for me in the Tourney yesterday vs ATL........160+ and 3 TD's, for the W