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  1. Classic Tailback Highlights

    @PockyCandy So now there's a video for Johnny...................................................................................................................ROGERS!!? You gotta be fu**!n kidding me.
  2. You know what? Well, let me finish.

    Well..........All I can say is at least we all agree on one thing, and can be comfortable with the fact that Johnny Johnson is, and always will be, the all around, all time best offensive weapon in the history of Tecmobowl..........and that @PockyCandy needs to quit fukk!n around and make a video for the all around, all time best offensive weapon in the history of Tecmobowl.
  3. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I just wanna add that the Chiefs f*CC!n succ!!!.....and Andy Reid, or whoever is callin' the offensive plays is a dumba$$. They've completely gone away from Kareem Hunt as an every down back and are sticken that shitty #35 in on 3rd down which just yells out pass........and they're treating Alex Smith like an all-star QB and he's far from it!!! He's average with some mobility at best......the only reason they were winning is because they had a well rounded offense, now they are leaning heavily toward the pass and they're gonna lose every game in the rest of the fucc!n season for it
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    There is no mystery. They invested some better linemen and a new coach, got some recievers who Goff can throw to, and have undeniably the best Tailback on the whole fu**!n planet......Speaking of Todd Gurley,. havn't heard much on this thread about him, just a bunch of bull$#!t about a buncha' teams that don't matter. Never the less, he's still carrying the Rams on his back and has still got to be one of the top 3 players in the league in contention for the League MVP....the journey continues........
  5. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Well,....... all I can say Pocky is it's o.k. for you to be wrong, but I'm still lookin' forward to enjoyin' the $#!t outta your video!!!
  6. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Lattimore was nothing like Lynch.....Marcus was a WAY smoother runner stylisticly and could catch a hell of a lot better. Yes they both broke tackles and that's about the end of the comparison. You should probably watch the video's of these guys again and you'll find that Lattimore was a down hill slashing north to south style runner (Johnson, Eddie George-ish) while Lynch seems to rather juke and shimmy, (Sanders, Natrone Means-ish) and to me waste a lot of motion. Don't get me wrong, I love Marshawn, especially when he was with the Bills and my Seahawks, but they're programmed differently.
  7. Classic Tailback Highlights

    So you're saying it's never gonna happen????????????????????????
  8. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Where's my damn Johnny Johnson video @PockyCandy ?????? Did you think by just ignoring one of the Greatest of All Time in Tecmo, College football, & the National Football League, that the need for this video to make your highlight video career complete, would just disappere????? Well it won't. You'll have to digg DEEP!!! Making & completing this video will be the measuring stick to all the young aspiring college football video makers in the future!.....not to mention putting the icing on the cake to your brilliant "ALMOST" legendary video making career! The best things witnessed in life are hard to find, like a whale spouting water, a grand slam home run, a Hail Mary touchdown, a Lamborgini Veneno, a horse with two tails, a fine woman who cooks and cleans, a Seahawks Championship,.. you get it??? Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "am I good enough? am I smart enough? do people like me?"...I'll tell ya this, after this video's complete, it won't matter, because "Legends" don't give a f*%k.
  9. Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    ^^^YES....................................What the hellz goin' on with this D.T???????????? PINN it!!!!!!!!!!!....and don't wait till the week before the tourney to do it.
  10. Classic Tailback Highlights

    Havn't had the time to watch more than 4 minutes of this 'H. WALKER' vid, but the man was a BEAST, and one of my all time faves. (plus the rare TECMO hidden stat attribute that he shares with only a couple other guys in the game put him 'over the top' as far as Legends go)
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I hear A LOT of talk about Adrian Peterson and his BIGGG comeback. Yes, he's a beast, yes, he's a bad a$$, yes, he's still "one of the" best backs in the league,......BUT.......I want people to really pay attention Sunday morning at around 10:00am when he goes up against "THE BEST" Tailback, if not the best player in the league... {Todd Gurley}. He's gonna single handedly disassemble the PHX defense and put up major PTPN (Peterson Torch Passing Numbers) on his very challenging seemingly everlasting vision quest to becoming the 2017 NFL M.V.P.....................oh it's true...........IT'S DAMN TRUE!!!!!!!!!! (Frodo Baggins with Todd Gurley's head insert here)
  12. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    . ^^^This picc is too much ......F*ck!n' Emperor Belichek. I cracced up when I read the captions.
  13. The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

    ^^^@PockyCandy......YO!!!!! Let me know you saw "The Man, Myth, & Legend" pull out the hidden stats and do it as a receiver^^^
  14. The Man, The Myth, The Legend...

    Another gem on the path to @PockyCandy making he 'greatest', 'most anticipated', and 'mezmorizing' football video the football universe has ever seen!!!!!!!! (1:52.33)