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  1. Just as long as there's some highlights of the 6'3, 230 pound guy from San Jose State.........which a film teaser is LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG over due for. I just thought I'd throw that in there, since the word LEGEND is bein' tossed around.
  2. GOOD!!!......be ready to lose to me.
  3. ^^^Who the hell does he think he is, Herschel Walker???
  4. Well......you know what they say......opinions' are like a$$holes.....everybody has one ......in the 80's, when he played for Penn State, and he was in his mode, I think he was one of the best college players in the country. (eazily top 10) .....He also had a knack for saving his best $#!t for the big games...he reminded me a lot of Franco Harris for the Steelers.
  5. ^^^I'v almost been tempted to try that pizza...............but havn't. Maybe there's a reason for that.
  6. ^^^He wasn't the MOST gifted athlete, but he was a pretty damn good one...he had a burst that few backs his size had, plus he could crush a baseball and run the bases exceptionally.....he was another Bo, just not as fast. He was drafted by the NFL and the Major League.
  7. ^^^You muthaphukka!!!!!!! I'v been using your matchup advise, and made my own personal LIST of all the possible matchups I'm sure I could win against anybody in the NW with any team I or they pick...you betta be ready Grip, because I'm comin' into this not just bargin' through the saloon door with a PHX verses the world attitude everyone so accustom to seeyin', but as a calculated ASSASSIN. You and everybody else entering the Tourney should be afraid.....................be very afraid. (TBK2k)
  8. Great vid!!! I never knew Marshawn Lynch had a beast-mode volume 1
  9. WOW!!!!!!.............your turning into the Luke Skywalker of cool runningback vids,............but your not a Jedi yet...........you have one more video to make before you have completed your training....
  10. Hassan Jones for MIN is the best punt returner in the game...One year I averaged 21 yards a return and 2 TD's....he had about 600+ yards that year if I remember correctly. (I did it about 11 years ago).......punt returning in Tecmobowl is all about reflexes, skill, reaction time, and D-pad chops, and I have all four...that's why I'm so good at it. If your not born with good field vision, you won't be good at it no matter what the tech geeks on this board have to say.
  11. ^^^I was gonna say this if you or anybody else didn't.
  12. Herschel Walker was definitley another one for me.....I have to thank Tecmobowl 1 and Topps trading cards for enlightening me at such a young age about great players you rarely got to see on TV.
  13. Great post and find Dave.
  14. ~CURT WARNER #28 Seattle Seahawks.....(my 1st favorite player even before Dickerson & Johnson).....My dad remembers me asking him why his shoulders are so big.....yes, I was like 4, and he's STILL one of the best runningbacks I'v ever seen...........I could picc the "LEGENDS" even back then.
  15. Manyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Tournament cancelin' sum' b!tch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the Commishoner of the NW Faction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That title is a heavy burden, but someone has to hold the cross on his shoulders!!! Ask yourself this...what would Mountain Man Jack Johnson do??? I think you already know the answer...