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  1. Anyone got a rom version of the arcade game WWF wrestlefest from back in the day? I would really like if someone could convert it to snes type rom
  2. Anyone got a 2k17 roster rom of snes nba give n go?
  3. I wish someone would make a nba give n go mod with updated roster. anybody out there??
  4. I wish someone would make a hack for snes superpunchout. I would like two versions of the hack. the first version would be all heavyweights my list of 16 is ali frazier tyson rocky marciano jack johnson joe louis george foreman lennox lewis floyd patterson larry holmes sonny liston jersey joe wolcott jack dempsey max schmelling evander holyfield gene tunney the second would be light heavyweights and lower oscar de la hoya floyd mayweather pernell whitaker roy jones jr marvin hagler roberto duran sugar ray leonard julio cesar chavez tommy hearns bernard hopkins hector macho camacho manny pacquiao henry armstrong felix trinidad jake lamotta sugar ray robinson I do not have the talent or skill to hack but I would love it if someone could do this for me
  5. is there a tecmo super 3 mod for ncaa football 2013? did i miss it?
  6. found a different emulator last night..game is playing just fine...now on to finding a mame emulator for the psp that will play wrestlefest
  7. it begins just fine...then it comes to screen that says press start...I press start and then the next screen is supposed to be where you begin to enter the game ...but where there would be words for the menu there is what looks like pppppppppppppppppppppppppppp and if I press down then the whole screen gets digital vertical lines that just blurs everything. I have downloaded the rom from several web sites and I always get the same thing.
  8. I must be doing something wrong because that isnt working.
  9. I am using snes9xtyl 0.4.2 with cfw 6.60 pro-b10
  10. does anyone know how to play a japan rom on a usa psp?? or know a website to be able to change the region of a rom or know how to change the region. I know its not tecmo but I have really wanted to play super fire pro wresting x premium. can anyone help??
  11. I try to use this file to edit. It will let me edit the teams uniform color only on nes. If i try to change player names, it gives me an error message garbage/orphin line.... whenever I try to change a name or a team name. I can do nothing on snes. I really want snes. plus do I use documentation to edit helmets? and endzone logos?
  12. dave...I thought I was going crazy cuz it did the same to me.
  13. I am very new to all this and just asking if someone could create a high school hack?? I would love to play a version of all my local high school teams ( i want it to pattern of tsb 3 for snes) Not worried about player names just want uniforms/colors, endzone logos, helmet logos. I would love that.
  14. I would love to have this updated rom? is it still possible? no zip files shown
  15. I am new here...just a question can you add more teams?...and maybe fix the passing. I prefer the old passing with the dot over the head of receiver.