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  1. Ryan11p Can host CST M-F After 530 pm Weekend Any
  2. Chicago Tecmo meetup

    Mort you have my number, im very close to chicago. Would love to hang with the chicago guys. Tom does such a great job with his videos and is also a baller at NBA Jam love. Either way im down
  3. Jimmies a pro, what a huge honor it was for me to get the opportunity to call a game with him. Thank you jimme, j.d, dave, and bailey for having me up there.
  4. Thank you Dave and Team I dont beleive anyone could have taking over the worlds largest tecmo tournament and ran it for the first time better than that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congratulations once again to joeygats!
  5. Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    Diaz are u doing the dick in the box present trick right here?
  6. Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    ^^^ not sure whats funnier wearing husker gear or saying hes gonna win at NBA Jam. Go Bucks and fear the Cabarello!
  7. [Tourney Discussion] Glossary of Terms

    Correction sir, A dive tackle is not a "quick dive" it is called "getting rubled"
  8. When I first started in 2010 you literally had to be an established tpc player to even be considered for a league. Games anytime, Every league was jam packed with talented players not to mention the amount and pace of the leagues. I have always thought I started in a real golden era.
  9. The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    I heard that a cobra once bit Tim Ubick directly in the beard and after 5 days of excruciating pain the cobra died.
  10. Please come to madison play in my group ill give you p1 and ill take SF. I think you would have a change of heart. Also for the sake of your tournament abandon this format.
  11. World Record Progression: Super Metroid

    I would love to write and narrate this but i need serious video help, anyone interested?
  12. World Record Progression: Super Metroid

    I subscribed to the youtube channel i absolutely love these. We should put together a Madison TSB progression
  13. I think that if things go right at Madison we could be the more famous group known by "No Use For a Name" Winning at NBA Jam at a tecmo tourney is way better than any punk band