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  1. He was mine too! Partly due to winning my family's football pool in 86 as a kid. I had the poster of him that you could order out of sports illustrated with the white border which i'm pissed i can't find an image of online anywhere.
  2. Congrats Toolie!!! Sounds like a good time. Did you run the reverse at all?
  3. I'll vouch for Arn's pool story. Luke & I were leaving for breakfast that morning and were wondering who the drunk creep was bothering those poor kids in the pool. Little did we know that he was about to become a legend. He must have pulled an all-nighter Friday and just kept it rolling into Saturday. It's 50/50 that he's even alive at this point.
  4. I was expecting it to suck honestly and I was pleasantly surprised. It felt a lot less "disney" than Force Awakens, which was great. They did a good job of setting up Episode 4 but also telling a pretty cool story in a little over 2 hours. Maybe I'm getting soft because I'm old and have a little girl now, but I liked the Jin character. SPOILERS: I'm not sure how they could have gotten away with any less CGI than they used. Tarkin basically had to be there and the actor who played him is dead, how else do you do it? I thought it was cool how he stole control over the DS. The Leia stuff at the end didn't bug me either. The addition of the red and gold leaders was nice. One thing that really bothered me was no Wedge, but apparently he doesn't want anything to do with SW anymore. They offered him a role in the Force Awakens and he passed, which sucks as he's one of my favorite characters. I had a hard time understanding Forrest Whitaker's character, but thought he was cool. I see he will be in the next season of rebels which should hopefully give a little more background on him. Everything Vader was cool, especially the castle. I might actually see it again while it's out.
  5. Who won this mother?
  6. Ok, so I've had Vue for over a month now and I'll give my quick review. I run two PS3s and 1 PS4. Pros: - It's Cheap!!! I do the 2nd tier package and it's $35/month with NO CONTRACT like CC said above. - They just added NFL Network (no added charge) and you can get the Red Zone channel for $40 for the whole year, which isn't bad. - All ESPNs, FS1, BTN, SEC network are all there. (CFB starts tonight so this weekend may be the ultimate test) - Not really VUE, but PSN has spotify for music. We liked to listen to the directv music stations a lot but luckily this free app fulfills that need. - Has a ton of kids stations and bravo-type crap for your wives/gfs/bfs to watch too. - I called the support folks for my 1st con listed below and the tech guy was terrific, aka spoke english and appeared to give a crap. Cons: - You can't use more than one PS3 or more than one PS4 at the same time, which I didn't really know. Using one PS3 & one PS4 at the same time is fine. - It does buffer a little on my PS3 that's upstairs in the bedroom where my wifi signal isn't great. The PS4 works better overall, but that was to be expected I think. - There's no app for PC or on kindle yet. This is a little bit of a bummer but not a huge deal for me, it does work really well on my iphone surprisingly. I like to watch golf on my laptop sometimes but that's almost always streaming on the CBS or NBC site for free anyways. - The menus are kind of laggy/clunky and it's not super easy to find shows. I'm probably just a n00b but i'm used to directv which had a good guide. #FirstWorldProblems - No MLB network, which is the only channel I miss. But you can get the MLB package and I just got an email that it's only $9.99 for the rest of the season so I will proabably try that out, but haven't yet. - The commercials you see on the kids stations can be pretty inappropriate. For example, kids were watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates the other day and the commercial that comes on is for the Nikki Glaser show on Comedy Central and she's talking about fingering. So that's not cool, i was going to maybe email their support and let them know. - There's no CBS on demand, but there's ABC, NBC, FOX. But of course the soap my wife wants to watch is on CBS. - You can't get a paper bill, it just auto bills your credit/debit card on file. Not a huge deal for me, but it might be for others. Overall, I'm happy with it and the $100 savings/month is really nice. I was really worried about lag/buffering but it's not an issue on my two systems that are hard wired and my internet speed isn't anything special. It only buffers a little bit on my 3rd system occasionally but it's not bad at all. Seems like I have a lot more cons listed, but none of them are a big deal and if you are thinking about cord cutting and have a playstation(s) I think you should give it a try. You get a free week to try it out too, which is nice.
  7. Me seeing Sharpe's stats in the boxscore: *For Fantasy Purposes Only
  8. I hated it at first too, but lately it seems to be one of my better maps for some reason. It's a nice change of pace in the rotation. I haven't seen you online yet, but soon we will play together and you can see how bad I suck.
  9. You guys playing on PC or what? I'm the same way, I score three goals then the next game I play against real players and can barely touch the ball. Still fun though!
  10. That's why I'm betting it's a seperate subscription like showtime or least the red zone part of it.
  11. Just saw that Vue is adding NFL Network and NFL Redzone too. Pretty vague on details, but I'm guessing it will be a stand alone deal and not part of a current package. (hope I'm wrong)
  12. Nice, I was about to ask what brand of HD antenna you got. That's next on my list.
  13. I finally switched over and so far I'm pretty happy with it. The PS3 seems to be a bit slower on startup, but once it gets going the HD is pretty darn good. PS4 picture looks just like the satellite did. The app lets you shoot it to your phone or tablet which is crucial for those of us with little kids. I'd recommend trying the free trial for those on the fence for sure.
  14. Team Moulds: QB1 - Phil Simms (LVP) - 3 QB2 - Steve Young - 2 RB1 - Marion Butts - 4 RB2 - Johnny Johnson - 2 RB3 - Mike Rozier- 2 RB4 - Dalton Hilliard- 2 WR1 - Andre Rison - 4 WR2 - Sterling Sharpe- 3 WR3 - Robert Clark - 2 WR4 - Robb Thomas - 1 TE1 - Keith Jackson - 4 TE2 - Ron "highway to" Heller - 1 DL1 - Pierce Holt - 4 DL2 - Jeff Cross - 2 DL3 - Burt Grossman - 2 LB1 - Lawrence Taylor - 4 LB2 - John Offerdahl - 3 LB3 - Karl Mecklenberg - 2 LB4 - Tracey Rocker - 1 DB1 - Martin Mayhew - 3 DB2 - Gil Byrd - 3 DB3 - Lemuel Stinson - 3 DB4 - Scott Case - 1 K - Mike Cofer