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  1. NBA JAM

    Dude that's a great idea. But what would be your method for narrowing it down to 27ish teams?
  2. Thank you for the reminder. The NY came quickly! I've just sent bloomingtontecmo my buy-in. Only thing is I don't have a car anymore, so I'll be hitchin' a ride . Hopefully you take beer donations, because I intend to contribute with some Chicago flavah.
  3. TSB trivia game

    A quick search showed there are lots of little "trivia" factoids out on TBorg, but none specific to the TSB game. So let's play. How this works: someone posts with a TSB-related trivia question, and people guess the answers. When someone gets it right, the Asker says, "You got it, you're up," or something to that effect. Then the Answerer becomes the Asker, etc. Might be dumb, might also kill some time as we await the start of the 2017 NFL season. Here's my Question: Other than Wade Wilson and Rich Gannon, how many TSB quarterbacks would eventually start a game for the Vikings? (name them and you get 20 bonus points)
  4. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Jags in the Super Bowl would be something else! With Rodgers/Pack out of the race (essentially), you can sleep easy, friend . Rams looked hot today, but I'd go with either the Vikings or the Saints in the big dance from the NFC. Eagles, Shmeagles. Eh, the Steelers will get the Patriots back in the playoffs.
  5. Consider myself rallied. I'm in! And I got a car, too, so let's keep the rally going. @ShallahBey had an incredible tournament. Main reason the above is a healthy debate is because the Bucs were still on the table ...
  6. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    @gojiphen malor's sim reminded me of lucky 13) Hundley's hidden stats (pin-point accuracy )
  7. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    So you're telling me there's a chance! Drew Brees is hot right now. Packers 'D' needs turnovers BIG TIME in this one. Two picks sounds like a great place to start
  8. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    We all know Aaron Rodgers is amazing. He is the true g.o.a.t, with T Brade being a moderately close second. That said, there is still plenty of precedence for the Packers to make a run. 12 reasons Green Majik believes the Packers' season is not over without number 12: 1) I'm typing this at a coffee shop, and Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" is playing on coffee shop fm. Could an amazing Rodgerless run be "In the Ware Tonight" for the Pack? 2) I'm a homer (apparently with a huge Patriots complex, like most Packer fans), so I believe the Pack can always find a way to win. 3) The Packers lost a winnable game last week against the Vikings, whose defense was beastly against Brett Hundley. With a week to game plan, Hundley and coach McCarthy will be ready for the Vikes next time at Lambeau. 4) This is back-up QB Hundley's third year in Mike McCarthy's offense. He was built for this moment -- not to take over the franchise, but to carry the team if Rodgers went down. 5) Crissakes, back-up QB Hundley's first name is "Brett." 6) As several of you have mentioned in this forum, this has been a topsy-turvy year in the NFL already. The only thing that seems definite is that the Chiefs are fierce, #Okoye. Would the Packers making a deep run really be out of the norm for this crazy season, in which the BILLS could legitimately break their 17-year playoff drought? 7) The Packers are 4-2 and no one looks like they want to run away with the NFC north, which is precisely what the Packers were looking to do before Rodgers went down. It's a wide open race, fellas. Once you're in the playoffs, it's a brand new season. Especially if they get the division and that home playoff game, they could make a deep run. For now, the Packers WR core is healthy in Adams, Cobb and ~Nelson. There are points to be scored. 9) Coach McCarthy's 2016 campaign -- last year the Pack ripped off ten straight wins to the NFC championship. A LOT of that had to do with Rodgers' greatness, but credit is also due to McCarthy and other coaches for helping the team bounce back from that 4-6 deficit. 10) Packers 2013 campaign - The Packers win the division despite needing four quarterbacks to do it. Rodgers gets hurt in a week 10 match-up vs. the Bears early in the game. Their back-up, Seneca Wallace, is injured the next game. After their third stringer Scott Tolzein is benched mid-game in wk 12, Matt Flynn (who started the season on the Raiders) keeps the season alive so Rodgers can steal the division from the Bears in wk 17. 11) Guys named Kaepernick, Brady, Hostetler -- supported by that ferocious Niners defense, in week 12 of 2012 Harbaugh goes with his back-up QB even with Alex Smith healthy. Kaep almost wins the Super Bowl. Brett Hundley is not Tom Brady, but T Brade, like Kaep, was promoted over the natural starter Drew Bledsoe in week 11 in 2001. And won the Super Bowl. You know who else won the Super Bowl: Tecmo Giants natural back-up Jeff Hostetler. Supported by that ferocious 1990 Giants defense, Host helped lead the Giants to Super Bowl XXV. 12) A guy named Flynn, again, in 2011 -- Sitting at 14-1 with the no. 1 seed clinched, the Packers rest Rodgers and several key starters in week 17 against the Lions. The Lions have the #5 seed to gain -- meaning they would be at the 9-7 Giants in the playoffs instead of the 13-3 Saints. Stafford played an incredible game, but back-up Flynn passes for 480 yd and 6 TD, and made hay in the offseason because of it. Hundley wants to make hay, too, and will be motivated to put good film for the league to see.
  9. The Equalizer: Green Majik's tourney recap Quick Shout-out to @allamerican1569: this was a great time, buddy. I hope the live stream debacle doesn't taint the perception that this was an otherwise extremely well-run and fun tournament. We got to see @mort1237 Magic vs @regulator088 on the live stream. We also got to see Mort eliminated, WAS-SD, on the live stream by @ShallahBey. And we got to see some great stuff by new Chicago champ @tecmobo. His final 4 match-up vs James Kuhn as the Bucs was also highly entertaining. Group Play: I went 3 - 0 in group 3 play, what a thrill. This was what a mid-skilled player was hoping for: take care of business in group play and get that high lottery pick. That's the only way I could hope to keep step with the big guns in the bracket. I had the good fortune of winning each of my coin tosses in group play, which meant I was not only player one, but got to choose my tier. - First game against Sean C. I select tier 4. Sean takes the Falcons and I take the Steelers. Sean played well, but I contained his run game and gave Rison hell with my secondary all game. I think it was 13-0 toward the end and a garbage time TD made it 20-0. At this point I'm feeling pretty confident with the Steelers. - Second game against @allamerican1569. Tom and I have a couple games under our belt at Michael Anthony's; I believe he's beat me with the Cardinals and Jets. Since "monday night football" at DMen's Tap began a month ago, Tom has beat me every which way: tier 2 Eagles over Raiders, tier 3 Rams over Bucs, tier 4 Falcons over Steelers, tier 5 Packers over Browns ... and he absolutely CRUSHED me Chiefs over Raiders. Three of these games have literally come down to a last second bomb, so although I was 0-7 (or more?!) v him all time, I think he and I both had that sense that I was "due." To Tom's surprise I call tier 4 (I'd threatened on the forum I was going tier 5 in group play). Tom takes the Falcons and I take the Steelers, again. Ironically we'd played this exact match-up the previous Monday at DMen's Tap, Tom beating me with thrilling last-second diving TD to Rison. I was comfortable from the get-go and my familiarity with Tom's play-calling definitely showed up in the second half. I contained his run game and shut down Rison; one 75 yd chuck to Collins was all against the Steelers D. In the first half I stopped Tom on 4th down which gave me a short field and I drove for the long FG. On offense I didn't have much production (Brister 20% for 57 yd)(Lipps 1 rec 29yd), but Hoge (8 carries for 42 yd) went into 'good' in the second half, which helped. Two INTs could have cost me the game: a JJ to Scott Case deep in Falcons territory, and on a poor decision into the endzone late, which took away my chance at a FG and gave Tom a chance to strike back. On his last drive, several called plays made it nearly impossible for the Falcons and I come away with the W. A three-score game; the Steelers with 99 yd offense, Falcons with 124. My kind of Tecmo! - Third game against Dan Slattery. At this point there is only one or two other undefeated group players, so I know I'm one win away from an extremely high lottery pick. I select tier 4 again, but Dan has the audacity to take the Steelers! So I take the Saints. It's the same match-up we played in a practice game before the tournament. (Stats from our scrub game, which led to my 2-0 OT defeat: Saints 62 yd offense (Walsh 50 yd rushing!); Steelers 52 yd offense. Yowza! More impressive than this, Greg Lloyd blocked all three of my FG attempts! I've never seen that before) Like our scrimmage, this game started out as a punter's dual. Dan and I played evenly in this defensive battle, but I was able to get a risky deep JJ to Heyward with like 3 Steelers defenders around him. 10-10 into overtime, and I'm able to put a long drive together for the FG win. Bracket Play: As the only other undefeated player in group play, @tecmobo wins the lottery and selects the Raiders, giving me my dream team Eagles. I looked ahead in the bracket and saw I'd likely be up against Lou's Broncos in the next round. I immediately began brushing up on Broncos INT stats so I could look for deep balls to Jackson and Byars. FS Atwater 31 INT and CB1 Henderson 38 INT. Licking my chops! -Round of 16 against @red98sethuthut (as Broncos). He said it best: The superior team won, not the superior player. The format of The Equalizer allowed a middle-tier player like myself to beat at elite player, Lou, only because I had the Eagles. Yet Lou took it to OT, losing 21-27. Stats: QB Eagles: 9 rush for 46 yd; 316 yd passing and 1 INT. Humphrey: 13 rush for 230 yd. Elway: 9 rush for 36 yd. I just could not find a way to contain Humphrey with Allen, Brown and Joyner. Credit to Lou for ripping off an 85+ yd TD run to open the second half and tie it up. - Second game vs Phil N (as Vikings). Over the last month Phil and I had played a number of times at DMen's tap, with me taking more of the victories. In our most recent game he beat me by two points Vikings over Bucs. I'm feeling pretty confident given I have the Eagles, I have familiarity vs Phil and the Vikings, and I've got momentum at 4-0. Before the game, @mort1237 sagely mentions that Eagles-Vikings is a pretty good match-up. The game is largely a blur to me (didn't take a photo so I don't have specifics). I remember Phil playing a killer ground game with that damn playbook that gives Fenney two running plays. For the most part I shut down AC. Phil scoops and scores a Byars punt return fumble, putting him up 14-7 for the time being, but I counter with a deep chuck to Jackson which sets up a QB Eagles scramble score to close the half. I'm feeling confident in the second half but can't get paydirt; I believe Phil blocks a Ruzek field goal to kill a drive. Driving late 4th quarter down 17-20, QB Eagles gets caught up in the red zone and takes a sack, setting up long-and-goal. With seven seconds on the ~4 yd line (Mort says, again sagely, "it would have to be a quick pass.") I elect for the FG and the tie, sending it into OT. In OT Phil gets the ball and puts a solid drive together, finally getting AC into the game with a ~35yd TD pass. With that I'm knocked out and head over to the live stream to commentate. What a rush! I made some mistakes in my last game, but I also did some good things. Congrats to Phil for making such a deep run vs the Vikings!
  10. See you benches at the tourney! I hope group 3 is ready to get sloppy with me as I continually call tier 5 match-ups! { I recently unearthed a secret button sequence that gives Matt Brock Mike Daniels-like dominance on the d-line. Alongside Bob Nelson, Brock/Daniels and I will be unstoppable } Berwyn, it's time to PARTY.
  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    And Just like that, Aaron Rodgers improves to 3-0 at Jerry World (including Super Bowl XLV). Dak got credit for running that go ahead read option TD to perfection. A bit too perfect perhaps. It's like Garret forgot what happened in the Divisional playoff against the Packers last year. Namely that it took Rodgers just :35 seconds to drive down for the winning FG.
  12. SNES punt glitch

    Anyone experienced this glitch while trying to block a punt? In a game as the Patriots v Browns, I dove and tackled the punter with Vincent Brown I believe. The punter's bar froze while the clock continued to run. The ball-carrier icon remained above the punter's head and the camera followed him as the ball-carrier, except the down never ended. My team kept pop-corning him, all the way into the Brown's defending end zone. Lol! I had to reset the game and start over.
  13. There really ought to be a special prize if someone does sweep the most elite group of Tecmo players the world has ever seen. Like, a Nimbus 2000 with your name monogrammed on it along with documentation of said group play victories. Or maybe an aircraft carrier. If Flo beats three Madison champs consecutively in group play, that's about the only thing that would be large enough to hold his bragging rights.
  14. I agree! What's most intriguing to me is the whole stick-with-one-team throughout concept. Just playing with numbers. Let's say Mort goes 3-0 and takes the Bears. Regulator goes 2-1 and takes the Lions. Gats goes 1-2 and takes the Saints. Who doesn't want to see Gats try to run the table with the Saints? CAUSE I DO. Things will get especially interesting if few or none of the groups provide players that go either 3-0 or 0-3. Then where you fall in the lottery becomes SUPER significant -- if you go 2-1 there's a roll of the dice distance from getting your first pick to getting your 10th.
  15. TSB trivia game

    I, too, was gonna ask R Reynolds, since he seems to appears to make more plays than his stats would allow for. Instead I'll say Eugene Marve.
  16. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Packers sign OLB Ahmad Brooks. Their edge rushing ability thankfully just got upped.
  17. TSB trivia game

    It's common knowledge these TSB rosters are littered with latent coaching talent. "Following a disappointing 2008 season for the Packers, Moss was the only major defensive coach not to be fired by McCarthy." -- ESPN Enter Bucs LB2 Winston Moss who, hidden between the lines of his 31 stat atts, has the the skill to coach the Packers' LB corp for nigh on a decade. Impressively, he now also serves as the associate head coach (??). Only question remaining is, which Winston is handsomest?
  18. 6) the bar is actually called the "Fail Mary." Should have had the tournament the FOLLOWING Sunday at 1.25 PST ... missed opportunity.
  19. TSB trivia game

    Yes indeed! In weeks 7 & 9. Must have felt weird to have those two uncommon opponent matches, especially so close together in the season, double especially cause the two teams hadn't played against each other since 1983! It was also the only year the Vikings played the Cardinals of Phoenix (1988 - 1993). Either @Bodomor @Svelt, up.
  20. TSB trivia game

    Spot on! Spot off. Though you got the divisions right
  21. TSB trivia game

    Hot dog. In today's NFL, everyone knows a given team plays each team in their division twice. But in a Tecmo season, what two non-division match-ups happen twice per season? Hint: one match-up per conference
  22. Congrats Flo ('s brother? 's zombie?) !! Way to keep the tradition of Buccaneers dominance in Chicago Tecmo alive. Great to meet tecmobo and Berwyn locals. SUPER looking forward to the October tourney! @allamerican1569, how about a pic of that sweet helmet board?
  23. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you.
  24. TSB trivia game

    Pro T Dive & Pro T Screen L