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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you.
  2. A quick search showed there are lots of little "trivia" factoids out on TBorg, but none specific to the TSB game. So let's play. How this works: someone posts with a TSB-related trivia question, and people guess the answers. When someone gets it right, the Asker says, "You got it, you're up," or something to that effect. Then the Answerer becomes the Asker, etc. Might be dumb, might also kill some time as we await the start of the 2017 NFL season. Here's my Question: Other than Wade Wilson and Rich Gannon, how many TSB quarterbacks would eventually start a game for the Vikings? (name them and you get 20 bonus points)
  3. Pro T Dive & Pro T Screen L
  4. @turbohuna4eva! I think you're up, bro!!
  5. Did a little tecmogeek nibbling and came across ... Rod Bernstine?
  6. Guess I deserved that, had a bad day at work and took it out on TBKing. Real mature, Green Majik! @~Tailback King~ I love your passion, but seriously, let's be nice to the newbs. They are the future of Tecmo.
  7. I love flippantly psychoanalyzing stuff. I'll let someone else provide facts. 1) The NFL thrives off of hero-worship. I mean look at all of us with our profile pics of NFL players. Somehow it feels comforting that the ones we worship make more money in a year than we will in our life time. 2) At the same time, we can identify with our heroes by hearing they 'earn' their salary, just like the honest working man does. Even if their salary could buy a medium-sized county in Rhode Island. 3) We love attaching numbers to people -- whether it's ranking TSB players by their attributes, quoting record-setting seasons by our favorite players, or acknowledging how much cap room such-and-such draft pick bust is costing our team. 4) Fans like to peek into the perceived "head-game" of football. At the end of the day it's a game of human confrontation -- on the football field, as well as off. 5) Rumors of all kinds are easy and effective click-bate since they don't have to be based on anything factual at all. You can crank that shit out all day. ... apologies, I'm not MGK ...
  8. To me, the Patriots are the worst team. Sure, their defense is pretty good, but worst quarterbacks + worst running backs = I hate my life. The Seahawks have a 69 PC quarterback, 'nuff said.
  9. Had a lot of fun playing Sega games at friends' houses, but since my fam only owned a SNES, I'm partial. It's nice to hear when people think the SNES version of something is better
  10. Recently my review of Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition was posted on SNES Hub. This is a really great fansite that any of you SNES fans out there should check out. I'd love to know what you all think about the review!
  11. Well he has a kick-ass profile pic. So how about you not be a f***boy to the newer members.
  12. Winner winner, chicken dinner! Other TSB guys on the 1996 Packers roster: Jim McMahon Don Beebe Andre Rison Keith Jackson Reggie White Sean Jones Santana Dotson Mike Prior Eugene Robinson Neither here nor there, but even without Jacke, every TSB division is represented on that team. You're up, Buck.
  13. Haha, I do sleep sometimes!!! Ok, this is my fave TSB related trivia question of all time. Name the only TSB Packer to be on the 1996, Super Bowl-winning Green Bay Packers?
  14. Without looking at, I'll say 8. Everyone but Clancy, Bickett and Hand.
  15. The top of your head is where the good knowledge is stored. 20 Bonus points for Buck! You're up next.
  16. Must have been quite the experience to burn Mort at Burning Mort
  17. Had a dream last night where I was happily explaining the tier system to a tournament newbie. Must be a good omen ...
  18. The Tecmo Packers are abysmal and understandably hide ZERO NFL Hall of Famers on their roster. But there are four players who have been inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame: QB Don Majkowski, WR Sterling Sharpe, LB Johnny Holland and K Chris Jackie. * gasp * *no Bob Nelson?!?!?!?* Congratulations to Mark Lee, fifth member of the Tecmo Packers to make his team's Hall of Fame! May your 31rp and staggering 31 INT be immortalized fondly !!!
  19. Love me some Greg Jennings! He was absolutely critical in the Packers' Super Bowl XLV victory. 2 TD catches plus this absolutely clutch play.
  20. There's likely already a thread of "big hits." Was watching vids of the1997 Packers on youtube (as one tends to do), and saw this jaw-dropping hit by Darren Sharper, who was actually the punt returner on the play. The intensity calls to mind the Sharper's frustration while the Packers were letting Super Bowl XXXII slip away to the Broncos. The rookie is seen yelling at his veteran teammates: "These guys aren't great; they're not even good." Sharper's hit is at 2:00:40 And yes, I realize the man is incarcerated.
  21. First time I came across one of these was at a friend's house last week. I loved it. Misses a lot of good games, yes, but it was hella fun to be introduced the German version of Banana Prince, for instance. Has all the classic Technos Japan sports titles plus ones you've never even heard of. The cart runs for like $25 or $30 on etsy/ebay.
  22. I love this. Without a doubt, Mega Man 2 is my second favorite video game of all time.
  23. What a thing of beauty!
  24. See y'all soon!
  25. Here's the tier system as outlined in the vid, which streamed today: tier 1: 49ers, Giants, Oilers, Bills tier 2: Chiefs, Bears, Eagles, Raiders, Dolphins, Bengals tier 3: Vikings, Lions, Rams, Chargers, Redskins, Buccaneers, Broncos, Cowboys tier 4: Steelers, Cardinals, Falcons, Jets, Saints tier 5: Packers, Browns, Seahawks, Patriots, Colts As I understand it, the player who wins the toss chooses the tier, then the loser chooses the team from that tier OR any tier below. Last, the winner chooses a different team from the same tier the loser picked from.