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  1. What a thing of beauty!
  2. See y'all soon!
  3. Here's the tier system as outlined in the vid, which streamed today: tier 1: 49ers, Giants, Oilers, Bills tier 2: Chiefs, Bears, Eagles, Raiders, Dolphins, Bengals tier 3: Vikings, Lions, Rams, Chargers, Redskins, Buccaneers, Broncos, Cowboys tier 4: Steelers, Cardinals, Falcons, Jets, Saints tier 5: Packers, Browns, Seahawks, Patriots, Colts As I understand it, the player who wins the toss chooses the tier, then the loser chooses the team from that tier OR any tier below. Last, the winner chooses a different team from the same tier the loser picked from.
  4. There's the bona fide hope, but also the fact that they regularly have top picks in the draft, and if they don't then they'll take some goober like Johhny Manzeil. Always something to look out for. Packers fans be like: "Why stay up? Ted Thompson will probably trade out of the first round." (as he did this year)
  5. LOTS going on here. How ironic is it that "Neon" Deion Sanders is pretending to give this kid life advice about channeling his energies? DS was the cockiest son in the 90s -- Packers fan, I remember it well. It's also fitting, TSB style, to see DS interviewing the Falcons' draft pick. Funny also that part of the entertainment for the draft, Super Bowl, etc. is seeing men cry in a socially acceptable way, which is to say achieving greatness, or failing at it. Deion: "but you gotta do it the right way." lol. If you gotta cry, I say cry, no matter the stakes.
  6. THE CHALLENGE, taken from the Meetup page: "I'm adding a challenge to out meet up. Each person that wants it, gets one game against Mort using our tier system. First person to beat Mort wins $50." Is the tier system similar to Tomczak Bowl's?
  7. And Jam we shall! I'll bring my SNES with Jam, Jam TE (+Hang Time, because why not?), along with my multitap. Um, my tv only has low volume, and the SNES fades in/out of color. But you know, hehe, that's retro for ya.
  8. Packers fan living in Chicago here. Given the Packers-Bears rivalry irrelevancy over the last several years (hello, Lions and Vikings), I'm desperately hoping the Bears draft their QB-of-the-future this weekend. If the Bears select a QB on days 1 or 2 of the draft, I am buying every Bears fan in Chicago a beer.
  9. "Hernandez is survived by his fiance, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, and their four year-old daughter." smh
  10. suuure... blame it on the partner ☺ no but for real, I'd love to Jam as well.
  11. Thanks for organizing, Mort! I'm in and signed up on Meet Up. First week or two of May sounds great. Of course, knowing a set date earlier is better than later.
  12. Anyone looking for a TE partner, hit up a brothe!!! (PM me)
  13. As a Packers fan ... I was definitely expecting a closer game given Eli's past successes at Lambeau in the playoffs. Before today's game, both Rodgers and Eli had two playoff wins in Green Bay apiece.
  14. Who Dat? Cedric Mack played for the CARDINALS, Chargers, Saints and Chiefs, people, not Browns. Sheesh. #handsome #tshirt