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  1. TSB trivia game

    I, too, was gonna ask R Reynolds, since he seems to appears to make more plays than his stats would allow for. Instead I'll say Eugene Marve.
  2. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Packers sign OLB Ahmad Brooks. Their edge rushing ability thankfully just got upped.
  3. TSB trivia game

    It's common knowledge these TSB rosters are littered with latent coaching talent. "Following a disappointing 2008 season for the Packers, Moss was the only major defensive coach not to be fired by McCarthy." -- ESPN Enter Bucs LB2 Winston Moss who, hidden between the lines of his 31 stat atts, has the the skill to coach the Packers' LB corp for nigh on a decade. Impressively, he now also serves as the associate head coach (??). Only question remaining is, which Winston is handsomest?
  4. 6) the bar is actually called the "Fail Mary." Should have had the tournament the FOLLOWING Sunday at 1.25 PST ... missed opportunity.
  5. TSB trivia game

    Yes indeed! In weeks 7 & 9. Must have felt weird to have those two uncommon opponent matches, especially so close together in the season, double especially cause the two teams hadn't played against each other since 1983! It was also the only year the Vikings played the Cardinals of Phoenix (1988 - 1993). Either @Bodomor @Svelt, up.
  6. TSB trivia game

    Spot on! Spot off. Though you got the divisions right
  7. TSB trivia game

    Hot dog. In today's NFL, everyone knows a given team plays each team in their division twice. But in a Tecmo season, what two non-division match-ups happen twice per season? Hint: one match-up per conference
  8. Congrats Flo ('s brother? 's zombie?) !! Way to keep the tradition of Buccaneers dominance in Chicago Tecmo alive. Great to meet tecmobo and Berwyn locals. SUPER looking forward to the October tourney! @allamerican1569, how about a pic of that sweet helmet board?
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you.
  10. TSB trivia game

    Pro T Dive & Pro T Screen L
  11. TSB trivia game

    @turbohuna4eva! I think you're up, bro!!
  12. TSB trivia game

    Did a little tecmogeek nibbling and came across ... Rod Bernstine?
  13. Seahawks not the worst...

    Guess I deserved that, had a bad day at work and took it out on TBKing. Real mature, Green Majik! @~Tailback King~ I love your passion, but seriously, let's be nice to the newbs. They are the future of Tecmo.
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I love flippantly psychoanalyzing stuff. I'll let someone else provide facts. 1) The NFL thrives off of hero-worship. I mean look at all of us with our profile pics of NFL players. Somehow it feels comforting that the ones we worship make more money in a year than we will in our life time. 2) At the same time, we can identify with our heroes by hearing they 'earn' their salary, just like the honest working man does. Even if their salary could buy a medium-sized county in Rhode Island. 3) We love attaching numbers to people -- whether it's ranking TSB players by their attributes, quoting record-setting seasons by our favorite players, or acknowledging how much cap room such-and-such draft pick bust is costing our team. 4) Fans like to peek into the perceived "head-game" of football. At the end of the day it's a game of human confrontation -- on the football field, as well as off. 5) Rumors of all kinds are easy and effective click-bate since they don't have to be based on anything factual at all. You can crank that shit out all day. ... apologies, I'm not MGK ...
  15. Seahawks not the worst...

    To me, the Patriots are the worst team. Sure, their defense is pretty good, but worst quarterbacks + worst running backs = I hate my life. The Seahawks have a 69 PC quarterback, 'nuff said.