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  1. As a Packers fan ... I was definitely expecting a closer game given Eli's past successes at Lambeau in the playoffs. Before today's game, both Rodgers and Eli had two playoff wins in Green Bay apiece.
  2. Who Dat? Cedric Mack played for the CARDINALS, Chargers, Saints and Chiefs, people, not Browns. Sheesh. #handsome #tshirt
  3. I don't have TV, so I didn't see this till Sunday night, watching the Packers get demolished by the Redskins at a bar. Interesting how the Raiders playbook is correct (other than bogus Run 2), except for Allen being replaced by more Bo. Would make for an interesting hack ......
  4. Seems to me once Vernon Joines went to GOOD condition in the second half, Gats din't stand much of a chance. Then Jack Del Rio going into EXC pretty much sealed the deal.
  5. Hell yes, you da man! I'm freaking excited to watch this legendary moment of Tecmo history.
  6. Thanks -- I'll poke around a bit more and report back if I find anything.
  7. Are there any vids of the championship game available (I've only found the final four Mort vs Beach on youtube)? Sounds like a match for the ages, and I'd love to see that last play unfold.
  8. I'll def be checking your FG challenge vids. In the meantime, Staurovsky for the win!!! Also some fun sack happenings (Agnew & Singleton finished with ten each)
  9. Thank you so much for reading. I agree that TSB III is the superior title. You can't argue against the create-a-player option in my opinion, not to mention having the expansion Jaguars and Panthers on that game. Hopefully the review will draw some attention to this largely overlooked title.
  10. That's great news. Then without further ado, here are my final "most kick points in a season" stats with Mr. Jacke(t), the hilarious disparity after twelve weeks, and my best game of 13 FGs: Overall, this was an extremely fun challenge, although Tony Dilweg's occasional inability to hit an open receiver became frustrating.
  11. Recently my review of Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition was posted on SNES Hub. This is a really great fansite that any of you SNES fans out there should check out. http://playingwithsuperpower.com/tecmo-super-bowl-ii-special-edition-review/ I'd love to know what you all think about the review!
  12. I should have asked before: are onside kicks fair game in COMET Bowl scenarios? I tend to do a lot of onside kicks, not because I expect to recover them, but because it gives my opponent a short field ad thus saves time in the kickoff.
  13. Great vid. I was curious how close you were going to get before hitting your field goals -- whether you were going to spend time getting up close or kick it once you got just past the 50. I began a "most K points in a season" season with the Packers and the mediocre Mr. Jacke. I was finally able to get an 11-FG game in my 8th week, although it did take OT to do it.
  14. Holy crow! This is an excellent challenge idea. Must have been super challenging moving the chains with Mr. Jim Jenson. ; Curious, do you remember how your TDs were scored? My math tells me you accrued 6-and-a-third FGs per game. Any recollection of what your single game record was for FGs?
  15. Been out of commission for a while, so hopefully the interest still stands ... In short, stellar D comes from lots and lots of practice. Of course, a little luck helps. Typically, I'm not able to shut down the opponent's offense for 0 net yards, I was just on fire that day. Keep in mind that one of the perks of a safeties only season is that you need safeties to win. Every safety you score takes a drive away from your opponent, because they punt the ball back to you. For that regular season my defensive stats were: 1713 total yards (107 per) 1174 pass (73 per) 539 rush (34 per) Still pretty good, but not by any means a shut-out every game.