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  1. Cool. Thank you!
  2. Loving these roms, man .Awesome work! Has inspire me to try make my own. Would like to 1999 season rom. One question, How do you formulate the ratings? I know you mention pro-football reference to help you out with ratings.
  3. Awesome! Love these roms, good work.
  4. Awesome! Thanks again qbvikings
  5. Thanks, man for all your hard work. This is awesome!
  6. Hi All. My name is Eric (MaxKoRn13). I've been an outsider looking in, Now I've decide to join this fine community. I have been playing Tecmo Super Bowl since I was six years old, I got it for Christmas way back in 1991. Love all the roms, would like to say thank you to all the people who have put lot of hard work at keeping the spirit of this game alive. "BO KNOWS TECMO"