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  1. hey @bruddog could you post here in this thread the most recent update of your salary cap spreadsheet please? we will use whatever bru posts here without any editing from myself. also, I will send bru (or someone else we all know that isn't in the league) a copy of my team ahead of the deadline for other league players so there is assurance my team was chosen blind as all others are expected to do as well.
  2. in my game vs. Diaz I do not remember ever trying to bump drones to get a buddy tackler, but I do recall playing it conservative, staying back and tracking the RB, content to give up a 12-15yd gain from time to time...... and in this matchup I feel that was a big mistake on my part, as a few times he was able to get even bigger gains because I just wasn't getting any drone helpers with speed at all, and a few times I even tried to surprise tap-battle him, to no avail, he just got even biGGer gains...... sometimes I (and others) like to rope-a-dope an opponent in this way, that is, never bump anybody on certain runs, give up a soft 12 yards a few times over, then get them into a position where they call that run again, then go for the bump and the big negative play, risk/reward sort of thing... but in my memory of the game vs. Diaz, his play-calling, especially late in the game, was too clever to utilize that strategy...... my choice in teams and strategy I felt gave me an opportunity to exploit the play-calling aspect of this game, which was my best hope, and I feel my greatest strength, but Diaz just beat me there, especially late in the game.
  3. that is a good point on the low-PS consequences of Vinny vs. Fulcher, but a veteran player like Diaz isn't very likely to throw those kinds of passes and will instead settle for death-by-a-thousand-cuts scramble runs..... vs. a lesser player, however, that strategy would likely be money in the bank. And as for jump picks, I again personally devalue that factor, in relation to other factors, when I'm playing a known, solid player like Diaz, as they are just far less likely to put a pass out there that can be jump-picked..... maybe 1 game out of 5, or something like that, is my experience at getting jump-picks vs. good seasoned players when my DB has that ability? That's been my experience at least. but again with CIN, I would prefer the "risk" of calling PASS on defense and controlling LB1 Francis in certain situations, especially if your opponent (like Diaz did) tries to utilize runs to neutralize Fulcher (eg, the motion sweep plays or RUN3 that send the WR2 to cut-block if defense calls pass), which are defended quite well by the LB1 (ie he is unblocked)..... like I said before, though, I clearly remember using that defensive strategy, but absolutely could not buy a freed-up drone to help me bring Anderson down, and thus some big gainers which broke my back... which goes back to Diaz's point about the OL/DL-LB neutralizations between TB offense and CIN defense. I do not recall any interceptions or fumbles in this game, but not sure.
  4. Will complete the details for this tournament by the end of the weekend, including how to register, the salary cap spreadsheet, and more... and send an e-mail out to all prospective founding members as well. I would expect registration to open next week sometime. This is going to be a unique tecmo experience, greatly looking forward to it.
  5. The Pacific Northwest Tecmo League -- Season 1 (PNWTL1) DATE: Saturday, February 18, 2017 PLACE: Centralia, WA @ Coffin Corner [rural Centralia, address released via e-mail before tourney] SCHEDULE: 1pm-3pm: Preseason 3pm-9pm: Regular Season 9pm-10pm: Playoffs TOURNEY LINKS: Twitter PNWTL1 League Owners (max: 8): Manyo (Lewis County) [Kansas City Chiefs] ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? What is the PNWTL? The inaugural season of the PNWTL will offer 8 players around the PNW a chance to draft their own tecmo team before the tournament from the original TSB, then come together to play a LIVE season, with fully tracked and uploaded stats on the web. This will be an 8-team league. The first 8 people to register [details later] will be the founding league members, and reserve rights to retain their franchise in subsequent PNWTL seasons. Anyone beyond the initial 8 who wish to enter the league when a spot is available will be placed on a waiting list. League games will be played on Everdrive ROMs, thus enabling the saving of game stats and editing of team rosters. Manyo will be the commissioner of this league, but otherwise the style, format and frequency of future PNWTL seasons beyond Season 1 will be decided democratically by league members. Right now, my idea would be to hold a few PNWTL seasons each year, but the final say on this matter will be decided by league vote. PNWTL Season 1 Format: Before the tournament, each player will draft their roster using bruddog's salary cap spreadsheet [details later]. There are no reserved players so, for example, there is the potential for 8 Johnny Johnsons to be seen running the rock at this tournament. Players can select their franchise in the order they register. The League will be divided into two divisions, North and South, based on each player's geographical proximity. Each team will play 10 regular season games, 2 vs. each division opponent, and 1 vs. each non-division opponent. 2 teams from each division will make the playoffs. The #2 seed from each division will play the #1 seed from that division, and then the winners will meet in the Super Bowl. All game stats will be uploaded to dynastyphile after each game. Box score printouts will also be available at the tournament. PNWTL AND IN-GAME RULES: No rushing with WR or TE: Here is the breakdown as to who can play what position. RBs can play RB, WR, or TE, and have no restrictions at these positions. WRs can play RB, WR, or TE, but they may never run the ball from the running back position, only reverses from the wide receiver position. TEs may play RB, WR, or TE, but they may never run the ball from the running back position, only reverses from the wide receiver position. NOTE: Some teams have WRs in the RB2 slot as a default (e.g. WAS and HOU), but those WRs are still not allowed to run the ball. Please help to educate your opponent as to this rule if you see that he or she does not seem to be aware of its existence. If someone breaks the rule, call Manyo over to determine what to do next, if necessary. Ties: Ties are accepted in the regular season. But in the playoffs, if a game ends in a tie after overtime, a new game will begin, and the first player to score ("sudden death") in the new game is the winner. In this case, players must use the same playbooks as they had in the regulation game. Also, whoever received the kickoff in the first overtime must kickoff in the 2nd OT (the “new game”). Lurching: To "lurch" is to use one of your defensive linemen to dive in at the very beginning of the play and either sack the QB or tackle the RB before those plays really had a chance to develop. Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL… When crossing over the line of scrimmage WITHIN the restricted circle (SEE GRAPHIC BELOW) with a DL, before making a play on the ball carrier, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the ball carrier. However, there are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage OUTSIDE the restricted circle." 4th Man Down: Using the LB1 (4th man down) to attempt to block Field Goals or Extra Points WILL be allowed at anytime during this tournament. Coin Toss: Do not skip the coin toss unless both players agree to do so before the game. Onside Kicks: Onside kicks are allowed at any time, in any situation. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive, or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. Controllers: Players are not allowed to bring their own controller to use in games. Nor are they allowed to switch controllers on the machine without prior agreement from both players. If there is a problem with a controller, notify your opponent AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and if you guys can’t come to a solution on your own, ask Manyo… and again, the earlier in the game the better. Outside controllers are welcome, but they are not allowed to travel with a player throughout the tournament. Tournament Disputes: Manyo is the tournament referee. He will decide all disputes unless he is a player in the game. If he is, then Kamphuna will resolve the dispute. If they’re both playing, then it's mob rule I guess. Etiquette: It is suggested that you say good luck before, and good game after each contest. Above all, remember to have fun, battle hard, and know that the Tecmo Gods WILL play their role in determining your fate in this tournament, and their will is beyond your puny control. FOOD/DRINK/EXTRA: [details later] FEES/PRIZES: [details later]
  6. so essentially I thought it was a very even matchup but I took CIN because I felt it enabled me to gain an advantage in terms of PLAYCALLING, on both sides of the ball, and which is the variable I value above all others considering my greatest weakness is TAPPING
  7. Yes, in Tecmo XI I did take the "bait" of CIN, although I did it in full awareness of the matchup considerations you list above (which I discovered in said "black book"), and figured you wanted me to take CIN, but...... I took them because TB only has one MAN-defender at DB1, and CIN has two at LB1/DB4, and thus in taking CIN I make my offensive strategy a chess-match of either going at Haddix with runs, or NOT, which is a chess-match I have trained to be very good at as an aficionado of the off-set I (altho I didn't run pure I-form in this game in order to go at Haddix more)...... and on defense, I would have the versatility of Francis/Fulcher, which I feel is preferable to iso-haddix.......... as it turned out, you won 28-17, however you scored late after I turned it over on downs, and in essence it was a very even game........ and as you agreed with me after the game, what it all basically came down to was that you out-tapped me, running iso-plays with Anderson for a few big-gainers, and I delayed the tackles on those plays as long as I could hoping for some drone help from either Francis or Fulcher, but NOPE TB blocked everybody up and held their blocks the entire time which was what you expected, and what I was hoping would not happen with a few condition changes and/or drone love, but alas. I consider this a very goood and even matchup and really not sure who I would take if called on me again.
  8. oh and that was all tested against the typical run and shoot plays, which I believe matters in terms of which guys are covered, amongst other factors..... and all of this I would also say a top-3 reason why I won an HSTL Bowl, either from using the results of these experiments to my benefit (and I did on a handful of ocassions in my playoff run) OR because I wanted it bad enough to do such deep diGGing and the gods rewarded my true grit, PROBABLY the latter.
  9. here's what I think based on experimentation: I've also recorded observations as to what the possible drone actions for are for each playcall on the matrix, for significant players on defense, but they're somwhat incomplete... but it's all interesting, nonetheless, I love it. #DancesWithDrones
  10. @davefmurray if you need CRTs, try and find the biGGest flea market you can, I bet you'll find a ton I got 10 CRTs, so I'm good for now, but if I ever needed more I could get at least another 20 easy at a pretty big flea market in my area... just a bunch of janky country folk (aka MY PEOPLE) in a massive dismally lit warehouse--the old Yard Birds, for those who know--selling garbage they found/stole somewhere, and man they practically want to give me all their CRTs..... also my go-to place for NES equipment (a guy showed me one locked storage closet with about 50 consoles stacked in it), football cards galore if you got the time to flip thru all their binders, and of course I got a guy on payroll keeping an eye out for the rare tecmo carts when they float thru. Love walking in there with a few extra Andrew Jacksons in my pocket, I tell ya.
  11. and this P-Town tourney gonna be one helluva kickoff to the 2017 season of PNW tecmo, the gods willl be much pleased!!! I got 3 tourneys lined up ready to go, I'll release the details down the road soon, but SAVE THE DATES right now if you wanna: February 18: PNWTL S1 -- The inaugural season of the PNW Tecmo League. 8-man league, salary cap draft your own team, play a season with full saved stats, have a say in what we do Season 2. (SITE: Centralia, WA @ Coffin Corner) March 11: Mayhem 7: "An Ode to the Tecmo Gods" -- 16-man tourney, an original format never heard of before in the annals of tecmo tourneys, an ultimate nod to the tecmo gods. (SITE: Centralia, WA @ Tecmo Dojo) April 1: PNWTC6 -- THE Pacific Northwest Tecmo CHAMPIONSHIP... and a week before the World Championships in Madtown USA. (SITE: probably Centralia, WA @ Tecmo Dojo... but subject to change based on number of participants.)
  12. my results: CRT: 4.7 HISENSE: 1.6 VIZIO: 0.8 By the numbers, it's the inverse of reality... but since I was pretty good at waiting until the dude straddled the 50 in each test, I'm thinking the target in your test was actually around 5 frames past what I thought it was, since the relative lag between each screen is roughly true. I was unable to test my computer because my controller adapter is nowhere to be found. I've actually become pretty good now at going to the team data screen and cycling through the teams and judging the lag based on the button response..... would love for that to be my next test, a "blind" lag test of a human (me), let's call it The Lag Test Challenge.
  13. UPDATE: after I messed with a few more settings on my cheap Hisense tv, I actually ran a ZERO on the lag test... not sure I really believe that, as I definitely detect a touch of lag still, but..... BIG success on the AVS now, with the right TV I am loving it.
  14. the 1-frame lag is definitely doable, however that tv in my house is kind of small and not easily accessible, so will look to add another low-lag hdtv down the road....... but even then, there is nothing like the lightning quick response of a crt-tv, it's like a drug when it comes to playing tecmo, I get a cheap thrill on the team select screen when the cursor starts zipping around seemingly at the speed of my thoughts...... will probably stick with zelda and other games on the AVS, but tecmo is strictly CRT for now.