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  1. goji, i just wanted to say that i am super grateful for you updating the ROM each week (and sometimes multiple times!) Im a COM vs COM player, and i like to play out the rest of the season each week (and track playoffs in espn playoff generator). then for the playoffs, i do preseason matchups between the teams that made the playoffs i do standard mode, 6 min Qs, and i get pretty realistic scores. thanks again!
  2. THANK YOU!!!! I'm going to run a full COM vs COM for the season, and let you know my experience from that end (I'm probably the only one on this site that doesn't actually play the games on MAN lol)
  3. How to Update 2017-2018 rosters

    The best idea that I have is to find a position ranking somewhere of best to worst players, and just use the original tecmobowl counterparts to apply the rankings to. Since there are more teams now, I'd "duplicate" the most average players at each positon to make up the difference. I think this method would work unless anyone else wanted to share what strategies they employed when they created their ROMs. Really, I'm trying to find a systematic way to do things so bias (or decision making) doesn't enter the equation.
  4. Hi everyone, I plan to attempt to update 2017-2018 rosters. I'll have no problem going through all of the screens one by one in the TSB Manager to update all the depth charts (but let me know if there is an easier way). However, I struggle with assigning the ratings to the players that A. Make sense with giving the best players their due B. Doesn't mess with game balance. How do other folks handle this? If anyone has any good ideas (or has already done the analysis and can flat out post some good player stats), I can do the leg work and actually use TSB Tool to set those player stats, and then copy+paste into this thread when I'm done.
  5. 2016 NFL Schedule

    Hi everyone, Here's the NFL schedule for the 2016 season. I know most of you guys like the Home team as P1, but I strictly play CPU vs CPU, so I like the home team as P2. I'm sure you of you guys can do some Excel magic to flip the teams. Enjoy! WEEK 1 panthers at broncos vikings at titans bears at texans browns at eagles bills at ravens chargers at chiefs raiders at saints buccaneers at falcons bengals at jets packers at jaguars dolphins at seahawks giants at cowboys lions at colts patriots at cardinals steelers at redskins rams at 49ers WEEK 2 jets at bills saints at giants titans at lions cowboys at redskins chiefs at Texans dolphins at patriots ravens at browns 49ers at panthers bengals at steelers buccaneers at cardinals seahawks at rams falcons at raiders jaguars at chargers colts at broncos packers at vikings eagles at bears WEEK 3 texans at patriots ravens at jaguars redskins at giants lions at packers browns at dolphins vikings at panthers broncos at bengals cardinals at bills raiders at titans rams at buccaneers 49ers at seahawks steelers at eagles jets at chiefs chargers at colts bears at cowboys falcons at saints WEEK 4 dolphins at bengals colts at jaguars bills at patriots titans at Texans lions at bears panthers at falcons seahawks at jets raiders at ravens browns at redskins broncos at buccaneers rams at cardinals cowboys at 49ers saints at chargers chiefs at steelers giants at vikings WEEK 5 cardinals at 49ers texans at vikings bears at colts jets at steelers titans at dolphins eagles at lions patriots at browns redskins at ravens falcons at broncos bengals at cowboys chargers at raiders bills at rams giants at packers buccaneers at panthers WEEK 6 broncos at chargers eagles at redskins steelers at dolphins jaguars at bears browns at titans bengals at patriots 49ers at bills ravens at giants rams at lions panthers at saints chiefs at raiders cowboys at packers falcons at seahawks colts at texans jets at cardinals WEEK 7 bears at packers giants at rams saints at chiefs vikings at eagles colts at titans bills at dolphins redskins at lions browns at bengals raiders at jaguars ravens at jets chargers at falcons buccaneers at 49ers patriots at steelers seahawks at cardinals texans at broncos WEEK 8 jaguars at titans redskins at bengals packers at falcons lions at texans seahawks at saints chiefs at colts jets at browns patriots at bills raiders at buccaneers chargers at broncos cardinals at panthers eagles at cowboys vikings at bears WEEK 9 falcons at buccaneers lions at vikings steelers at ravens jets at dolphins cowboys at browns jaguars at chiefs eagles at giants panthers at rams saints at 49ers titans at chargers colts at packers broncos at raiders bills at seahawks WEEK 10 browns at ravens chiefs at panthers broncos at saints rams at jets packers at titans falcons at eagles vikings at redskins texans at jaguars bears at buccaneers dolphins at chargers 49ers at cardinals cowboys at steelers seahawks at patriots bengals at giants WEEK 11 saints at panthers cardinals at vikings bills at bengals bears at giants steelers at browns buccaneers at chiefs ravens at cowboys jaguars at lions titans at colts dolphins at rams patriots at 49ers eagles at seahawks packers at redskins texans at raiders WEEK 12 vikings at lions redskins at cowboys steelers at colts rams at saints titans at bears cardinals at falcons giants at browns chargers at texans jaguars at bills bengals at ravens 49ers at dolphins seahawks at buccaneers panthers at raiders chiefs at broncos patriots at jets packers at eagles WEEK 13 cowboys at vikings lions at saints rams at patriots broncos at jaguars 49ers at bears texans at packers chiefs at falcons dolphins at ravens eagles at bengals bills at raiders buccaneers at chargers giants at steelers redskins at cardinals panthers at seahawks colts at jets WEEK 14 raiders at chiefs redskins at eagles texans at colts bengals at browns broncos at titans saints at buccaneers cardinals at dolphins bears at lions steelers at bills chargers at panthers vikings at jaguars jets at 49ers falcons at rams seahawks at packers cowboys at giants ravens at patriots WEEK 15 rams at seahawks dolphins at jets browns at bills buccaneers at cowboys lions at giants eagles at ravens colts at vikings packers at bears titans at chiefs jaguars at texans saints at cardinals 49ers at falcons patriots at broncos raiders at chargers steelers at bengals panthers at redskins WEEK 16 giants at eagles falcons at panthers buccaneers at saints dolphins at bills redskins at bears jets at patriots chargers at browns titans at jaguars vikings at packers colts at raiders 49ers at rams cardinals at seahawks bengals at texans ravens at steelers broncos at chiefs lions at cowboys WEEK 17 patriots at dolphins jaguars at colts panthers at buccaneers bears at vikings browns at steelers saints at falcons bills at jets cowboys at eagles packers at lions texans at titans giants at redskins ravens at bengals chiefs at chargers raiders at broncos seahawks at 49ers cardinals at rams
  6. 2015-2016 Schedule

    Here's the new schedule for folks updating new ROMs. and thanks to everyone who does what they do to make Tecmo live on forever! I apologize in advance if I goofed up the formatting or posted in the wrong forum, WEEK 1 steelers at patriots packers at bears chiefs at texans browns at jets dolphins at redskins panthers at jaguars seahawks at rams saints at cardinals lions at chargers titans at buccaneers bengals at raiders ravens at broncos giants at cowboys eagles at falcons colts at bills vikings at 49ers WEEK 2 broncos at chiefs texans at panthers 49ers at steelers buccaneers at saints lions at vikings cardinals at bears patriots at bills chargers at bengals titans at browns falcons at giants rams at redskins dolphins at jaguars ravens at raiders cowboys at eagles seahawks at packers jets at colts WEEK 3 redskins at giants falcons at cowboys colts at titans raiders at browns bengals at ravens jaguars at patriots saints at panthers eagles at jets buccaneers at texans chargers at vikings steelers at rams 49ers at cardinals bills at dolphins bears at seahawks broncos at lions chiefs at packers WEEK 4 ravens at steelers jets at dolphins jaguars at colts giants at bills panthers at buccaneers eagles at redskins raiders at bears texans at falcons chiefs at bengals browns at chargers packers at 49ers rams at cardinals vikings at broncos cowboys at saints lions at seahawks WEEK 5 colts at texans bears at chiefs seahawks at bengals redskins at falcons jaguars at buccaneers saints at eagles browns at ravens rams at packers bills at titans cardinals at lions patriots at cowboys broncos at raiders 49ers at giants steelers at chargers WEEK 6 falcons at saints redskins at jets cardinals at steelers chiefs at vikings bengals at bills bears at lions broncos at browns texans at jaguars dolphins at titans panthers at seahawks chargers at packers ravens at 49ers patriots at colts giants at eagles WEEK 7 seahawks at 49ers bills at jaguars buccaneers at redskins falcons at titans saints at colts vikings at lions steelers at chiefs browns at rams texans at dolphins jets at patriots raiders at chargers cowboys at giants eagles at panthers ravens at cardinals WEEK 8 dolphins at patriots lions at chiefs buccaneers at falcons cardinals at browns 49ers at rams giants at saints vikings at bears chargers at ravens bengals at steelers titans at texans jets at raiders seahawks at cowboys packers at broncos colts at panthers WEEK 9 browns at bengals packers at panthers redskins at patriots titans at saints dolphins at bills rams at vikings jaguars at jets raiders at steelers giants at buccaneers falcons at 49ers broncos at colts eagles at cowboys bears at chargers WEEK 10 bills at jets lions at packers cowboys at buccaneers panthers at titans bears at rams saints at redskins dolphins at eagles browns at steelers jaguars at ravens vikings at raiders patriots at giants chiefs at broncos cardinals at seahawks texans at bengals WEEK 11 titans at jaguars raiders at lions colts at falcons jets at texans buccaneers at eagles broncos at bears packers at vikings rams at ravens cowboys at dolphins redskins at panthers bengals at cardinals 49ers at seahawks chiefs at chargers bills at patriots WEEK 12 eagles at lions panthers at cowboys bears at packers raiders at titans bills at chiefs buccaneers at colts giants at redskins saints at texans vikings at falcons rams at bengals chargers at jaguars dolphins at jets cardinals at 49ers steelers at seahawks patriots at broncos ravens at browns WEEK 13 packers at lions jets at giants cardinals at rams falcons at buccaneers panthers at saints seahawks at vikings texans at bills ravens at dolphins bengals at browns jaguars at titans 49ers at bears broncos at chargers chiefs at raiders eagles at patriots colts at steelers cowboys at redskins WEEK 14 vikings at cardinals bills at eagles 49ers at browns lions at rams saints at buccaneers titans at jets steelers at bengals patriots at texans colts at jaguars chargers at chiefs redskins at bears falcons at panthers raiders at broncos cowboys at packers seahawks at ravens giants at dolphins WEEK 15 buccaneers at rams jets at cowboys bears at vikings falcons at jaguars texans at colts cardinals at eagles panthers at giants titans at patriots bills at redskins chiefs at ravens browns at seahawks packers at raiders broncos at steelers dolphins at chargers bengals at 49ers lions at saints WEEK 16 chargers at raiders redskins at eagles patriots at jets texans at titans browns at chiefs colts at dolphins jaguars at saints 49ers at lions cowboys at bills bears at buccaneers panthers at falcons giants at vikings rams at seahawks packers at cardinals steelers at ravens bengals at broncos WEEK 17 jets at bills patriots at dolphins buccaneers at panthers saints at falcons ravens at bengals jaguars at texans titans at colts raiders at chiefs redskins at cowboys eagles at giants lions at bears vikings at packers chargers at broncos seahawks at cardinals steelers at browns rams at 49ers