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  1. I posted about it on our FB page and also gave it a tweet.
  2. Tomczak won't be until sometime in 2018. We're done with December tourneys. I'd like to try to daytrip down for this. I'll check my schedule and hopefully register soon.
  3. @davefmurray should this be pinned? Also @noonan what is the status about registering?
  4. The Conjurer needed his privacy in the Mort-o-potty to do it.
  5. I hope Orenga Posse has a CD of this ready for Madison next year.
  6. So much piss on that tombstone.
  7. Does anyone have photos/vids of the band playing? That was the most surreal moment by far, watching a full band set up all their equipment in the middle of nowhere, play a kick ass set, then breakdown and leave.
  8. Oh shit I found another photo from Burning Mort on my phone. Looking good fellas!
  9. Here's the other assorted pics I got.
  10. Sega suckling from the teat.
  11. This here was the People's Champion of Burning Mort.
  12. Oh god I forgot about that.
  13. I have photos I will post later. I just wanted to thank everyone at Burning Mort for the amazing experience and especially to the ND crew for making it all possible.
  14. Am I allowed to wear my Northern Iowa shirts?
  15. Looks like it's about a nine mile stretch with one lane going each way. Camera on Minnesota's 511 site right now shows pretty light traffic on it so it may just be at certain times. I plan on going up that way.
  16. Maybe Sega and I will see you on the road up there. We'll be easy to spot as I'll be on the top of his modified Subaru Outback playing my guitar the whole time.
  17. Yeah I got a cheap hotel booked and have no problem using Lyft.
  18. Well shit...
  19. Only one way to find out.
  20. Pounds sells 40 oz bottles of Colt 45. I'm gonna rock Friday night Lando style.
  21. Furiously taking notes
  22. What do you recommend for lodging on Friday night?