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  1. I was at my local beerfest once when you called me. Pretty sure you caught me in a great mood. "Absolutely I'm coming!"
  2. Nah, we know where the Rocky Rococo is. Speaking of, the highlight of going there last year on Friday night, aside from bumping into the People's Champion, was Sega and I eating pizza and laughing like morons at all the terrible puns on the movie posters in that place.
  3. Yeah Sega reaches a point where he just gives up on life and goes to sleep. Burritos are good but I really enjoy getting a gyro at that place across from the Plaza.
  4. It is pretty though isn't it? I dont use it for my matchups. I was just saying I've talked to others who find it useful for a quick reference.
  5. That's pretty close to the tiers I use at Tomczak Bowl. I've only got 5 tiers on this handy graphic. I've seen numerous folks at Madison with a copy of this on hand to help them.
  6. Yeah I was gonna say, the talk on FB has been fun reading lately.
  7. My personal favorite QL was losing 21-7 to @Tecmo Psycho the year he won it all. He got the third TD late in what was a very close game. I think it's the best I've ever played at Madison.
  8. At the very least you can begin collecting what I like to call "Quality losses." I've lost to plenty of the Tecmo legends at this point.
  9. I think you could have like 4 or 5 regionals like Tundra Bowl and then have a second tier that feeds them. Like Nate gave the Tomczak winner free entry into Tundra. I'd be fine if Tomczak was a second tier regional tourney or something.
  10. Remember that John Grizzly prefers Valvoline.
  11. To quote his shirt last year, There are only two types of tournaments. Ones that Regulator has won, and ones that don't matter.
  12. You'd almost have to weight it depending on attendees. I know my tournament has had much stronger fields from one year to the next.
  13. Sega usually brings a little tv to use in our room so no need for us to jack with the hotel one.