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  1. I really want to play around with this. This is awesome!
  2. Nah they just had one unit on Friday night with Contra on it. Some dude was playing and judging from what Duper and I watched it was definitely not a speed run. "OOOH! AND HE AGAIN WALKS INTO THE SPIKE WALL. YOU'RE NOT GONNA DEFEAT VILE RED FALCON WITH THAT MOVE!"
  3. We're at the Hampton room 739. Hit us up for games.
  4. Got my headband packed and ready to roll! I didn't grab any beer so I will not be swapping tonight. @noonan I spent some time last night digging through my cards but came up empty (How do no Al Del Greco cards exist?). I did however find a sweet Jim Jensen Panini sticker which is now proudly adorning my NES I'm bringing. I also found another card that was so magnificent it will be making an appearance with me tomorrow to give me Tecmo strength. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and getting my NHL and Jam on.
  5. Welp, I can't concentrate on work any more. My brain has gone full Tecmo. It's gonna be a long 6 hours of work tomorrow.
  6. Jake I. (Beef Juice) Imagine my profile pic but less pixelated. Here I am Forrest Gumping my way into the NFL Films special.
  7. Sure. I can bring stuff and just have it on hand at the Hampton if people want to stop by and swap later too.
  8. With all the NBA Jam and NHL stuff going on Friday night I'm not sure I'm gonna hassle with beer swapping too.
  9. I was at my local beerfest once when you called me. Pretty sure you caught me in a great mood. "Absolutely I'm coming!"
  10. Nah, we know where the Rocky Rococo is. Speaking of, the highlight of going there last year on Friday night, aside from bumping into the People's Champion, was Sega and I eating pizza and laughing like morons at all the terrible puns on the movie posters in that place.
  11. Yeah Sega reaches a point where he just gives up on life and goes to sleep. Burritos are good but I really enjoy getting a gyro at that place across from the Plaza.
  12. It is pretty though isn't it? I dont use it for my matchups. I was just saying I've talked to others who find it useful for a quick reference.
  13. That's pretty close to the tiers I use at Tomczak Bowl. I've only got 5 tiers on this handy graphic. I've seen numerous folks at Madison with a copy of this on hand to help them.