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  1. I posted about it on our FB page and also gave it a tweet.
  2. Tomczak won't be until sometime in 2018. We're done with December tourneys. I'd like to try to daytrip down for this. I'll check my schedule and hopefully register soon.
  3. @davefmurray should this be pinned? Also @noonan what is the status about registering?
  4. The Conjurer needed his privacy in the Mort-o-potty to do it.
  5. I hope Orenga Posse has a CD of this ready for Madison next year.
  6. So much piss on that tombstone.
  7. Does anyone have photos/vids of the band playing? That was the most surreal moment by far, watching a full band set up all their equipment in the middle of nowhere, play a kick ass set, then breakdown and leave.
  8. Oh shit I found another photo from Burning Mort on my phone. Looking good fellas!
  9. Here's the other assorted pics I got.
  10. Sega suckling from the teat.
  11. This here was the People's Champion of Burning Mort.
  12. Oh god I forgot about that.
  13. I have photos I will post later. I just wanted to thank everyone at Burning Mort for the amazing experience and especially to the ND crew for making it all possible.
  14. Am I allowed to wear my Northern Iowa shirts?