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  1. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Sorry for my continual posting in this thread, but it has been a major part of my creative process. At any rate, I would like to inquire if the season stat extractor could extract the conditions of offensive linemen. I realize they don't have stats, but for the purpose of my career stats program, I wanted to create a way to 'retire' players when they reach a threshold based on their end of the season conditions: Each player has a retirement stat which starts at 10. After each season, their end of the year condition correlates with a value: INJURED: -3 Bad condition: -2 Average condition: -1 Good condition: 0 Excellent condition: 1 When compiling to the player's career stats, each season's conditional value is subtracted from or added to the 10. When the player reaches 0 retirement points, they are retired. As you can see, this will make it so that all players get at least 4 seasons, and those that are able to stay in pretty good health over the years can play much longer. I've simulated 5 seasons so far with this system, and no one has retired yet, but there are players that are down to 2 or 3 points. I know that's all irrelevant for the request, but having to manually track the stats of offensive linemen is kind of aggravating. So, that's why I just need the condition values of the OLs placed in the season stat extractor's output csv file.
  2. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    It appears that this one only dumps game stats from the blue screen. I need a full season stat extractor. Guess I'll just use the one online until such time as it expires.
  3. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Thank you! Hope it stores the info in the same places. Will check it out.
  4. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    I have been building a little program that can utilize the Stat Extractor and export player stats in career form. Basically, it takes the CSV files, matches player names and compiles their stats in a text document for viewing. I can only program in Ruby. So I'm wondering, what are the chances that the stat extractor site goes down? Cause in that case, the program I'm making would be pointless. Secondly, can it be created as a standalone EXE, so that the program could still exist even if the site were to go down?
  5. Record Writer

    This is a little program I've been developing the past month, which takes extracted CSV files of your single games and scans them to find and track single-game records. The program outputs the records into a normal .txt file in INI form. This way it can be both read easily and can be used by other programmers who may wish to add onto it. A LITTLE HISTORY 'm not personally really into the online Tecmo Leagues. I've had a lot of trouble connecting to the servers, finding matches, etc. But I've always played TSB with my friends or with my kids (as it is now) in normal season mode, with each of us taking a team, putting them in man or coach and trying to win the coveted SuperBowl Title. I still believe Tecmo is the world's greatest and simplest football game. That said, I've always wanted a way to have a career mode. In fact, the lot of us have used other editors found here on the site as basis for a makeshift off-season. We put together a draft system, custom teams, trades, etc. When the Stat Extractors came about, I was thrilled. And this also gave me a number of ideas and a clear path to make my own little apps to help make the painstaking process of keeping stats simpler. So, I set out a plan to create many of these apps, as among other things, I've become a modest programming hobbyist over the years. This was my third attempt at this particular app, and I'm proud to say I finally finished a version worthy of the community's viewing. WHAT YOU'LL NEED So if you want to try it out, you'll need the following items: Extracted single-game stats from Tecmo Madisons Stat Extractor found here. Also, you'll need this installer for the program, which I've zipped up and placed here. INSTRUCTIONS Once you've installed the program, you'll notice that it will, by default, add both the shortcut to the app and the data folder to your desktop. From there, you'll want to place all the files you want to search through for records in the folder labelled "GameRecords". You can actually search for any file anywhere, but by default, this is the folder where the application looks first so it will save you some time. Next, you'll just click twice on the shortcut, or the actual EXE inside the data folder in order to bring up the application. This is what you'll see: Once inside the program, you'll need to do two things in order to get the ball rolling. Number one, use the 'LOAD CSV' buttons on the left to upload the extracted game stat files, and click the 'Name the New File' button to use the popup record namer. This will give your file it's name. After that, you'll notice the 'Find Records' button is enabled and you are permitted to search and write records. A few notes are that I made it possible to upload 16 game files at once, that way you can do it 'weekly' or by a single teams entire season. I want to expand on this, making it have the ability to only track records for specific teams, but as of now, this is not the case. You can upload and search a single file, (between two teams), or you can select 16 files at once which should work well with a week of games played on the 32 team roms out there. Once you've searched, you'll find the records file has been output into the "OutputRecords" folder which is in the main data folder on your desktop. Furthermore, you can choose to open an existing file in order to add or change it with new records from new games. Just remember if you do this, the application will update the loaded file, and create a new one for the current records search. Another cool little feature allows you to place a 'season' value by changing the edit box which is by default 1991. This doesn't really have to come from a specific season ROM, rather it is only there for crazy people like me who want to simulate the seasons progressing. That way, if in your third season, you can say the passing yards record was broken by Johnny Strongarm in 1993 or whatever. SOME ADVICE Number one, I've tested it pretty good, but you should still be on the look out for strange occurences when using the application. If something just isn't right in the file output or something, please don't hesitate to post here and I'll try to fix it. Next, It is always my preference to check this and anything I download from a third party website. You use this at your own risk. I know I don't personally have any thing you should be concerned with, but I won't be responsible if something goes bad when you download it. So far, I've been using mediafire for years with no problem, but just in case, it would behoove you, if you don't already, to do a quick scan of the item before installation. Just putting that out there. Hope that doesn't cause alarm. FINALLY I welcome your feedback. If there's something I can do to help you or to answer questions, I will try my best. I'm gonna try to learn a little more about hex editting here soon and try my hand at some more apps. I've got an idea for a free agents app, a career stats app, a random player generator app, and much much more. Hope it's worthy, and keep on Superbowlin!
  6. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Yep. It works. Nice!
  7. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Hey averagetsbplayer. I just tried the extractor for single game. I extracted the same game twice. In the first extraction, I didn't uncheck the box beside 'use original 28 team rom'. The extraction did leave a place for the names, but their slots were all empty. So, I tried it a second time, unchecked the box and chose my rom. This time, there were names present, however, they were not the correct names. In fact, no matter which game state I use, I get the same players names in each slot. Maybe I just misunderstood. You DID say there were new columns. You didn't say anything about them being working columns as of yet. Is there plans on making the names appear. Or are they left for us to fill in? Just wondering. I totally revamped the game records program I was creating to use these files in order to get the players names from the files. And I'm close to finishing up on it. But the names thing is important to the final product. **A note on the program I'm creating using your extracted stats** I've got it set up to take the CSV form of your spreadsheets (you can upload 16 games altogether, that way you can find game records by the week). When you've uploaded the save state extractions you want, you then hit the 'find records' button and the stats will be output into an INI file
  8. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Yes! That's awesome, AverageTSBplayer!!! Thanks. It keeps getting better.
  9. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    1. Cool. 2. I think I get it. You can total up the players' offensive stats to get the team offensive numbers. But this can't be done with defensive. 3. That's what I thought. But what purpose do they play in extracting stats? Was there a reason you had to extract them? Or was it just part of the team's info? 4. I'm not good with spreadsheets. I don't know much about them. But I think the way you have the season extraction set up would be fine. Basically, the program could search for the player's name (This would have to be the case, because players may not be on the same team as they were.) If the names are a match, then the stats from one are added to the other, all this is sent to a career sheet, which adds the values puts out the total of all season stats together. I like the way you had the thumbnail there. It looks, by viewing the layout, that it can do exactly what I was thinking. I'm not concerned with the draft thing. Or the changing teams with players. I don't mind doing stuff like that myself. As long as there is an efficient way to get the seasons stat results. The General Manager is an awesome little tool for moving things around. Here's the state and rom. http://www.mediafire.com/?8sgz3s500tw522b Here's something I've been trying to piece together: Basically, what I want it to do is take CSV values output from the TSB Stat Extractor (I can't remember who made it) and compare the values to specific values on the right. For instance, the QBS pass attempts. If the number is greater than the number in the previous record file, the value on the right is overwritten with the new record. I want it to be able to out put, name of player, abbreviated team name, and amount of record for each category. I haven't finished the process yet, but I'll keep working on it. These are the kind of things I see with your extractors as a base. Anyway, thanks!
  10. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    The season stat extractor is great, averagetsbplayer! I especially like the fact that you've added the ability to pull the player names when extracting since I last used it. I do have a few questions though. Here's a portion of the season I extracted: 1) Probably not very important, but is it possible to add the three-letter team abbreviation to each team. Column A, which is not shown here, gives Rom Slot. The same as in the player's stats which is below this. What I'm wondering, is since you were able to pull the player names from the Rom, wouldn't it be also possible to pull team names, albeit in abbreviated form for both Team Stats and Player Stats? 2) More importantly, I noticed that when extracting team stats, it only extracted DefenseP, and DefenseR. Any plans to make it pull Total Defense, and the Offensive stats, as well? 3) Lastly, what exactly are the RushOne, RushTwo, etc. at the end of the lines? Are these plays? 4) Here's an unlikely suggestion, request: I think you have the basis here for many add-ons. I wonder now would it be possible to take multiple seasons in extracted form and add them together to output a "Career Stats" sort of thing. I ask this because my sons and I often adjust our rom slightly after each season. We usually manually write out stats and add them together to come up with career stats, as well as tweak the player abilities. (We even use the general manager to create a draft pool and draft players) Since you already have this basis, how difficult would it be to pull data from multiple extractions and add them together to produce a new one? EDIT::: I just tried to extract a single game, adding a rom to pull the names, but the names weren't pulled for some reason.
  11. Kickoff touchbacks

    I downloaded Bad_Al's TSB Tool Supreme. It says on the download page that it's for editting the 32 team rom. I'm using a 28 team rom. I don't think that should make a difference, but I wanted to be sure to mention it just in case. I still have a few questions, as I want to assure I'm doing it right before I mess something up. If I use the bad al's, how to I access this "SET" feature, do I just type the text somewhere above the listed teams or below the schedule or something? Or is there some way of accessing the feature from the menus at the top? If I don't use the tool, you're saying to do the typing in a hex editor at line x2411C? And do I type it as hex values, or on the actual text side? I'm using "Translnextion".
  12. Kickoff touchbacks

    "SET(0x2411C,0x205790) SET(0x248A4,0x207090)" Just so I'm clear on this, do you mean set the line at 0x24111C to match the line at 0x205790? And the same with 0x248A4 and 0x207090?
  13. Team Name Location

    Thanks, bruddog. Guess I can abbreviate some names if I have to. Redirecting pointers sounds like it may be a bit complicated.
  14. Team Name Location

    So, I've been around this community for a while now, and I've made a few mods with custom teams and such using the 28 team NES version of TSB. Recently, I switched up and started editting the 32 team CX Rom. I used the TSBToolSupreme and found it could do nearly all the edits I required. However, There is no way to change the team names with the tool. So I searched here on the site and found some posts that said I'd need to use the hex editor to do this. I have the hex editor and have used it before to change colors of the background and whatnot. But I can't find the location of team names in the editor. I have even used the search tool in the editor to no avail. If someone could point me in the direction of where to find this information or give me a quick tutorial on how to change team names in the 32 team rom via another method, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  15. TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    Questions and possible bug find: First, I wanted to bring to your attention that the season extractor does not extract stats with floats. Therefor it doesn't extract Ratings, Completion Pct., Punt Average, etc. Didin't know if you intended that. Another thing is that I noticed, it doesn't extract INTs for the QB. (At least I couldn't get it to) Instead, it leaves the space completely blank. Thirdly, for some reason, QB rushing TDs are multiplied by 4 in the output file. Like, I had a guy with 2 rushing TDS, it ended up saying he had 8, The Eagles guy had 6, and it claimed he had 24. A question: Can it be made to extract the player's names, instead of a QB1, RB3, WR2, etc.?