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  1. ARosser14

    (SNES) Ken Griffey 2017

    Excited to dive into this, playing my first 162 season with the original game (sort of a last hurrah), will be jumping into this after. Thanks for the hard work on it.
  2. ARosser14

    KGB17: First screenshots!

    Excited about it. While Freddie Freeman is out, it will help to play as him.
  3. ARosser14

    "Griffey Baseball" Ump Steve Palermo dead at 67

    Must say I'm very excited to play it. My Braves' record isn't great but we've got a great lineup. Pitching's just let us down a bit. Can't wait to take some swings.
  4. Most baseball fans agree that Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball is one of the best "games of the game" ever, and a lot of us still play it thanks in large part to the updates made available here. Sadly, a key figure in the game, umpire voice Steve Palermo, passed away today at 67 (5-14-17) after battling cancer. He was known as a hero for stopping a 1991 robbery (and taking a bullet to the spinal cord for his effort) as well as a really good umpire, and in a way his legacy lives on every time any one fires up the game and hear his voice. RIP Mr. Palermo.
  5. ARosser14

    Quesiton About Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editor

    Dunno if someone had done and posted an update with the real names, but I made one and figured I'd share it. I only did names, didn't correct skin-color issues or statistics. There are three players I'm not sure about, couldn't find a replacement for R. Crombie or H.Lo for the Florida Marlins and P. Pearce for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Greg Briley and Gus Polidor take the place of the Marlins while Lonnie Smith (the only Pirate, apparently, to wear 27 in 1993) takes Pearce's spot. Unfortunately that means there are two Lonnie Smiths, since the actual one is with the Baltimore Orioles. If anyone knows for certain who these three players were, I'll fix it. Here are my plans for updates, if anyone's interested: 1995 - this'll be the big one. Going to give everyone their 1995 roster - including the World Champion Atlanta Braves (!) and American League Champion Cleveland Indians - and add new players like Hideo Nomo. Going to be a good while before it's done but hopefully, if anyone's interested in it to begin with, it'll be worth the wait 1997 - If the '95 update goes well, I'll do 1997. Of course this is the last possible year to do an update and it be authentic, cause of the 1998 expansion/realignment. '97 also has a little special personal meaning since it was the first time I got to go to a game. Saw the Braves crush the Reds 10-3 on Aug. 23. Obviously this one will be a while, since I have to do the '95 one first. 2011 - Going to do the complete 2011 Atlanta Braves (through the Michael Bourn trade/Jose Constanza call up). I dunno about doing all the clubs, in fact I'm pretty sure I can't/won't, but I'll probably put a handful of current stars - Pujols, Jeter, Tulowitzki, Halladay, etc - with their applicable team. This would be an update of the origanal '93 rosters with the false names. Will do the Braves for sure first, then do the second update with the other stars. 1993 Psuedo Braves - This one is a personal deal, I kind of hate that other teams were named after cool things while my Braves were named after Dance DJs. Good grief. So I'm going to do a "team heritage" roster similar to the New York Yankees team. Legends - Dunno if I'll do this one or not, thinking of updating the '93 game with some of the icons of the past joining the rosters. For instance, an actual Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Jimmie Foxx, Duke Snider, Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson, etc. KGB-RealNames93.zip
  6. ARosser14

    Quesiton About Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editor

    Figured it out! An S means the pitcher throws submarine style. A < means that the pitcher is tall. A > means that "Pitcher's got a biiiig butt!" For instance, the beloved Atlanta Braves reliever Peter Moylan, the portly right-handed submariner that he is, would be RS>. This is cool. Can't wait to start screwing around with it and editing teams and stuff. Wish there was a way to edit the pitchers' batting side since I think some bat opposite of their throwing arm and some are even switch hitters like Carlos Zambrano.
  7. ARosser14

    Quesiton About Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editor

    I think I'm going to create my 2011 Braves. Will share it once I get it done. Can someone explain what the S and < signs beside some pitchers' throwing arms mean, and is there a larger scale tutorial of sorts somewhere?
  8. ARosser14

    Quesiton About Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editor

    Than you very much, my friend!
  9. ARosser14

    Quesiton About Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball Editor

    I've also read a lot about it but couldn't find it anywhere - including the link posted earlier in this thread. When I read about it, it seemed like a dream come true of sorts because I'd always wished I could customize the game in a way that it sounds the editor allows - including getting Chipper Jones on the field with my beloved Braves. It sounds like the perfect tool for me, exactly what I'd been wanting for this game, so if anyone can help me with finding it, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks and have a great day.