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  1. I only meant to do the coach or sim season to ensure we have the everdrive merging business working before July 8.
  2. Correction, July 8 (Still Saturday) Will have more details if I can hammer down this Everdrive merge business. Thinking of either doing a coach season? or Maybe a sim season to test out
  3. July 9 in Grit City. Can you make it?
  4. Let's try this again . I can host a July 9 date. @~Tailback King~
  5. Dude Sweet MBJ! Where in WA you livin now?
  6. Our years are identical... I'll carry the torch, but it won't happen as fast and the madman will be pursued (or persecuted? lol) My focus next is to try and ensure how to get this merger thing working.
  7. The finale was cle dal. The semis vs me was the battle to decide it. DT won toss and chose Chi. I goofed and chose sf when I should have went giants. He dominated and win 14 0. Not sure how it would have ended if I was the giants.
  8. I'll share the link where you can access stats.
  9. Season Zero Teams MadManyo leads the Chiefs with his usual rowdy band of high falutin' on and off field escapades. The field general of the Chiefs is none other than John Elway, wheelz and dealz will be forthcoming from the Stanford man, who will be airing it out to the likes of the Black MaJJik Rabbit Stephone Paige and JJ, yes J.J. Birden. Even some matchbox 20 representation with sir Thomas of Robb. Emmitt will be doing the durty work on the tecmo gridiron for the Chiefs and when certain conditions dictate, Smith will be rotated out for High Smith. Tommie Agee looks to be in the mix too, however he has been forbidden from doing his skill set of Tight End duties. The Chiefs are no slouch when playing defense either, as James Francis looks to wreck running plays and FG attempts galore in this Season zero, all the while, the Fulchenator will be roaming the airways and blocking the runways with his unique skill set of skullduggery. DT has his high flying 'Hawks, led by Mr. Personality Steven De Berg. Emmitt Smith will be toting the rock for the Seahawks this season, and I doubt we see any High Smith carries cuz DT don't swing like that. Seattle does sport the tandem of Killah Kane and Brian Cutty Blades to haul in those sweet De Berg Dimes. On that Tight End, Give him Hell Heller and Travis "Micky" McNeal will take turns holding it down. Tim "The Tat Man" Harris will combine with Charles "THE" Mann to pucker up the running lanes while Not so Easy Eddie Anderson will channel his inner Shy Ronnie with his speed and hitting ability. The rest of the Seahawk Secondary is all Legion of Gloom, with Hard up Harden, Hands McDaniel and Hands Across Washington's speedy yet slippery ways. Looks like the special teams for the Hawks will be replete with some Waggishness as well. The Cowboys will be turbo powered for season zero in CFT, led by the Turbo Gun of Billy Joe Tolliver, who will be zippin the pigskin to the likes of the PL88MAKER and K-Mart, while all world, and not Czech Jay Novacek will add his unique dual ability to block AND catch with authority. Craig will lead the way running, Roger Craig that is, and he's got a couple of friendos able to jump in if necessary in Dexter "Us" Carter and Harry 'the Horrible" Sydney, and that other unique double threat of blocking and catching, Tom "You Will Feel My" Rathman. The Cowboys sport what should be the most sturdy of defenses in CFT season zero, with Howie "Cumma" Long and Greg "On the" Townsend joining with Bob "You Should" Golic manning the trenches, Charles "Brown and" Haley, Matt "Thanks a" Millen will aid the cause and Romanohomonowski will be wreckin things in the kicking game. On the back end, Louis "Buffalo Ridah" Oliver and Jarvis "Canes Lightning" Williams look to hold up their end of their bargain. The Elusive White Tick leads a Bengal attack helmed by Kenny O and Tony E to the most lethal WRs in the league, L-Oh- Ellard and They Call him FLIPPER! Manning the Tightest of Ends is Hot Lips Holohan. The Bengal running attack is no slouch either with Ernest "Ball Security" Byner and KB of the USFL leading a righteous attack. Safe to say White Tick's offense will be the most "Potent" in all of #Lewis County come Saturday. On D, the Bengals will be led by ALL WORLD LB Jessie "Tuggie" Tuggle, and those Miamah boys Jarvis, Oliver, McKyer and Brown LLC. The B Wagg and his XtraLargentness will be sporting a brand new dog running their show. Q Beagles cost a pretty penny, and he'll be running for his life here and there with the Grimy Tampa Hog Squad standing between him and the oncomers. Q Beagles has the Mack Attack going for him, and Eric Metcalf will chip in on the gridiron as well. Eric Martin "E" will be called upon to bring in his own Johnny Johnsian legendary hidden stats to help the Raidahs stretch the field. On D, Walter , er, William White and ALL WORLD LB Jessie Tuggle will try to plug the dyke the best they can.
  10. Just different times always
  11. This preceded me. Bump
  12. Top 5 offenses 1. NY Giants-Drake: Montana to Flipper, Marcus Allen, Richard Johnson and John L, NE OL 2. NO Saints-NOS: Marino to Jeffires, Rozier, Muster, Hassan Jones, RAI OL 3. Minn Vikings-Moe: Everett to Rice, Lo White and NO Backups , Buffalo OL 4. Detroit Lions-Casual T: QB Eagles to Marv Cook, Johnny Bailey, Eddie Brown, Reggie Cobb, PHX OL 5. Aikman to Tim Brown, Graddy, Okoye, Novacek, CHI OL Honorable Mention of my Beastquake Dolphins - Moon, OJ , Anthony Miller, Webster, Holman, GB OL Darth 49ers - Jay Schray/Coco B Ware, Roger Craig, Givins Duncan Rams OL Flash80 Steelers- QB BILLS, RiGGy, monk, Kmart, Kelvin Bryant, JETS OL Arncoem Bengals- Peete, Thurmal, BHump, Bill Brooks, Holohan, PHI OL Top 5 Defenses Dolo - Browner, Millard, Jarvis, Jeff Cross, Sean Jones, Kinard Jebigred- Rod God, Lloyd, Bruce, Biscuit, Odomes, Mecklenburg, Atwater, BigHock- DT, McMillian, Dennis Byrd, Woolford , Fridge, Ross, Clay Matthews Stalltalk- Haddix, Fletcher, Dennis Smith, Pepper, Greg Jackson, Bussey Cubsfan- Dick Dick, Childress, Clifton, Everett, Hinkle
  13. Kamp wins toss and calls CHI KC, MATTY D takes CHI
  14. CFT Cascadia fucking tecmo