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  1. Smaller tourneys and such are way more intimate, and dare I say fun
  2. I think he has the potential to be special, but he's still very raw. Seems much improved over last year already. And I don't see any way he doesn't make the team #oneofJerruh'sspecialties
  3. Frankly, and I'm as die hard a Cowboys fan that there is, if he did do this, 6 games isn't close to enough.
  4. I'm so confused
  5. Another player too?
  6. Willie Green
  7. I hope nobody gets injured as well, especially the Cowboys
  8. Absolutely nothing
  9. I would like to see @buck and @~Tailback King~ play each other live. I just think it would be a great time. That is all. (probably should have been put in the Random Thoughts thread)
  10. Johnny Johnson is on ProBowl roster as @buck pointed out above. I'll throw my question into the ring. In 2011, Cam Newton broke this starting TSB QBs longstanding record for most rushing TDs in a season by a QB.
  11. Sounds like you should join the fun that is PNW tecmo. Next chance is
  12. Most non Cowboys fans do.
  13. Are you not entertained?!? I feel bad for Lucky but he wasn't going to make the team this year. But yeah, the police near DC really contribute to the shitshow that is the Cowboys. 4-12 is on the horizon. Seems like a Redskinz troll job...