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  1. We're not trynna compete with Madison, but like Madison, we are blazing a trail...
  2. Here here! Thanks for sharing Chris!
  3. The Draft chat is lively and its GLORIOUS!
  4. No. OL and defense are locked into their og Rom alignment. Covered in the top post
  5. You're about 420 late for that one...
  6. As for the Conference and Division setup. Here is my vision. Lewis Conference Mt. Baker Division Kamp Manyo TBK Polish Rifle Mt. Rainier Division DT XL TICK Clark Conference Mt. Hood Division Grip Fairf Joe Ted Mt. St. Helen's Division Invader Stu LBird33 Prof Schedule wise, if we are at 15, I'll try and come up with a 10 week schedule that works, or perhaps as was suggested, we could wrangle a 16th and make it much easier. Shooting for a 10 game schedule. 10 Weeks wouldn't work to have 10 games with 15 players because of the byes needed.
  7. We got 15 with @SirTedjoining us. and the Draft is LIVE. With the 1st pick of the 2018 CFT Draft, the Dolphins select MIA QBs Dandy Dan Marino and Scotty (Doesn't Know) Mitchell.
  8. I love the smell of Tecmo and napalm in the morning. #draftday #cft #lewis #lewisnclark
  9. As for the season. Since we have more than 12, we will be doing just a 10 game season (potentially moved down to 9 or 8 depending on more people added or the logistics of it all). I will come up with a season schedule. I will have everyone play everyone in their own conference (which would be 6 games if we end up with 14 total) and then the remaining 4 games would be a rematch against 2 division opponents and 2 non conference opponents.
  10. There will be a $10 buy in AND... We can do this with our drafted teams, but there that method of skipping season wont work on our rom, but we can create another rom with our draft edits no problem. All the 10 buy in money will go to the CFT2 champ.
  11. We can now add the esteemed Professor to joining our ranks. Still holding out hope for @Polish Rifle and @SirTed and maybe one other guy to fill out our max at 16. Top post edited to reflect this. Here is the link to the Google Sheet -------> CFT 2 Draft The Draft order is as follows. 1. larrybird33 2. joeyhoneybee 3. @~Tailback King~ 4. @TheProfessor 5. @Tick 6. @boogiewithstu 7. @manYo720 8. @fairfensheeding 9. @gripsmoke 10. @invader_star64 11. @XtraLargent 12. @DT. 13. @kamphuna8
  12. CFT Season 2 Draft will begin a week from today, Friday April 20 at 4:20pm Cascadia time. This will be a rolling draft, meaning that technically there is no time limit or expectation that we are all tied to be present at the same time. Picks will be made through discord and I will solely update them in the Google sheet we will use. The draft order is based on season 1's results and the guys who didn't play season 1, I inserted them where I think was most fair according to Cascadia Tecmo History and impending shenaniGGans. Here is the link to the Google Sheet -------> CFT 2 Draft The Draft order is as follows. 1. larrybird33 2. joeyhoneybee 3. @~Tailback King~ 4. @TheProfessor 5. @Tick 6. @boogiewithstu 7. @manYo720 8. @fairfensheeding 9. @gripsmoke 10. @invader_star64 11. @XtraLargent 12. @DT. 13. @kamphuna8
  13. Trying out a topic

    How do these work? What are the capabilities? Like I would be interested in starting one for our PNW live league, but not sure what the capabilities are here. I post about our season in Live Tourneys (since that's kind of what it is but more a season rather than a tourney) but it's more similar to an online league, just that we play live (much else that is done is online, drafting, uploading etc. ) And what's the question regarding archiving? Is this any different from a standard forum on here in that vein?
  14. Nos should have put Emile Harry in...