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  1. so the 38s you say on thei 38 special day? Eugene Daniel will be patrolling the airwaves for @Polish Rifle's Chargers in CFT 2. Tim Worley is as yet still undrafted by any CFT team. Keith Jones will be an option for @Tick in CFT 2 and finally, my man Twiki... errrr I mean, Mark Kelso Kelso will be one of my main DB options to man up
  2. Welp, we're down to 38 days. The .38 special if you will, and 38 is special in Tecmo Super Bowl, as it's one of the attribute values in the TSB step system. One thing of note about June 29 preseason extravaganza, we're still planning on having it, but @gonickmontana just informed me that he will not be in attendance. If you want to witness his sick JJ skills in person, I did hear he will be in the eastern part of the state that weekend, and perhaps @fairfensheeding and/or @Polish Rifle or even @XtraLargent
  3. @~Tailback King~ I thought I might get a reaction out of you for that. Of course Johnny Johnson would be the headliner. We here in the CFT matriculate back and forth from shock to awe as we ponder seeing Johnny Johnson in the hands of his true spirit animal savant, The Tailback King, docked in his #39 regalia, and sporting an offensive line upgrade from the sieve that was the PHX OL to the one, the only HOGS. Not to mention the Lonnie and Mac show holding down the defense while Johnny shoves down our eyeholes the image of the stats that won't be so hidden come July 28th! Johnny played football for San Jose State, but when some basketball players walked out saying they wouldn't play for their coach cuz of abusive treatment, Johnny played basketball too. In 1993, his first with the JETS, his teammates voted him team MVP, the same team that added Boomer Esiason that year. He had 67 catches! In order to catch Johnny's true essence, you have to take the performances in. Seeing is believing. I think my man Rudy might have more to add....
  4. This is me for the last month or so... Other things in the works for this monumental day... I bought a ten pack of replacement NES Controller parts so's the buttons and D Pad are PRECISE and RESPONSIVE! I've been picking up Sony Trinitrons 2x27 in and 2x36 in ones through FB Marketplace and craigslist, since they have excellent screens and are CRTs that take component input because... The plan is also to benefit from modding (at least 2, perhaps 3) NES's to output RGB and component (instead of the composite out the front loading ones have) and having these up the display game for our season. The first 36 incher might not make it to game day, probably won't at least, as it's picture isn't the greatest. It is a fucking beast to move...lol. We gonna have a keg of Mac n Jack's thanks to Manyo (cups will be about 10 to 15 bux ) probably be available by the night before the tourney. Manyo's also asked to handle the soundtrack of the day, and I've had a few things I've wanted to make sure are on the playlist. We still need to figure out food (really at least 3 meals, I can handle the breakfast part for anyone staying the night) so lunch and dinner we can come up with a plan where we don't have owners randomly leaving to get food then waiting for them to return to play their next game. We do have our season schedule posted. All of the games scheduled are assigned to one of the 4 stations, with intent to give everyone exposure on the main stream station, but also we'll have the ability to go multiple games at a time if the other games warrant it, all 4 at a time if need be. And there's still so much more!
  5. Dang, I been waiting to post for this day for a minute... We are currently at 39 days left until the 2nd season of CFT kicks off, Season 2 really being the AWAKENING of that Tecmo Season Spirit...Managing to accomplish what season 1 could only suggest... 15 owners...drafted 15 teams... all under a salary cap...playing a 10 game season...with injuries and conditions functioning just like in season mode...all O Linemen and Defensive players locked into their OG Rom position alignment...all stats kept up to date on 4 different consoles... and our website...the pinnacle of the season coming with BEST of THE BEST, top 12 teams filling in the Tecmo Super Bowl Bracket...the PLAYOFFS going down 1 at a time... all live streamed...and today marks 39 days until this historic season kicks off early on July 28th. 39 is a special number around these here parts... but more on that specialness later... Let's showcase the #39s of the Tecmo Super Bowl rosters...with a special something something for that special #39... First off, we got our guys that have never been drafted in CFT as of yet. Better luck next year to... Neither Maxie Padz nor D Thompson had what it takes to get drafted in the first 2 seasons of CFT... and neither did this guy... but this guy also deserves some spotlight... You wanna know who that is??? Rocking the Katana and reppin for his Lions??? Well it's none other than... Ray Crockett, or as I like to refer to him... Crockett of... I swear @Tick should have drafted the Lions DBs just so he could name his team Crockett and Tuggz... Now there is one #39 who was drafted in season 1 but will not be on the CFT gridiron for season 2... That's... That's right. Carl Mother Effin Lee! He and Joey Browner played for Tick in season 1. Now there's a slew of guys who are 39s that will be playing in CFT for the first time in season 2. For @Polish Rifle , Mike (don't call me Mark) Prior For @invader_star64 we have Harry and the Hamiltons and for @fairfensheeding we have Marvelous Marvin Allen Man we got some sweet pics today... And we ain't done yet... There's one more, kinda special number 39 that I have yet to showcase. You guessed it... It's a Running Back. Yeah Yeah, he played for a handful of teams but it's his time with one team that really stands out. This was the only picture on the interwebs that showed his jersey with name and number... Man, I just found that on EBay. A hundred and sixty bucks plus shipping and that sweet sweet #39 could be all mine... Here's an actual pic of the man, who has shared the backfield with the likes of John Stephens, Emmitt Smith, and Gaston Green. 39 Days! Can't WAIT!!!
  6. 40 DAYS TIL CFT 2!!! ONLY 40 LEFT! We got some strong hair game in this one, even if only 1 out of the 5 TSB players is actually gonna grace the field for season 2. From Season 1, this guy roamed the secondary with Eric McMillan for @invader_star64's Seahawks. In season 2, this is one guy that's gonna get some play for @boogiewithstu and his hair game, while not voluminous... it's strong. Check the other avail pics from his playing days to peep the evidence. Couple of guys that haven't gotten any CFT love as of yet include And then there's one of my favorite players of all time. A stud in the USFL and then a stud in the NFL. And that hair... Here's 4 of his just for sharing's sake.
  7. kamphuna8

    Oaks, PA - 6/23/2018 - Tecmo Philly

    I could see you doing this Chaos...
  8. Happy Father's Day to all you daddy'os out there. Currently there are 41 days left until CFT season 2 kicks off. We have 4 guys to highlight today. None of the 4 have played on the CFT gridiron as of yet, and only 2 of them were drafted for our upcoming season 2 on July 28. The first guy here I saw make an amazing catch at the goal line from his backup quarterback Jim McMahon... because Randall aka QB Eagles went down and went down hard in game 1 of 1991 for new Eagles head coach Rich Kotite. Another 41 is a toy that's never been taken out of the CFT draft closet as of yet. This pic on his card made me laugh... Here's... For season 2, this guy finally had his RB mate's services selected (and perhaps his own blocking as well). Drafted in the first round of the CFT season 2 draft by @TheProfessor it's... and finally, also making his first appearance on a CFT field this July, drafted by @DT. to hold down the back end for his CFT 2 squad, it's...
  9. 6 weeks baby! Today's name oughtta be Ronnie Warren... but alas we got 4 guys who are either a Ronnie or a Warren... Unfortunately 3 of our 4 Tecmo Vets haven't ever been drafted in the CFT, and one is an absolute icon, and another is an absolute stud in his own right... both not so Shy Ronnie's. The first Warren is the RB from the Steelers... but the man who has been drafted is about to play in his 2nd season in CFT. In year one, he was drafted by @XtraLargent and this year, @SirTed has him in line to tote the rock for his Both Terry and Tez know how many days left until CFT 2. Do you?!?!?
  10. 2 miles is about right when you got the double donkeyness going on... amirite? @XtraLargent @~Tailback King~
  11. Truer words never spoken...
  12. 43 days until CFT Season 2. We've got some big things in store for everybody participating and watching. @invader_star64 was over last night and we went over some logistical and technological issues before we got to throw down on the CFT gridiron for some preseason action, and he was able to put this guy to use... That's right, Cleveland Gary will be suiting up for Vader's Seahawks in Season 2. This guy I couldn't find a pic with his number 43 on him, but he will be suiting up for @Tick's Bengals in Season 2 after sitting out season 1, it's... Tracy Johnson! Sadly, the next 2 guys have not been selected as of yet in CFT drafts, but they both are a part of some standout tandems that it's only a matter of time before someone does draft them. That Bill Jones card might be a direct lineage to why the Tecmo programmers gave him a 38rec. He's a nice Tommie Agee type FB that compliments Okoye if one puts Word at TE. And yeah, I heard rumblings that the 49er Secondary was on someone's short list, but alas, like my Giants RB fixation, it was not to be for season 2. Finally, when a few weeks ago there was all this hullaballoo over The real answer, as @~Tailback King~ will tell you, as he has an affinity for Cardinals players from 1990 that also ended up on the JETS later in their career... The real answer to the Yanny Laurel question is... Cue the TBK response where he espouses on the dominance that is Lonnie YOUNG!