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  1. Weeks 1,2, 3. Jan 14 Week 4 Jan 18 Week 5 Jan 22 Week 6 Jan 26 Week 7 Jan 30 Week 8 Feb 3 Week 9 Feb 7 Week 10 Feb 11 Week 11 Feb 15 Week 12 Feb 19 Week 13 Feb 23 Week 14 Feb 27 Week 15 Mar 3 Week 16 Mar 7 Season Deadline Mar 17
  2. Loser out winner moves to Single Elim Bracket Me vs JP, he wins toss, goes DAL PHX, I take DAL http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75728 gg jp, glrw
  3. Group B Loser out game, He wins toss and goes KC MIA, I chose KC . Started bad for KC but eventually able to come back and hold on. GG CasualT GLRW
  4. kamphuna8 yes can host
  5. Throw your two cents in here on how you, or any other team, or division or shoot, the whole league did. If you are posting an error, please @kamphuna8 me and I will get that alert to ensure fixing
  6. I've gotten some great suggestions for tweaks of some rooks. I also have a process that's very time involved. My goal is to get the draft rolling by Football Sunday so we can watch and draft at the same time. Playoffs, pretty much same time frame. @discdolo @ricor33 and @purplehaze please play those last 2 games before Saturday at Midnight eastern (or if needed to a little later that night, inform me) because otherwise I will sim those two games and @discdolo could have injuries heading into the playoffs due to it.
  7. Okay so yeah, this season I tried something a little different. I had a couple of goals in mind. A. See what happens with a bunch of roms out to start a season, perhaps an infusion. B. Get us off this horrid alignment in seasons with HSTL. Hopefully now we will no longer have these spates of both leagues being in playoff/offseason mode with no roms in sight. Weeks 1-4 Oct. 20 Weeks 5-8 Oct. 21 Week 9 Oct. 31 Week 10 Nov. 4 Week 11 Nov. 8 Week 12 Nov. 12 Week 13 Nov. 16 Week 14 Nov. 20 Week 15 Nov. 24 (HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVE!) Week 16 Nov. 28 Deadline Dec. 8 The idea was to release half the season, give 10 days with those 8 roms, then back to one rom every 4 days, and then give 10 days per usual for season deadline. I think we're proving that we can beat deadlines and not just meet them. Also per usual, roms will usually be dropped a bit early if I can hit them on a Friday, save for Weeks 15 and 16 which will be dropped on the scheduled days.
  8. HSTL38_beta.nes
  9. @lightninglarry @Ol' Dirty Tecmo
  10. Swamp thing and vision quest
  11. Ok
  12. Scroll Down below the youtube video for the info. so for the first round order 1 Colts 2 Bills 3 49ers 4 Rams 5 Jets 6 Bucs 7 Bears 8 Browns 9 Cowboys 10 Oilers 11 Giants 12 Bengals 13 Vikings 14 Patriots the draft order for rounds 2 thru 5 1 49ers 2 Rams 3 Bills 4 Colts 5 Buccaneers 6 Bears 7 Browns 8 Jets 9 Oilers 10 Bengals 11 Giants 12 Cowboys 12 Vikings 13 Vikings 14 Patriots
  13. All the other NFL coaches are coaching NFL football, while Belicheck is unafraid to coach and have his coaches coach football. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Fantastic job by the pats on Thursday
  14. Clipboard Jesus
  15. No Playoffs confirmed