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  1. Top 5 offenses 1. NY Giants-Drake: Montana to Flipper, Marcus Allen, Richard Johnson and John L, NE OL 2. NO Saints-NOS: Marino to Jeffires, Rozier, Muster, Hassan Jones, RAI OL 3. Minn Vikings-Moe: Everett to Rice, Lo White and NO Backups , Buffalo OL 4. Detroit Lions-Casual T: QB Eagles to Marv Cook, Johnny Bailey, Eddie Brown, Reggie Cobb, PHX OL 5. Aikman to Tim Brown, Graddy, Okoye, Novacek, CHI OL Honorable Mention of my Beastquake Dolphins - Moon, OJ , Anthony Miller, Webster, Holman, GB OL Darth 49ers - Jay Schray/Coco B Ware, Roger Craig, Givins Duncan Rams OL Flash80 Steelers- QB BILLS, RiGGy, monk, Kmart, Kelvin Bryant, JETS OL Arncoem Bengals- Peete, Thurmal, BHump, Bill Brooks, Holohan, PHI OL Top 5 Defenses Dolo - Browner, Millard, Jarvis, Jeff Cross, Sean Jones, Kinard Jebigred- Rod God, Lloyd, Bruce, Biscuit, Odomes, Mecklenburg, Atwater, BigHock- DT, McMillian, Dennis Byrd, Woolford , Fridge, Ross, Clay Matthews Stalltalk- Haddix, Fletcher, Dennis Smith, Pepper, Greg Jackson, Bussey Cubsfan- Dick Dick, Childress, Clifton, Everett, Hinkle
  2. Kamp wins toss and calls CHI KC, MATTY D takes CHI
  3. Johnny Johnson won a tecmo championship in Texas yesterday
  4. That is kind of up to TDO or Baxter. Not sure tbh
  5. The round you are in: Round of 20 Kamp wins toss, chooses NO JETS Flash80 takes JETS Jets get a big run but stall in the red zone, FG is good 3-0. Dalton Hilliard busts loose for a big run and score. Well, then some stuff happened. http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75814 GG Flash
  6. Similar to what happened in the PNW a couple years ago, @gripsmokeand @invader_star64duke it out for the title (they did in two different tourneys of the same year, splitting the honors of PNW champ). On this tourney day, it came down to them again with Grip needing to take two games while Vader only needed to take one game. Here's what ensued...
  7. #alternativefacts 😎
  8. #prettyplease
  9. Prefer to stay in Seattle unless my Cowboys open back up
  10. As Madison rules have changed for this year, are we sticking with the old version or the new rules? There's an interesting debate about them in a separate thread. I think @buck and @toolie have valid points and ideas