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  1. Waiting List

    Is this for real? Does he still not have an account?
  2. WEEK 5 Predictions

    I actually feel I'm better at picking against the spread vs straight up victors...
  3. Seen this sentiment so many times...
  4. 1989 signups...

    @madmanyo360 @OL' Dirty Tecmo @TimBone
  5. 1989 signups...

    If you're interested in joining this gloryholious 12 team league on tecmo juicy rhoids... well have we got the league for you. So far we have me, madmanyo720, odt and timbone. Please #lewis the shit out of this. Turbohuna4eva time
  6. Rise from your grave.............

    @OL' Dirty Tecmo @TimBone
  7. Rise from your grave.............

    I think yes. My availability is utter shite, but yes. Let's do this. #lewis
  8. TSB trivia game

    Darren Sproles...😎
  9. Who's Gone Over to Dark Side? (Madden)

    I played in an online league in 2005. The league was / is legit and has evolved. Made some food friends. Commish does a long running podcast called the Madden Voice.
  10. TSB trivia game

    This was the closest. And sorry to sleep on this. Correct answer is Reuben Davis wit his 38rp. @noonantag