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  1. WEEK 14 Picks

    I'm legit concerned for the Cowboys this week.
  2. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    I missed the late window too. It's been a day At least.my wife is happy. Hopefully I get the night game right. Iggles locked in.
  3. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    I'll go with Den. BAL. TEN. JAX. AND KC. Minn. NE. CHI. GB.
  4. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    I just realized! Life comes at you fast...
  5. Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    Welp, I just found out I can't make it. It's the one day of the year where the Conservatory where we take our Santa pics is open for that kind of business. GL to all.
  6. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    Look, let's be honest. Yes, I'm a Cowboys fan. And in Pick'ems ive been very successful at in the past I've still pretty much picked them to win every week. While in the end the game was an ass kicking, the true reason for it was WAS was playing even worse than Dallas in terms of those turnovers (Thanks Famison Jamison) and then the already injury ravaged Redskins got even more injured. Admittedly, before the OL (and part time Perine injury), their D put some good tape out there (I'm super excited for Chidobe to be out there and Woods is a thumper when he's not missing tackles, Byron Jones has been supremely disappointing, and even he didn't suck as bad as normal, and they did this even without Sean Lee just like they did in the first half against the Eagles ( where again, the Iggles weren't playing awesome, but the Cowboys also had Hitchens healthy in the first half, and not the 2nd, when the Eagles started to run train on them with Ajayi, Blount and Clement). This allowed the Cowboys ( and their coaching staff ) to gradually ease their head out of their asses and lean on the Redskins in the 2nd half like they leaned on teams in the 2nd half all last year (And that Switzer PR TD was a godsend while Dak was getting "evaluated"). It was a super fun win for me as a fan, and keeps hope alive for this season. I saw that PFI gave the Cowboys a 3% chance to make the playoffs even after the win. Well, that's a hell of a lot better chance than ZERO. A lot of the teams that play above them play each other, and while they lose tiebreakers to the likes of the Packers (I don't think they finish with 10 wins) and the Falcons ( I think the Falcons are finding their groove now, just like they did last year after a slow start), I do think the Cowboys have a legit chance to catch the Hawks. But they also have to win out. Not easy, not likely, but not impossible. Speaking of the Hawks, as I was writing this, thinking of how I pick games ( and I like picking vs the spread better after doing that the last few seasons ) where I'm not an overreactionary, I believe in mini cycles during the season and the power of desperation (and in certain cases home field), streaks happen and then they end. Every team every season has their ebbs and flows (perhaps because the talent level is so close across the board). I initially thought of the Chiefs, who started out BALLIN, but I remember even before they got their streak going, Eric Berry got hurt in the first game against the Pats, and slowly their defense was not able to do their part as much, and then the offense started strugglin, which all those announcers are talking about how teams are preventing them from going deep, but the real issue for them is they haven't been able to get the run game going as consistently imho, and I do believe they can find that again (but they won't get Berry back...). Basically had me thinking of how this game we love is truly a team sport, a 3 phase sport. Which of course got this Cowboys fan lamenting on Romo's career (he saved us from years (and many QBs) of QB futility. I loved Bledsoe when they got him in 2005, but that line they put him behind was not conducive to him staying upright. Back to Romo, I feel for Romo, I love Romo, like I said he saved us. I actually giggle at all the Romo hate (who am I to tell people what to think?) and the I Hate Tony Romo page on facebook provided me with a shitton of laughs. But Romo in a vacuum was a Hall of Fame talent. Football is a team sport, but people tend to ignore/forget that when those that get a shit ton of coverage fail (and succeed tbh). I'm not here to say something like Romo was as good as Brady, but if you put Romo on a team like the Seahawks at the time Russell Wilson joined them, I think you see the potential for 3 or 4 Super Bowls in a row and at least a couple of SB wins barring the injuries that derail so many seasons. Football is a team sport. Everyone has to, as the Patriot Way states, Do Their Job. In Romo's career in Dallas, they tend to forget a lot of little but important details. That bobbled snap game (which I attended, RIP Parcells as Cowboys Coach), I didn't like the prospect of the Cowboys defense trying to defend the Seahawks with a minute and change left trying to prevent a FG to win. When the play happened I thought it was a fake, then later when I got to see replays, I saw how Gramatica just completely whiffed on any contact on Jordan Babineaux, which if he even got in his way, I think Romo for sure gets the 1st, and he probably scores the TD. They forget (or ignore/downplay) that the next year, when the Cowboys had their true breakout season), the Cowboys coaches chose to flip the successful running formula they had all year, changing from lightning and thunder to just thunder. Julius Jones was the starter and Marion Barber was the Ender, pounding teams into submission at the end when they needed to run out clock. They started Barber in that playoff game, he got his 100 yards and balled out in the first half, but he didn't have it like that in the 2nd half, and the Cowboys D failed to prevent a ridiculous last second TD from the Giants (it wasnt the TD so much as the passes to get them in position for that short run) and when it came down to it at the end, Romo had little time after the Giants went ahead by 4, had to force something down the field, and got picked off trying to force it to Witten, thus he's obviously a choker (sure he only led the Cowboys to 3 points in the 2nd half and 17 points overall against that Giants D, but how many did Brady and the 18-0 Pats score against the G-Men in the Super Bowl? ) Yeah that was all Romo's fault. See, Brady losing to the GMen can be deemed as fluky because their institution was better, they got there (playoffs) every year with admittedly not as tough a division, but definitely the best coach and QB combo ever (perhaps tied with Paul Brown and Otto Graham). What about 2014 you ask? Another choke job in the playoffs with a 12-4 record. Why do you think they were so successful that year? Was it just that Romo played better or did Romo play better because they actually committed and executed RUNNING THE DAMN FOOTBALL. Again, team sport. Sure Dez caught it on a clutch throw from Romo on 4th and short. Dez made a play only he and a couple of other WRs in the league could make ( a football move while going to the ground). Never mind the defense couldn't get those clutch stops against a super gimpy and still studly Rodgers, because Marinelli treats blitzes like he's allergic to them. Anyway, sorry I digressed. I finally got to 100. I enjoy Romo on the call. I wish he won a title while he was here. He didn't often because of his own actions, but also because he wasn't on the better TEAM. I'm super thankful for Romo's career in Dallas. After the Campo years (3 straight 5-11, and campo was a great D Coord) things were at their lowest. I'm not the biggest fan of the Ginger, but he has been there before as a player. He gets them to play hard. If only he'd learn that it's possible to make adjustments in game... 100. Let's hope I get at least one game right today (meaning I actually make my picks). Sorry for the rant. Carry on
  7. WEEK 13 Pickem!

    For my 100th W ( Last 1 to the C note ) I got a Cowboys dub gaining a game on erryone. Probably my first and last highlight of this pickem season for me.

    I did my part to reverse the polarity
  9. Group M PrimeTime won toss N.O. - JETS I chose N.O. I got a fumble after scoring an opening drive TD, avoided a last second JJ at the halftime buzzer to lead 10-0. Held on in 2nd half. GG PrimeTime TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns3
  10. Group M JBrooks won toss MIN-WAS I chose MIN I lost two fumbles early and sweated out a last second heave to hold on. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns8
  11. 1989 signups...

    I love it when a plan...
  12. WEEK 12 Pluckem

    One reason re the offensive incompetence was the return of Tyron Smith, and the return of Anthony Hitchens (With Sean Lee already out) after missing the second half vs the Iggles. Regardless, this is the nadir. Can't lose any more and even with no more losses, still might not matter.
  13. Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    I can.make it, thanks to @Tick for transport, so he should be there as well.
  14. WEEK 11 Pickem

    I'm just glad I remembered to make my Thursday pick after shifting on the Seahawk gimme last week. Ben at home >>>>> Ben on road. For support of that vanilla claim, I point you to how quiet Heinz field was when Pitt was on O. 4 more home games in the final 6...
  15. Discord Handle: kamphuna8 aka fakalolo Can you host?: Yes Your time zone: Pacific Best time for you to play: weekday evenings 7:30-11ish PM Pacific , weekends can be scheduled