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  1. 40 DAYS TIL CFT 2!!! ONLY 40 LEFT! We got some strong hair game in this one, even if only 1 out of the 5 TSB players is actually gonna grace the field for season 2. From Season 1, this guy roamed the secondary with Eric McMillan for @invader_star64's Seahawks. In season 2, this is one guy that's gonna get some play for @boogiewithstu and his hair game, while not voluminous... it's strong. Check the other avail pics from his playing days to peep the evidence. Couple of guys that haven't gotten any CFT love as of yet include And then there's one of my favorite players of all time. A stud in the USFL and then a stud in the NFL. And that hair... Here's 4 of his just for sharing's sake.
  2. kamphuna8

    Oaks, PA - 6/23/2018 - Tecmo Philly

    I could see you doing this Chaos...
  3. Happy Father's Day to all you daddy'os out there. Currently there are 41 days left until CFT season 2 kicks off. We have 4 guys to highlight today. None of the 4 have played on the CFT gridiron as of yet, and only 2 of them were drafted for our upcoming season 2 on July 28. The first guy here I saw make an amazing catch at the goal line from his backup quarterback Jim McMahon... because Randall aka QB Eagles went down and went down hard in game 1 of 1991 for new Eagles head coach Rich Kotite. Another 41 is a toy that's never been taken out of the CFT draft closet as of yet. This pic on his card made me laugh... Here's... For season 2, this guy finally had his RB mate's services selected (and perhaps his own blocking as well). Drafted in the first round of the CFT season 2 draft by @TheProfessor it's... and finally, also making his first appearance on a CFT field this July, drafted by @DT. to hold down the back end for his CFT 2 squad, it's...
  4. 6 weeks baby! Today's name oughtta be Ronnie Warren... but alas we got 4 guys who are either a Ronnie or a Warren... Unfortunately 3 of our 4 Tecmo Vets haven't ever been drafted in the CFT, and one is an absolute icon, and another is an absolute stud in his own right... both not so Shy Ronnie's. The first Warren is the RB from the Steelers... but the man who has been drafted is about to play in his 2nd season in CFT. In year one, he was drafted by @XtraLargent and this year, @SirTed has him in line to tote the rock for his Both Terry and Tez know how many days left until CFT 2. Do you?!?!?
  5. 2 miles is about right when you got the double donkeyness going on... amirite? @XtraLargent @~Tailback King~
  6. Truer words never spoken...
  7. 43 days until CFT Season 2. We've got some big things in store for everybody participating and watching. @invader_star64 was over last night and we went over some logistical and technological issues before we got to throw down on the CFT gridiron for some preseason action, and he was able to put this guy to use... That's right, Cleveland Gary will be suiting up for Vader's Seahawks in Season 2. This guy I couldn't find a pic with his number 43 on him, but he will be suiting up for @Tick's Bengals in Season 2 after sitting out season 1, it's... Tracy Johnson! Sadly, the next 2 guys have not been selected as of yet in CFT drafts, but they both are a part of some standout tandems that it's only a matter of time before someone does draft them. That Bill Jones card might be a direct lineage to why the Tecmo programmers gave him a 38rec. He's a nice Tommie Agee type FB that compliments Okoye if one puts Word at TE. And yeah, I heard rumblings that the 49er Secondary was on someone's short list, but alas, like my Giants RB fixation, it was not to be for season 2. Finally, when a few weeks ago there was all this hullaballoo over The real answer, as @~Tailback King~ will tell you, as he has an affinity for Cardinals players from 1990 that also ended up on the JETS later in their career... The real answer to the Yanny Laurel question is... Cue the TBK response where he espouses on the dominance that is Lonnie YOUNG!
  8. Today is a fun one. We got 44 days left til CFT season 2, Garage Days re-revisited. There's 8 number 44's highlighted today, and I like a lot of them, and 4 plus 4 is 8.... 44 is associated with power in my book. I also had fun watching some 1991 action on YouTube last night. Got a couple great TSB Trivia questions out of it. And saw that the 1991 Seahawks employed a WR by the name of Louis Clark. It's too bad his first name isn't Lewis, but that's kind of how #Lewis works... The 1st player highlighted today is the only one that has yet to be drafted by a CFT owner through 2 seasons. Martin... . Noooo, not that Martin. DAMN GINA! Martin Bayless, the hitter of the Chargers 4 DBs in Tecmo, with 56hp. Unfortunately for Bayless, he shares a last name with a stupid Skip, and he has yet to be picked up through the desire for a CFT owner to man up Gil Byrd... Now for the guys who played season 1 but will be sitting out Season 2... Known for carrying the water for OJ Anderson and David Meggett, this Maurice played for @SirTed in season 1 and I was full on eyeing this NYG Tandem of RBs for season 2, but alas it wasn't meant to be... this year. And then there's this guy "Me and Lorenzo, rolling in the Benzo..." This guy toted the rock for @boogiewithstu in season 1... well really he didn't since he got more yards receiving than rushing last year. In the future we'll be able to track fumbles by player and we can see the real impact of that 19bc att... Now the studs... This guy has always been one of my favorites. He's the man in the Grogan challenges (as a receiver out of the backfield), and the man in those IND NE battles I love where usually I get the Pats. But I just learned today that he also is (was really, RIP) the father of the French Open runner up this year. The fact that @~Tailback King~ knows this man's true talents (regardless of TSB MS rating) only strengthens the Tecmo bond we have always had as Tecmo Bros. John Stephens was drafted by @fairfensheeding in Season 2 after sitting out Season 1 Another guy playing in CFT for the first time in season 2, this is the other 44ms backup on the Rams RB group. Gaston Green will be available for @invader_star64 in season 2. This guy not such a stud in TSB but looks like a hitter. Playing for @SirTed in Season 2 after going undrafted in season 1... Now the final 2. A couple of hard hitters who are also a couple of my faves. FIrst up, the guy who led the AFC in Rushing TDs for Cascadia's own Seattle Seahawks. This load of a man will be toting the rock for Sir Ted after playing for @XtraLargent and his Raiders in Season 1. And finally, my man, the guy who made clutch play after clutch play in rushing, returning, but TBH receiving is where his clutchness came about in my season 1 run to the championship... The Wrath MAN. @DT. is the lucky summamma who gets the talented Mr. Rathman doing some durrty work for his Durrty Birds in Season 2.
  9. Well now we are 45 days away from CFT 2 kickoff, and 45 has a lot of entries... No Dotards included. First with the undrafted and unselected... The only pic I could find of Hunter in a Colts Jersey (could see him in Kentucky and Patriots tho), involves him blocking for Run Dick Run. Apropos I suppose. Undrafted this season, but played for @invader_star64 in season 1 is... Now for season 2, this guy will be making is CFT Debut. Donning the Honolulu Blue for you know who @TheProfessor is non other than... For the longest time I thought Manny recovered the onsides kick for the Cowboys after their 1st TD vs the undefeated Redskins in week 13 of 1991, but I recently found that vid on youtube and Manny is just the most prominent guy signalling Dallas ball on the screen (sorry Darrick Brownlow) . I will be watching that epic match tonight, bettah belee dat. Now for the 45s that can't help but get drafted onto CFT squads, year after year... First up, localites and Cascadia citizenry usually recall this guy as the receiver of karma from Tulsa Steve Largent, receiving his just desserts in spectacular fashion, Largent's favorite play of his NFL career, but in TSB, this guy will be donning the silver and black for @XtraLargent's Raiders after playing for @DT.'s Falcons in Season 1. I really don't know what to make of that... tbh. Harden playing for XtraLargent. The Tecmo Gods will have their say, one way or another, that's for sure. Also playing in his 2nd consecutive season, after playin for @Tick's Bengals in season 1, he is taking his talents to the drafted by @fairfensheeding in season 2... And finally, this guy didn't play season 1 but the whole league shuddered when he was picked by @invader_star64 in Season 2 Draft's 1st round...
  10. This is something I enjoy about our smaller tourneys up here in the PNW, although for the most part we have the same core of guys, but every so often someone new shows up or someone old pops out of the woodwork. The time you get together beyond actually playing is almost as good as the battlin'. Catching up, playing other shit, or just talkin tecmo and life. Live Tecmo is the best. Tourneys are the shiznit. Live seasons... They take too long right? Although there's something for that issue...
  11. 46 DAYS UNTIL CFT 2!!!! Couple of BIGG NAMES HEAH! Let's start with the scrubs... These 2 guys haven't seen the CFT gridiron and won't in 2018. BTW Peep that sick Smokey set of Cards for the Chargers. For my this guy will be on the CFT gridiron for the first time come July 28 And finally, the 2 guys who OWN the number 46 in tecmo. Both are studs. First, for @TheProfessor we have a TE extraordinaire, suiting up for the CFT 2 , it's... before he switched numbers to 85. And for who else, @~Tailback King~ The Yanny to Lonnie's Laurel... Cue up some Too Short, Mack Attack cuz his secondary got Cedric Mack and Tommy MAC!
  12. haha I miss you Hank! You're the best!
  13. kamphuna8

    Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

    Well Congrats @suicideking81 2nd place is nothing to scoff at either. The Tecmo Gods always have their say regardless, I can attest to that.