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  1. Love this bud. Thanks for creating it.
  2. Sorry I was looking on the tecmo madison site. Never thought to search the forum. Thanks Dave!
  3. Apologies if this was already asked. How can I find the list for those who've already registered?
  4. Here's our poster for the tournaments.
  5. Thanks for pumping my tires bud. I changed it up to throw in some prize money for the winner.
  6. Hi Guys,Just wanted to share this with your community. We're having an Tecmo Super Bowl tournament November 12th. There will be a few other tournaments being played that day as well. There's no prize money for the TSB tourney, just a trophy for the winner.http://www.retrothon.com/home.html
  7. hey now...SNES is great! They sold out the SNES side first before Sega Genesis.
  8. I'll admit, it was a quite a shock that a non online guy won the SNES side. He needed his final game in the group stage to qualify for the final round but managed to pull it off.
  9. There were money prizes for the top three finishers on each system. The two console champions played. Mikail F. (SNES CHAMP) won the king of 94 titile as noted already by the scores in this thread. He got a Seguin dallas jersey and got to smash a genesis console with a sledgehammer. Which was quite the spectacle since he looked a bit possessed when he was smashing the system. He hit it about 8 times before we had to intervene to get him to stop.
  10. If you wanted to see the results. It was triple elimination for the group stage, then triple elimination for the final 16 players on each console. SNES results (click on each tab to see group schedule and brackets) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mtiTSQYrTHCi0zZl_CAur747L8sn4w6p4urO_YBCRKE/pubhtml# Sega Genesis Results (click on each tab to see group schedule and brackets) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WUQEZEzaRRkDVM2Wn9ZTg11tX6OZTX4CtyiUbFKu37g/pubhtml# An article from TSN on the tournament. http://www2.tsn.ca/bardown/Story.aspx?Hundreds%2bof%2bgamers%2bfrom%2bacross%2bthe%2bworld%2bplayed%2bin%2binternational%2bNHL%2b94%2btourney&id=562436
  11. Hi guys, We're having our first live tournament in Toronto at Real Sports Bar and Grill next Saturday. (See Kingof94.com for more details). We capped it at 128 competitiors (64 on each console, SNES and Sega Genesis). We have players coming from all over North America, coast to coast from Canada and the U.S. Just wanted to share this with you guys from all of us over at nhl94.com. An additional thanks to Josh H from your community. He was helpful in answering my questions on how to approach our first live old school video game tournament.
  12. Yes, indeed the same. I know they are working on re-vamping the site. Give it a bit of a different look and update the content(which hasn't been updated for some time.) Love the passion the guys have here for tecmo.
  13. Not sure if I've introduced myself before but I mostly play nhl94. I played tecmo when it first came out and was decent at it. My memory is vague but I feel like I stopped playing not long after my best friends brother figured out he could tackle on the snap. So the winning dwindled quickly. At any rate, love what you guys do here and really enjoyed the nfl films doc on the tecmo madison tournament. There's currently a doc in progress now for nhl94.