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  1. TSB III offensive preference

    Well, I found offensive preference in the tsb3 Bible, I missed it the first go through. I am still wondering about an offensive and defensive sim rating for each team, in tsb each team had a rating from 0-15 I believe for their offense and defense.
  2. Hi, I've been looking around for an answer, does anyone know where to find the offensive preference/ run pass ratio for teams? I'm also wondering if there is an offensive and defensive rating per team like TSB for nes, for example a team would be a 12 on offense and maybe a 10 on defense out of a possible 15. I'm trying to get the 99 Rams to play and sing like the 99 Rams, as well as some of Peyton Manning's high flying colts offense. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  3. 2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Man, we need to setup a donation account. This is a rewrite of a game, i know it's not much, but i'd happily chip in 50 bucks
  4. front page sports football

    RMM, PC's had it all as far as gaming went in the 90's. They had so many more features back then. Consoles just couldn't compete, although PC's were insanely expensive in the early 90's. I was in heaven when I got my first pc, although it was for "homework" and other educational things, it became my new game console. Those days are pretty much gone as consoles filled the gap fairly quickly
  5. front page sports football

    Rmm, Front page sports 95 and on all had nfl licenses. I still have an old win 98 machine I play it on. There were also multiple third party utilities made for the game which gave it even more depth. Once front page sports attempted to compete with arcade Madden it died a quick death. The last edition was Sierra sports nfl football pro 99. They attempted to rewrite the game with a 3d engine to compete with Madden. The game was a disaster and eventually recalled.
  6. front page sports football

    Off topic, but did any of you guys ever get into the front page sports football pro series from sierra back in the day? The front page sports football pro was easily my next football game love after TSB, although football pro was more sim orientated
  7. Hex editing help, player names

    @bruddog Wow! Thanks a lot, I'll get to work. I appreciate your time, thanks again!
  8. Hex editing help, player names

    Would anyone be willing to at least point me in the right direction? If it's too complicated to explain simply, then i understand.
  9. Hex editing help, player names

    thanks for the response, but unfortunately this certain Rom isn't able to be edited in tsb tool on account of data not being in the place the tool is expecting them to be. Thanks for your response
  10. Hi, I'm hoping someone could give me a little insight on hex editing player names. I'm editing one of xplosiv's roms, JBI OG 1.2. I was attempting to replace phil Simms name with Eli Manning. Phil Simms has nine characters, Eli Manning has ten. I don't understand how to shorten or lengthen names via hex edit without screwing things up. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  11. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    xpl, That would be great! Thanks so much...
  12. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update w/New Hacks

    First off xplozv, thanks for your time and effort you put into this project. I have one question. Is there a way to edit players at all?
  13. Android TSBToolSupreme editor

    Disclaimer - This is my first 'real' smartphone. I jumped from a samsung stratosphere to an s5, they are worlds different lol
  14. Android TSBToolSupreme editor

    Alright I figured out why i couldn't open .nes roms on my s5, and wow i'm a bonehead. I must have been trying to open a file using a different file browser app. Once i used es file explorer from the "open from" menu everythink worked fine. Thanks Big Al for this editor!
  15. Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    Thanks Tec! Got it workin