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  1. Burning Mort The Premier Tecmo Experience of 2016 July 16, 2016 This will be a Tecmo experience like no other -- a completely outdoor extravaganza -- the first of its kind. Burning Mort will be a Tribal (team) event, but forming a team will not be necessary. Your team will be chosen by the Tecmo Gods at the Burning Mort Experience. Friday, July 15 Tecmo Social Downtown Fargo Pounds - - (612 1st Ave N, Fargo ND 58102) Starts at 7:30 Tecmo, drinks and shenanigans Meet and greet the Tecmo Greats Play some Free NBA Jam Saturday, July 16 Burning Mort Leonard, North Dakota Location: 46°39'13.48"N; 97°18'31.03"W (https://goo.gl/maps/GyKiTFQAW732) Play starts at 2:00 PM Play ends at 8:00 PM Experience extends until dawn and ends only when you want it to Cost will be $40. Included in the cost: Player's pack, Playing Time, 1 Meal (Meat), All the Beer You Can Drink, Snacks, The Experience Player List: (Absolutes) 1. Flo 2. Louis 3. Holzbauer, Josh 4. Orenga 5. Bailey 6. Durch 7. TecmoNoob 8. Bryce M 9. Leonardite 10. Dr. Frolf 11. Bob Nelson (Probables) Rikster Coconuts Grogan Testaverde DotDon (Blind Shot in the Dark) Heechy Segathon Regulator Manyo Wes L (Fuck Burning Mort) Bruddog Mort Luke Carlberg Moulds Knobbe Butt Douglas Gabelikesbutts Dave Fucking Murray Holzbauer, Chet All info will be shared here, but more importantly will be visible at: Burningmort.com Burning Mort is an outdoor Tecmo "Experience". Mark it on your calendars as such.
  2. You don't choose to come to Burning Mort. Burning Mort chooses you.
  3. Blah, Blah, Burning Mort. Blah, Blah, July 15, 2017. Whatever.
  4. Here's a glimpse at what the Burning Mort logo could have looked like if we went with one of the ideas being spitballed early on. Sends shivers down my spine to think we ALMOST didn't use the Mighty Bombjack.
  5. You never know what you're going to see when you stare into the magic eye...
  6. Burning Mort is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. The quintessence of the Burning Mort Tecmo Experience.
  8. You mind shall now be reduced to mush, with the Burning Mort Theme Song! Download your copy today! Right below in the uploaded files section! $100/download suggested donation. Mort Theme Song.mp3
  9. Oh, Burning Mort. A few items to consider when talking about the Premier Tecmo Experience: 1) Was the Grand Conjurer there, or was he merely a figment of our imaginations? 2) Did Lou (@red98sethuthut) ever leave? 3) Was it all just a dream? A metaphor? A grand conjuration?
  10. To the members of the greatest Tribe to ever meander the Earth, @averagetsbplayer and @tecmonoob and myself, I say congratulations. For winning? I think so. For holding hands as a Tribe and praying to Mort? Absolutely. Currently psyching myself up to head out and grab the Mortapotty. Praying to Mort one more time as I type this.
  11. Praise be to Mort! Burning Mort is here!
  12. Gotta have the CoD. If there was another willing Madison participant that could travel with/drive him, would that be beneficial?
  13. You thought you could avoid it, but you can't. Slappies. A Burning Mort Tradition.
  14. Things are ramping up and getting more unsettling by the day. Tecmo in the woods. There's no turning back now. Heeeeeere's Burning Mort!
  15. Burning Mort waits for no man. It's coming whether you like it or not!
  16. Player List: (Absolutes) 1. Flo 2. Louis 3. Holzbauer, Josh 4. Orenga 5. Bailey 6. Durch 7. TecmoNoob 8. Bryce M 9. Leonardite 10. Dr. Frolf 11. Bob Nelson (Probables) Rikster Coconuts Grogan Testaverde DotDon (Blind Shot in the Dark) Heechy Segathon Rico Regulator Manyo Wes L
  17. Burning Mort lives. July 16th. Will you be there? Mort's brother will be.
  18. For anyone wondering: Yes, there will be fireworks at Burning Mort. Getting close to the date! Hope to see some of you tribal members out there! If anyone has any questions, please post them here and I'll respond as well as possible.
  19. Thank you, Bruddog for appeasing the Gods. For those that cannot attend, I would suggest leaving a token of your appreciation at the altar set before the Gods of Burning Mort. In case you don't have an emulator handy, below is a bastardized gif of his NES ROM masterpiece.
  20. Game sessions for Burning Mort will be Tribal in nature. These are only the session names and a few details. More will be revealed as time draws nearer to the Experience. Sessions will consist of the following: Session 1: Tribal Tecmo -- 4-man Tribes -- Madison Rules -- 1/4 Per Person -- Anyone Plays Overtime -- 2-3 Games Per Team Session 2: Tale of Two Spirits -- 2-Man Tribes -- Dirty Madison Rules (Madison Rules with the Lurch Legalized) -- 1 Person on Offense, 1 Person on Defense -- Special Teams Played by Defender (Field Goals, Punts, Kickoffs) -- 2-3 Games per Team -- Defender Plays Overtime Solo Session 3: North Dakota Tribe Origin Story -- 2-Man Tribes -- North Dakota Rules (No Playbook Changes, Lurch is Legalized, Any Player Swap Legal) -- 2 Quarters per Person -- 2-3 Games Per Team Session 4: The Medicine Men -- 4-man Tribes -- 1/4 Per Person -- Most Medicated or Inebriated Tribal Member Plays Overtime (Decided by Other Team) -- Dirty Madison Rules (Madison Rules with the Lurch Legalized) -- Season Games to Include Injuries -- Games Start in Week 6 -- One Team Chooses the Matchup within the Week, the Othe Team Chooses Their Team First -- No Checking Teams for Injuries Before the Game -- Injured Players are Random Chance -- Exempt from Team Selection Rules and Do Not Count Towards Teams Used in Other Games Session 5: Slappies -- 2-Man Tribes -- Dirty Madison Rules -- 1 Slappy per Tribal Member -- Extra Slappy (1) Granted in Overtime -- Competitors are to Sit in the Slappies Chair at All Times -- A Slappies Judge will be Present at All Times to Ensure Rules are Being Followed -- If a Slappee's Hands are Moved Outside of Predetermined Slappies Area, An Extra Slappy (1) is Granted to the Slapper Session 6: Tecmo Gods of Chance -- 4-Man Tribes -- Play Style Selected by the Tecmo Gods -- The Best Session for Last -- Will there be Tecmo? Session 7: Tecmo Pow-Wow -- 1 Cohesive Tribe -- Gather around the Eternal Flame -- Sleep Outside