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  1. An additional Mortapotty has been reserved!
  2. You don't choose to come to Burning Mort. Burning Mort chooses you.
  3. Blah, Blah, Burning Mort. Blah, Blah, July 15, 2017. Whatever.
  4. Here's a glimpse at what the Burning Mort logo could have looked like if we went with one of the ideas being spitballed early on. Sends shivers down my spine to think we ALMOST didn't use the Mighty Bombjack.
  5. You never know what you're going to see when you stare into the magic eye...
  6. Burning Mort is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  7. The quintessence of the Burning Mort Tecmo Experience.
  8. You mind shall now be reduced to mush, with the Burning Mort Theme Song! Download your copy today! Right below in the uploaded files section! $100/download suggested donation. Mort Theme Song.mp3
  9. Oh, Burning Mort. A few items to consider when talking about the Premier Tecmo Experience: 1) Was the Grand Conjurer there, or was he merely a figment of our imaginations? 2) Did Lou (@red98sethuthut) ever leave? 3) Was it all just a dream? A metaphor? A grand conjuration?
  10. To the members of the greatest Tribe to ever meander the Earth, @averagetsbplayer and @tecmonoob and myself, I say congratulations. For winning? I think so. For holding hands as a Tribe and praying to Mort? Absolutely. Currently psyching myself up to head out and grab the Mortapotty. Praying to Mort one more time as I type this.
  11. Praise be to Mort! Burning Mort is here!