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  1. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Burning Mort Stargazing.
  2. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    In case anybody wants to take a virtual tour of The Conjurer's Dreamland, here's the map. It's almost like you were there.
  3. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Well. There we go. Thank you to all that traveled across the country to attend the Burning Mort Experience. The North Dakota Crew is truly humbled that you all came from hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away to attend something so dumb. Beware, this thread is going to become rife with contents of the Burning Mort II photo/video album. As always, the images will be tasteful. However, that doesn't mean they wont be NSFW. In fact, I guarantee they will be NSFW.
  4. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    When you have this in your back pocket, your heartthrob quotient it through the roof.
  5. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    I'm putting on one pound per day in preparation.
  6. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Game sessions for Burning Mort will be Tribal in nature. These are only the session names. More will be revealed at the Experience. Sessions will consist of the following: Session 1: Grand(pa) Conjurer's Old Cough Medicine Men Session 2: Mort-al Kombat Session 3: Burning Mort All-Star Samesies Session 4: Mortissus Narcissus Session 5: The Island of Dr. Morteau Session 6: Large Object Under the Tarp Round Session 7: Im-Mort-ality
  7. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Burning Mort The Premier Tecmo Experience of 2017 July 15, 2017 This will be a Tecmo experience like no other -- a completely outdoor extravaganza -- the second of its kind. Burning Mort will be a Tribal event, but forming a team will not be necessary. Your tribe will be chosen by the Tecmo Gods at the Burning Mort Experience. Friday, July 14 Tecmo Social Downtown Fargo Pounds - - (612 1st Ave N, Fargo ND 58102) Starts at 7:30ish Tecmo, drinks and shenanigans Meet and greet the Tecmo Greats Play some Free Arcade Games Saturday, July 15 Burning Mort Leonard, North Dakota Location: 46°39'13.48"N; 97°18'31.03"W (https://goo.gl/maps/GyKiTFQAW732) Play starts at 1:00 PM Experience extends until dawn and ends only when you want it to Cost will be $40. Included in the cost: Player's pack, Playing Time, 1 Meal (Meat), All the Beer You Can Drink, Snacks, The Experience Player List: (Absolutes) 1. Mort 2. Louis 3. Holzbauer, Josh 4. Orenga 5. Erik Merlis 6. Durch 7. TecmoNoob 8. Bryce M 9. Leonardite 10. Dr. Frolf 11. Bob Nelson 12. Dave F. Murray 13, Holzbauer, Chet 14. Dot Don 15. Segathon 16. Beef Juice (Blind Shot in the Dark) Grogan (Fuck Burning Mort) Bruddog Peter Kerins Luke Carlberg Moulds Knobbe Butt Douglas Gabelikesbutts All info will be shared here, but more importantly will be visible at: Burningmort.com Burning Mort is an outdoor Tecmo Experience. Mark it on your calendars as such.
  8. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    An additional Mortapotty has been reserved!
  9. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    You don't choose to come to Burning Mort. Burning Mort chooses you.
  10. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Blah, Blah, Burning Mort. Blah, Blah, July 15, 2017. Whatever.
  11. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Here's a glimpse at what the Burning Mort logo could have looked like if we went with one of the ideas being spitballed early on. Sends shivers down my spine to think we ALMOST didn't use the Mighty Bombjack.