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  1. Has Anyone heard from Ira ( Gameboy)? Man he was really good at those timing Jj's.
  2. The first two years.of Buffalo bounty we made supergroups to avoid this. Everyone played similar skilled.players in group play. You only do this if its 32 or less.people and guarantee that everyone makes single elimination bracket.
  3. First of all we all dropped.the Madison when @davefmurray was trying to have an meeting with tournament directors the friday b4 tourney. @mort1237 and @joeygats stayed up to 4am playing tecmo night b4. Me and@mort1237 just cancel.our buffalo tourney mainly because of lack of Local Players. We changed the format drastically to encourage this is all about having fun. They key to.getting newer.players is making it fun as possible. The Cleveland tourney drawed plenty.of new.players is possible to do. I realized there were too.many tecmo tourneys going already on so I drastically changed the format on a whim too woo the local buffalo.players to play in all around nes+sega format. Plus a local radio station hosts an Local tecmo tourney every year that dumbs down the tecmo via qualifing vs cpu and cant change your playbook. So the few experienced can easily run wild in this type of format esp. with newer players running dead plays ( Reverses etc). So they get sick.of it and don't learn anything.
  4. Format Format: We will events in following games below. Each event is worth Gold (3pts), Silver (2pts), Bronze (1pts). The player with most points wins the event. Prize pool for Gold (55%), Silver 2nd(30%) and bronze 3rd(15%). All events are optional to play in. Games Nintendo: Nintendo (NES) - Tecmo Super Bowl (random selection, single elimination tourney, Madison Rules) - RBI Baseball (random selection, single elimination tourney) We may play 5 innings except for Championship game. - Super Mario Bros 3 (1st level time trial, no pipe entry) - mega man 2 Last Longer Contest on 1 Life, Game will played on a Labtop with an Rom and emulator. ) - Mike Tyson's Punch Out ( Skip to tyson using cheat code, Most points wins. Game will played on a Labtop with an Rom and emulator.) -Tetris ( Most Points Win on 1 CatLife..Can play any speed desired Game could be played on laptob as well) Games on Sega Genesis: - Mortal Kombat (random selection, single elimination tourney) - Street Fighter 2 (random selection, single elimination tourney) - NHL 95 (random selection, single elimination tourney) penalties ON, no offsides, No Line Changes, Manual Goalie - NBa Jam TE ( (random selection, single elimination tourney) Games on Snes: - TSbIII (random selection, single elimination tourney) Tie-Breaking Procedures..... A tie between 2 players...Both competitors will play man vs man Nes ice hockey ShootOut until someone wins. Via a Quick-Save State on a labtop. Lineup will be same for both teams. Flip a coin to determine whom goes first. A tie between 3 players or more---All 3 players will compete in a round by round FG kicking contest. The rules are simple. If you miss or kick is blocked you are out. If all 3 miss then it keeps going. It will be played on a labtop via an quick save state. Other players not kicking will rush with Lb1 or desired defender. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Slowly i'm gathering Games Like Nhl95, Nba Jam, Rbi Baseball, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Even got my Tetris to work. I deserved a drink after going retro shopping
  6. Trust me @DT. knows what he is doing. I'll be in town for a wqedding and staying for tecmo. I always wanted to meet u. I want to know the in's and out's of the life and times of Johnny Johnson.
  7. Bump retro Event is going down 11.11. More detailed post about format to come as I pile up the equipment ...Bills play home vs No Saints next day if interested hmu
  8. Gl to everyone this weekend. Sorry i can't make it. Next year perhaps. On my bucket list. I'll be watching the stream from the other tournament.
  9. How does the blind draw format work? Is there a games before an single or double emilination tournament? Or is just an random draw double or triple elimination?
  10. After the tournament ends i'd be willing to make an offer for some of your equipment. I need a few more nintendos and a couple sega genesis. Tv's
  11. Possible Dates. Me and Moska Joe wants to hit up an bills game. So we will have this event when bills are at home. If you want stay in town for the game let me know. Possible dates for this event will be as follows.. Let us know which date works best for you. sat 9/23 and 9/24 Denver Broncos @ Buffalo sat 10/21 and 10/22 TB Bucs @ BUF sat 10/28 and 10/29 Oak @ BUF sat 11/11 and 11/12 NO @ BUF Please Vote at
  12. My suggestion for the future is to have it a bar in the and pool the equipment from players coming to the tourney to cut costs. That's crazy but cool that u have put almost 3k into the tournament. Make the t-shirts optional . I hope everything works out for you
  13. Wait you had to pay.for the venue??? If you have 48 beer drinkers they should not charge you nothing for the venue. That's we have em at bars. Ok And i suggest MyName is Tags. Edit= Just 1st and 2nd get paid?
  14. How much of % Registration Costs is going to the prize pool?