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  1. Madison, WI - 04/06/18 - Friday Night Retro II

    Add title on Craigslist...Dead Guy needs 2 on 2 Tecmo Partner...
  2. @vogtcd11 @kevincabarello Can u guys upload the results if possible to Tm when u get a chance. Helps with seeding of the tm tourney.
  3. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Well unfortunately a lot of tournaments me and @mort1237have played in do not upload the results to Tm. Mort after losing to me in Columbus ( only tourney i won this year) Won Midwest, Won Cleveland, 2nd in Connecticut , 2nd in Seattle, 2nd in Minny, 2nd in seattle. I also have strangely played mort in the round of 8 in Columbus, Cleveland, Seattle, And Connecticut ( #Fucktommykane ).
  4. Group H , SuicideKing Won Toss, He called No NyJ I took No.......... Recap= Game was played on console at Ct hotel. G's 1st drive got an Fg...mY 1st drive Td...Added a Late Fg just be half after an Fumble recovery ...Lost an fumble for jets insta scoop score Td....Saints score on 3rd and 1o run....Gerald ties with a min. left...Tied at 17...Heyward gets a good return to Midfield...setting up the Gw Fg as time expired. Great Game @suicideking81 Sorry we couldn't stream it. No 2o NyJ 17
  5. My game recap=I just sucked that game. Gg though
  6. Don't know about everyone else. Me and @mort1237 will be around Fri evening.
  7. Group H I won toss NO/NYJ NYJ 28-14 No Over Nyj...I got ball fumbled on 1st play then hank got picked off. I went up early 14 to 0. Went on to win. GG hank. Ty to joey for helping with stream and connection TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 NovsNyjRed98setvsHank.nsv
  8. Tournament Abundance

    Lol i figured i'd give Mort a hand driving. I got bombed after my cousin's wedding. Fucking Vitamin R and Dennys at 4am was a bad idea. Shoulda went to bed early like mort did. Played all my seattle tecmo games from the Toilet next day
  9. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    So.just the 5 tournies mentioned above are used for.points? Not any ones besides Dallas from the.past?
  10. maximizing coverage and linebackers in pass defense

    Pass 1 r and s flare c 2nd lb often ---Covers the rb2 Slant mid. Often when def pick pass U get decent coverage from the drones. Typically either rb1 or wr2 or Te (5-2, 3-5-2, 3-5-1burn, ) in the flat are wide open. From years of experience when one run this play the hash-mark is deadly important as to where angle your qb to sync up the progressions of the route to set up natural route combinations based on knowing who the drones leave open typically. If your on the Top Hash you cannot hit quick TE flat on the run as ball will go OOb every time. So perhaps one could look at 1-2-4burn SS. The bottom wr2 "Go or 9 Route" is typically covered by the Ss. he can attacked on the screen or off it if have an faster wr vs the ss. Option or scramble. If you bottom hash your not as limited. Also if the Db2 trails the Wr2 I think it means your opponent just picked run 3. Typically if u pick run u get a lot wr's open but if u pick run 3 the Db2 covers wr2. Never happens when pass is picked. Also the either Db1 (Rcb) or Db3 (Fs) cover the WR1 Go Route or sometimes they double em. Sometimes either db1 or db3 pick up the RB out of backfield or double team him. Also you can time Rb route out of backfield at 8yards if have the right angle with ur qb. #Sims
  11. I am in leaving buf with mort early morn. have room for more riders. Will get there friday night. If anyone is looking for games me and @mort1237 will be at this hotel after 7pm to 9pm ish... I'll be there with mort fri night this hotel econo lodge milldale -southington 1845 meriden waterbury road milldale ct usa 06467
  12. Red98sethuthut Can Host only Thru Connecting to Servers Time Zone: Eastern Best time 2 play: Weekdays 4pm to.9pm.
  13. Best Running Plays Against Great Corners

    Well Vs Db1 only teams Like Tb, Atl run3 T-Cross Run L is excellent play vs Db1. But i don't run it lot cuz one can shoot the gap in the "A Gap" with an good Lb2.3. So i only run if i know the opponent only good defender is the db1. Vs Teams Like Wash sd with 2 great cb's i Like to run 2 Sweeps to attack both corners but i need 2 rb's to make it work. Maybe run 3 T-cross Run L and Run 1 Power Sweep R or Run 2 T-Sweep Strong. Of course both of these runs can be stopped by Lb shooting the A-gap. So don’t run em vs teams with Good backers. R+s run Toss Up is very good play vs Lb1 ( double team block) and Db1. A savvy defender may man up the Lb1 trying to bait u to pick the play. The r+s sweep Run3 Right probably is best running play as has two pulling guards ( only 1 pulls when ur the defender picks run ). Also the Lb1 is not blocked. Now you would think it's a strong vs db2 man player. But one manning up Db2 can stop this play 4 a loss using the db 2 move @Nosis very good at it. What u do is move the db2 on sorta of 45degree angle and funnell the rb towards the Lb4 drone to trap the rb b4 the pulling guards get there.
  14. Gold @kevincabarello 2opts Silver Doug W. ( Buffalo NY) 17pts Bronze @mort1237 11pts Congrats. @Laztlain and Me could not participate. Laz was sick and my epileptic condition flamed up at worse time ever. I was fine but not in a condtion to play video games and decided to go home to rest. Events SF 2 Gold Kevin C. 5-0, Silver Doug W 4-1, Mort 3-2 Nba Jam Gold Doug W., Silver Kevin C., Bronze Mort...Gamenote ( Doug won gold with GW 3pter as time expired over Kevin C. ) TSB Gold Mort, Silver Eugene K., Bronze Paul B. RBI Baseball World Championship's LOL; Gold Mort (The world RBi Champ) , Dave Silver, Bronze Dave w. Notes= Mort magic Rally vs Kevin C overcomes a 4run deficit to rally in the 9th. Tetris Gold Doug W. 160,176 Pts Kevin C 53673 pts Dave 47030pts Mario 3 Time Trials Gold Kevin C. 15secs, Silver 21.83secs, Bronze 22:35secs Tyson : Kevin Gold 10930pts vs Tyson, Silver Dave 3880 Pts Bronze Doug 15opts Megaman 2: Gold Kevin C. Beat the game w/o dying, Silver Mort Beat the game with dying once ( In last level last screen too), Doug Bronze (Beat 1 Boss) Mortal Kombat: Gold Doug w. 6-1, Silver Lou 5-2, Kevin C. Bronze 4-3 (Won 3 way tie breaker in 3 way FG kicking contest for the pt.) Nhl 95: Gold Kevin C. Silver Doug. Bronze Dave W. Only 1 used Buffalo and lost 1-2 in OT just like the sabres did saturday in real life... Also TY to @allamerican1569 and @segathonsov for borrowing us equipment.
  15. Yeah 6pm to 11pm. The fri night set up is at Ajs Lounge 1028 walden avenue cheektowaga NY 14211. It is a different location then last year.