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  1. My thanks goes Out @kevincabarello + Crew for Running an Great Tecmo Tournament. It was good to see players Like Derek R. (he has 18 world records in video games by the way ), @OL' Dirty Tecmo , @The Ultimate Weapon, @Jim Socks 13 @Woodshed @mort1237 Sorry we could not party afterwards we had get back to my cousins house. The tourney started with Great "He Picked up SweeP + He Picked Down Sweep" Song from Jim Socks and Woodshed. There best performance. I'll insert the link. 1st Me @red98sethuthut ( I really think i played good plus i caught some big breaks vs Mort and Diaz. #HumblePie 2 @OL' Dirty Tecmo 3rd I think Ryan Mckay??? won the 3rd place game after i survived an OT game vs him. between him and Jim socks both are really improved. Tourney MVP Stephone Paige was dirty 199 receiving yds in championship game. Goat Ickey Woods Notes= Diaz OuTTapped me most of the time in both games. An #OHNoIckey2 Fumble by Ickey woods vs @mort1237 gave me a 14pt lead after half in the round of 8 in rams vs bengals match. Then both me ryan in Sd/Det ran wild 4 2ooyds piece rushing but i won in OT. #LongLiveTecmo
  2. Someone find out. Insert an infamous @DT. shoulder shrug!!!!
  3. Me and @mort1237 are coming once again.
  4. We may Let, facebook users and/or tournament players vote on the exact 1st round matchups on who should play whom. Then it would totally random after the 1st round with no re-matches.
  5. I got a feeling hunting and or scavenging for food will be required this year before any tecmo activities begin.
  6. How do you come out of net with the Goalie? @kevincabarello u know?
  7. Just use instantaneous movement. Play in both.
  8. I accidentally wound up with one these well put together sheets. Mort left in my bin when i saw him Ohio.
  9. No There was one a few years ago. Your best bet is midwest tourney in cincy. Should be a link in the tourney forum somewhere.
  10. @Knobbe Can u add our humble tecmo tourney to the active list of upcoming tournaments. Also venue added. 2.5o Beers (Coors Light+ Molson's, Labbatss) Very Good Wings and Fingers.
  11. It looks like my cousin is getting married that saturday. So me and mort may be in town that weekend. So the tourney being sunday may be perfect. I'll always wanted to tecmo up in Pac12 Conference.
  12. Sign me up. 1nes sytsem 2 carts. 2 controllers. Down 4 lil Sports talk baseball too.
  13. @mort1237 Found somebodys phone in his van. If you are missing one. hit him up