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  1. Sign me up. 1nes sytsem 2 carts. 2 controllers. Down 4 lil Sports talk baseball too.
  2. @mort1237 Found somebodys phone in his van. If you are missing one. hit him up
  3. Yes that is beer i covered up with my hat. for some reason i did not want to be the guy holding beer in the photo. I have tecmo hoody on.
  4. hey Joeygats texted me said that he wanted.let.u.guys he would be an half-hour late. ( from 441pm est)
  5. "Mort theory"....When Mort or whomever does something incredible or perhaps something you never seen before. Then gives you an theory or explanation or even bullshit why it worked.
  6. He wishes as i do Jeremy Giambi slid. He probably hates Justin Verlander too.
  7. Great Times Were had. Ty to @modeezie @toolie MoskaJoe and Chaz for running an great tournament. The set up was.nice. Congrats to @toolie and @diazhole for 1st and 2nd. Ty to Hendershot 4 letting me crash at his house and traveling with him. My games i went 4 and 1 in the first round. 1st game i beat the guy who won the consolation bracket sd over den. I lost the 2nd game 21 to 2o when i was up 13 in the 4th. Decided to go for 4th 1 and up 6 with 2minutes to control my own destiny rather face an Jj. He picked run and i.picked pass wr (which i did). The pass was a defensive drone. Maybe shoulda punted but after that Barry scored the game winner. He seem skilled but i still should of won and.cost me the #1 to #3 seed. I beat @Toolie in matchup i have never lossed before. Got an early Int and did not look back. Won my next 2 games got philly in draft. Even in my 1st round vs Joshua Allison i played lights out defense vs Pitt in an 17 to 0 win Qb eagles did not scramble like.normal. I need to practice that more. The next game i just had bad game vs @diazhole Chi bears. Lost a lot to liitle. Got outplayed. I threw 3 picks...2 picks on called pass plays...1 on a misread on tge matchup burn attempt off the screen. Then on defense i gave up 2oo yds rushing cuz refuse to pick run. Gg. ___<<_________________________ Things i noticed ... @odell was good at Timing Jj on Pass 2 all curls and using his Nt to Legally Grapple the Nt to contain the Run 2 Proset Dive. That craiglist guy was the real deal but reached with the pick of Was in the draft. Moska Joe Played Good and partyed good. How was his Luck at the casino? Good seeeing @Coconuts and Rico R. Oh i won 2 raffles lol. Ty guys. i am freerolling at madison.
  8. meanwhile I'm giving out reputation points out like candy.
  9. Hope I'm not One.of Chong Li's Kills.
  10. Sign me and @mort1237 for the Nba Jam tourney. Team name: Trick Em Dick Em
  11. I would Label your equipment separately beforehand. They may have some materials at check in. You can also drop it off Friday night or Saturday Morning. It is not considered an donation and ofcourse you get it back at end of the tournament. Then as your lawyer i advise you to have a spotted cow or ten and Have as much fun as possible.
  12. What: The Buffalo Six Pack. V. When: September 16th 2017 9/16/2017 Where: TBa Time: TIME: 11am kickoff ( 9am set-up/1oam registration ) Entry Fee: $2o Format: The Buffalo Six Pack. 6 Different genres of tecmo Prize pool for 1st (55%), 2nd(30%) and 3rd(15%) + $25 Bonus Prize Per Round. Everyone gets a free drink or 1 food item on us. Also the 1st person who volunteers to be the bee-keeper ( Spaceghost Joke ) gets free entry. FORMAT: THE BUFFALO SIX PACK....Each participant will play 6 random games with no rematches. In Each round team selection will be based on a different theme ( see below ). Each round will have bonus prizes too ( $25) . The top 12 to 24 records in the Six rounds will square off in single elimination tournament. There MAY be an "odd" amount of players in the "six pack". If so 1 person per round will receive a bye (can't draw more than 1 bye per person). Also placement into the single elimination round is weighted by "Best Winning Percentage". In a case of an tie a Head to Head win is the first tiebreaker, then Opponent Winning Percentage , Then Differential ( + - ). Note feel free to make suggestions on particular rounds. Round 1: Next man up Round...Winner of the Coin toss must pick any matchup they desire. But each coach gets to bench 1 player off there Opponents team. Also pick one defender the defender can not man up. So for example if Rams vs Lions is called. And player 1 is Det and player 2 is rams. Player 1 van elect to bench Jim Everett and Player 2 can elect to bench Barry Sanders. Also each player will designate an player on there opponents defense they may NOT man up at any time in the game. For example SS white on det or lb offerdale on mia. The player that has the most passing yards with any backup Qb gets $25. Round 2: The Trick Em Dick Em Fumble-Rooskie Round ( Ode to LuckyToolie and Chris Pike)...Winner of the coin toss can pick any matchup they desire but must have an flea-flicker in there playbook. Each coach must run the flea flicker at least ONCE per half. If you do not have a chance in the 1st half call it twice in the second half. Forget completely and you lose. Automatic loss!!!! 1st person to GIVE UP a fumble for td wins $25. Round 3: Ode to Fargo North Dakota... Slappies VS Lurchees. ( Let's have some Fun...Ya Ya Ya ) Winner of the coin toss Picks any match-up and is P1 gets 1 NT Lurch or Controller Slap per half, per ga me or per quarter. If you and your opponent have some North Dakota sized balls you will do it all game. He must verbally inform his opponent what his selection before the game starts and his opponent gets what is left over. Both players either get 1 Nose tackle Lurch or 1 Controller Slappy PER Game, half or quarter. It depends on how far you want to take it. Opponents must sit tight together with controllers in open position and u MAY NOT DODGE a Slappy. $25 and an hamburger from Hardees Ya Ya Ya To the 1st person who gets an Safety with Bob Nelson. Round 4 Shit got ReaL: Winner of the coin toss can pick any match-up they desire but NO going for 4th down unless inside the opponents 40. No FG unless inside the opponents 40. FG or PAT Blocks with 4th man is ok. No End to End JJ's in the endzone ( Unless there is 20 seconds or less left in 2nd or 4th qtr or if your inside the 40 yard line of your opponent). This includes off the screen cross diagonal passes. You can throw of the screen but not red zone to red zone. Or end zone to endzone. $25 to player who scores most team points following the rules Round 5 Hellen Keller: Winner of the coin toss can pick any match-up they desire under old tecmo madison rules. But you may not see how much time is left in the game. We will cover up the time on tv with tape.. $25 to anyone who wins playing blindfolded. Close those peepers. ( i'll probably edit this 1) Round 6 Ole Ye Madison Rules: Winner of the coin toss can pick any match-up. Winner of the coin toss selects match-up. The loser of the coin toss gets team preference or controller selection and the winner of the coin toss gets what is left over. examples Lou Picks Mia-Philly Morts takes Mia Lou takes P1 or Mort calls Chi-Kc LOu takes P1 and Mort takes CHi THE PLAY-OFFS Alright, after much consultation with Tecmo heads and commune with the Tecmo Gods, a final decision has been made on the playoffs. The Top 16 players based on record will play in a single elimination bracket ( seeded by record ). the Championship which will be a redux of the Redemption Round and Super Bowl XXV, Bills vs Giants. Ole Ye Madison Rules. Higher seed will have their choice of team or player 1. BUFFALO BOUNTY I CHAMP Francis B. (mort1237) Runner up Laztlain (Jason P.) 3rd Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) BUFFALO BOUNTY II CHAMP Louis. B. (red98sethuthut) Runner-up Matt V. (BigMV54) 3rd Francis B. (mort1237) BUFFALO BOUNTY III CHAMP David T. (DT), Runner-Up Francis B. (mort1237) 3rd Kevin C BUFFALO BOUNTY IV CHAMP Franics B. (mort1237) Runner Up Eric O. ( TecmoOdell42) 3rd David T. ( DT) 4th Derek R. ( Tecmo Psycho) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REGISTERED PLAYERS: 1. Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) Buffalo NY 2. Francis B. ( Mort1237) Lakewood IL 3. 3. Jason P. (laztlain) LockPort NY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN UP VIA 2 Steps 1st step: email with NAME: NICKNAME: EQUIPMENT: Were in need of more N.E.S systems and tube tv's to handle the format HOMETOWN: PHONE #: 2nd step. payment. Send $25 to via paypal , money order (email 4 my mailing address), or In-person assuming your in buffalo area or see us at another tournament or the night before. We have also had problems with people saying they want to play then no show on game day. Refund Policy: We will give you refund up to 6 days before the tourney starts if we get an official notice that you can't make it . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game play rules ( See each Round Description in the Six pack ) 1. Except Round 4. No lurching with an D.L. (defensive lineman) lurch is defined as trying to dive tackle or blitz the QB at the snap on a drop back pass or trying to use the same effect to break up a running play. Bumping the tackle is fine (on a up or down or backwards direction). Any other form of DL use is legal. The below video link shows what is illegal. 2. W.R. or T.E.’s Cannot have run plays in playbook(except 4 reverse). However you may substitute an w.r./t.e. at rb2 slot as long they don't have a running play.players like Givins and Sanders are considered wr's. 3. Playbook changes/lineup editing each pregame... 4.“One Match-up Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Packers-Browns, Player A cannot call that exact match-up for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that match-up later in the tournament. SEE EACH ROUND FOR TEAM SELECTION IN THE FORMAT. 5. TIES: In order to speed things up in Rounds 1 thru 6 if game ends tied it will be a tie in order to save time. HOWEVER IN Single elimination round NO GAME CAN END IN A TIE. IF A game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. All OT's will be 5-minute sudden death periods. If nobody scores in the first OT, the second OT will be only the first quarter in a new game. If the game goes to an 2nd O.T. you will alternate who gets the ball first (in the second o.t.). This process will be repeated until a winner emerges. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in every OT period, the receiving team (i.e. team that gets the ball first) shall alternate beginning with the second OT period. 6.. Tournament Issues All issues will be settled by the tournament crew. Headed by Louis Buennagel, Francis Buennagel . (Others will be designated by gameday as seconds for when we are playing.) Report controller issues and any other issues AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS. We will use the warm-up session to test all controllers and equipment so hopefully everything works fine. Game freeze will be settled by playing out part or all of the game depending on circumstance... unless you cause a reset by your physical actions. The final decision is up to the tournament directors or those designated by the directors. All equipment loaned for the tourney will be tracked. You may use your own controller if it is standard but do not move the other controller from that station. Respect all equipment as if it was yours. Excessive misbehavior will result in your elimination from the tourney and all future events. We also will record a D.q. win on case by case situation ( if it happens early in the game it will be recorded as a 14 to 0 d.q. win) 7. There MAY be 1 live streams on Twitch, we need someone to help us stream games!!! 8. GAMBLING: There's been couple guys who made some side bets last year on H2H pickup games. Money on the wood to make the bet all good. No drama. make your rules clear before the game starts. Max wager is $20. No betting on your own tournament games your playing in. You may wager on live games that your not playing in either (IE MYnameisFlo). 9. We have the right to change the format if needed. 1o. Please mark and label all your equipment. So it isn't lost. 11. A forfeit win will be marked as A14 to 0 win. Obviously if someone gives up when your up 28 to o then it will be counted as 28+ for margin of victory. The maximum differential of victory for any game is 28pts. IF you win 35 to 3 it will marked as a 28 pt win for your differential. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN UP VIA 2 Steps 1st step: email with NAME: NICKNAME: EQUIPMENT: Were in need of more N.E.S systems and tube tv's to handle the format HOMETOWN: PHONE #: 2nd step. payment. Send $2o to via paypal , money order (email 4 my mailing address), or In-person assuming your in buffalo area or see us at another tournament or the night before. We have also had problems with people saying they want to play then no show on game day. Refund Policy: We will give you refund up to 6 days before the tourney starts if we get an official notice that you can't make it . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. The Tecmo Gods have an sense humor when it comes to Wifi networks in my neighborhood. One of my neighbors network is named "Long Live Reg". Hey @regulator088 u gotta another "mystery fan" who is obviously is trolling me. I could see @son_of_pat_beach being behind this again. hmmm. Fbi security van lol.
  14. Nice Job. Is there anyway we could get the past tourney records up somewhere ( like on here )? Helps me prepare.
  15. That's a great thought that i wanted to research more recently based on fair matchups used in madison tourney . Run blocking and pass blocking are way different. Lot of Angle blocking and pulling guards in tecmo. I never knew that Left guard does not pull on R+s sweep right when your opponent picks an run but does when your opponent picks pass. Also the slower the Ms of ur pulling guards the better. Learned that from @mort1237 from his game vs Reg...the Chi guards are to fast in green bay tourney. From my basic tecmo research your drone defender needs and 4notch Hp advantage or 25pts to Popcorn an Lineman ( and may be 5o% or depend on conditioning and both players may knock each other out.) on passing plays. The blocking Matches The Lt, Lg, C, Rg, Rt vs Lb1 Re Nt Le Lb4. Double check that. @mort1237 research has the Lb2 dropping in coverage vs R+s plays a lot. the Lb1 may drop vs Shotgun PASS 3 3O÷ of the time for example. So u may not get Lb1 vs The Lt on certain pass plays. Matchups That an drone Dline May Popcorn an.Olineman. Phx vs Atl. Phx Lb1 63hp vs Atl Lt 38Hp Tb vs Pitt: Pitt Nt 56Hp vs Tb C 31hp Sd vs Tb: Sd Nt 56hp vs Tb C 31hp Rams vs Tb: Rams Lb4 69Hp vs Tb Rt 38hp Atl vs Tb Atl Nt 56Hp vs Tb C 31 hp minn vs tb Minn Re 69 hp vs Tb Lg 38 Hp Phi vs Chi Chi Nt 69hp vs Phi C 38 Hp Phi vs Chi Chi Le 63 hp vs Phi Rg 38hp Phi vs oak Oak Nt 69 Hp vs Phi C 38 Hp Phi vs oak Oak Le 69Hp vs Phi Rg 38 hp Phi vs Kc Le 63 Hp vs vs Phi Rg 38 hp Nyg vs Hou Nyg Lb1 75hp vs Hou Lt 5o hp Nyg vs Buf NYG lb1 75hp vs Buf Lt 5o hp .....