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  1. Your Group H PrimeTime won Toss ATL/NO NO Final No 27 Atl 21 ( O.T.) Saints run out to 21 to 0 lead just before half behind stong kick return and defensive td and good runs at the Db1. But then Prime came back with 3 Long JJ's to Rison in 2nd half... including just b4 the half. I won in OT on a 5o yd pass to Fenerty who made up for bad game with the game winner. GG and gl rest of way TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns3 thunderdomered98vsprime.nsv
  2. Cincy has Hugetwo huge holes at CornerBack as well. Fulcher and bussey strong at safties both cb's are slow. but two 25ms Cb's. And cincy seems to fumble way to much. #Ohnoickey
  3. The "Clay Buchholz" Tie breaking procedure will have both parties bat off Clay Buchholz at Tiger Stadium. Then the players with more dingers breaks the tie. I'll bring my louisville slugger just in case.
  4. Well does anyone have the percentages Of No-Coverage, Somewhat Coverage, or Good Coverage when u pick pass or run or Passes with 4 routes or 5 routes??? It is interesting that certain pass plays have different coverage shells. It appears that drones play zone or Cover2 vs The offset pass play 2 sometimes ( Chet Loves this play ). Sometimes the Fs and SS Squat there sides of the field exaclty ten yards past the line of scrimmage. The cornerback's go to flat area and u could burn the bottom wr on the 9 route on the bottom and curl on the top ( before he completes the curl) on the screen. Sometimes you get man to man coverage. The Sho-Gun as Reg calls u can burn the ss sometimes ( if he squats ) and rb coming out of backfield can beat the lb in coverage. We can argue about what pass play is the best. I think the Go-Route in tecmo is the best Route.
  5. Whoever i play can hit me up at Seven One Six Two Four Seven Zero Nine Zero Nine. I'm playing from A Tim Horton's Wifi so i can only host thru Hamachi. Shoot me a text to schedule. I can play thursday 4pm to 1opm eastern or anytime on weekend till 1opm
  6. I love this Ne vs Sea MatchUp but won't say the real reason why or which team i like better.
  7. Oh what the Hell. Red98sethuthut No 716-Two-Four-Seven-Zero-Nine-Zero-Nine text best way to get a hold of me for games.
  8. Looks like i'm going to come with @mort1237 Also can you update the list of signed up participants. ty trying estimate time of the tournament
  9. What a great Time i had. Ty to @deadfaulkner @Bad Moon Rison and Ryan Krebs for running it. Congrats to @stalltalk for the victory. Very cool to talk tecmo with @Nameless Loser @suicideking81 Teta ( rams vs eagles wasn't pretty for me in the 3rd place game). Most interesting game= Was Marshall M. Vs his Buddy in the Elimination round...In a clear case of 2 guys not reading the rule...Marshall starts the game by accidentally kicking the table and causing the game to freeze. Normally this is automatic DQ but they talked it out and decided to reset since it happened very early in the game. Then marshall had the skins and forgot to take Sanders out of a rb position. Marshall ran run3 vs me like 27 times in game in group play just before. He was very committed to the run. No difference in the game i watched. He did not do it on purpose probably a case of not knowing his wr was rb due to 3wr set up. I decided not interfere and let the "tecmo gods" handle the punishments. As Marshall fumbled down 1 just before the start the 4th qtr. Right at this moment they just both proceeded to the bar to drink mid-game. LOL never seen anybody do that before mid-game shot break lol My games= I won my group play games. Fumbled twice vs bears for scoopers. Game vs marshall was interesting he kept calling right and a. Won 1st elimination game. Then played @tadaos kc over mia. Got some good running going scored then got a garbage fumble and went up 14-0. marino was off. ty for shot afterwards. The Final four was vs @Bad Moon Rison Pats vs Seahawks Back forth game that i lost 14-17. Got the ball back down 3 with minute left and hit a streaker from endzone to get to my own 47 with 4 ticks left. I shoulda got to the 5o but i goobed and my kick was short. The 3rd place i just went for garbage and teta and losed mightly a lot to little. Sorry i could not stick around to go the beer gardens. I was done for. I drove to new jersey resttop and slept in car till the morning. I got to stop doing that like me and @mort1237 used to in the old days. Ofcourse anytime i get near Nyc i have car problems. I needed a jump on the way back. Listened to lot of football games on way back. Long LIVe Tecmo
  10. just signed up and paid. can't wait
  11. the other fb fumbled on the goaline in preseason. the gronk's family is from buffalo too. Could of been a move to please the fans. Bills just cut manny lawson too/
  12. I'm going to come. And stay in hotel in Jersey most likely. Can't wait
  13. Join My Fantasy Football League atΒ  The #Tecmoer's Fantasy Football League Needs Players $50 to $100 Buy in. 12 to 14 man League We use exact same scoring settings at DraftKings. Faab Budget, More details at

  14. Congrats guys. I had to seat this one out after two long trips. Did anybody play the nba jam mixed doubles?
  15. Click to Join. Details on League Page.