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  1. Let's juice this forum up with a little list action, perhaps spark some debate.... DT's Top 10 Greatest Seahawks 10. Matt Hasselbeck. Gets the edge over Krieg and Zorn for his leadership and consistency. Favorite memories of the Hassler are his zeal for blocking and tackling as well as spinning the rock downfield to the likes of Darrell Jackson and Koren Robinson. 9. Kam Chancellor. The embodiment of the Legion of Boom. The NFL annals are full of bone-crushing safeties but Kam is amongst the best of em. His hit on Demarryius Thomas set the tone for what followed in the Super Bowl trouncing of Denver. 8. Kenny Easley. Veterans comittee has this beast defensive back on the HOF ballot. Good. Easley was a big, fast, heady safety who made plays all over the field and racked up impressive stats in his brief career. Would have been Fulcher-esque, had he been on Tecmo. 7. Walter Jones. Big Walt wasn't much for training camp. He just showed up on Sunday and obliterated everything in front of him, leading the charge for some of the most productive offenses of his day. Has a daughter named Waleria and a son named Walterius. 6. Cortez Kennedy. A treetrunk of a man, Cortez had a long and distinguished career. Defensive POY award on a 2-14 team just a mind-blowing achievement. 14 sacks and 92 tackles that season... That's astonishing numbers for a d-tackle. 5. Earl Thomas. We pretty much never see this dude's work on TV. He is off camera, putting a shield over the entire pass defense. Numbers seem to support he is amongst the best ever at doing that. Plus he's got that fire. Come back for more Earl. 4. Richard Sherman. An outstanding player without question, but Sherm gets the nod over his fellow Seahawk standouts because as a long time Seattle fan, I waited my whole life for someone to give people from around the country a reason to hate us. "U Mad Bro" will always be one of my favorite Seahawk moments. Suck it Brady. 3. Russell Wilson. He's been pure magic since the beginning. He may not be as good at his position as some of the other guys on this list, but he's one of the most of the most fun players to watch in NFL history. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in tactics straight out of a video game. As we have long known, the pocket is overrated. Also, go deep. 2. Marshawn Lynch. He only spent parts of five seasons in Seattle, but I do not think I have ever enjoyed an athlete's career as much as Marshawn's. From his days at Cal, through the Beastquake, to the epic Bear Grylls adventure... every ferocious run and every glimpse into his persona was a treasure. 1. Steve Largent. His career was a little before my time and his Hawks didn't win too many playoff games, but "Yoda" was one of the game's all-time greatest pass catchers and when he retired, his 100 TD snags was most ever. Steve Largent IS Mr. Seahawk, the greatest in 40 years of blue and green heroes.
  2. I now have a twitter account for this tournament. https://twitter.com/PortlandTecmo Check it out! Follow!
  3. Welcome to the party Cervin, not to be confused with George Gervin... Added to the list!
  4. I guess the reigning King is Peter "Moonwalk" Kerins aka Some Guy. Gripsmoke won one before that, but all that respect got erased like Charles Barkley rejecting a weak layup by a poor showing in Seattle. The NW throne is more wide open then Steve Largent streaking down the sideline right now.... And if the amount of spirit shown by the other contenders on this message board is any indication of the lust for the throne, best get ready to live under my ruthless reign.
  5. YEP. This shit was phun as phuk last time!
  6. More like Eddie Brown son ...shout out to the burner Don Maynard
  7. He once saw a "bitch that looked like Marino"
  8. I'm sure it will be 11 am, though if everyone is willing and able, we could push it up to 10. If you haven't already, be sure to message me your email address so we can coordinate these matters. Suuuuuuuper.... Where's the Blazers crew at? (crickets)
  9. OK. We got a venue secured. It's Concordia Ale House, 3276 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211 http://www.concordia-ale.com/ My cousin works there and the menu and beer list looks robust as hell. Money. I am about to really go into ramp-it-up mode. If you have expressed interest in this event or have at any point been a factor on the scene before, I am going to track you down and try to determine your factorship. Feel free to save me the trouble by messaging me on here your email address, if you have any systems, cartridges, tvs you can bring to the party, and if you want to hit up the hoopz the night before. We got one month to turn this bitch the fuck up. Beating just Gripsmoke and Ted is kinda boring to me. I want more legit players in the mix. Bring the heat. 2017: Year of Tecmo.
  10. That's him! Yo, check the records, he was in my group with Suicide King. This is the People's Champ man. We gotta get this guy involved.... and probably let Motel 6 know so they can add extra security that weekend.....