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  1. OH MY GAWD! ...bout time Tatupu got a shout in one of these... Nice work fellas
  2. If anyone wants to play Tecmo Super Bowl online on the Nintendo Switch, they should call up Nintendo and Tecmo or even write a letter. They have the technology. They may not have the will to pay the NFL's exorbitant licensing fees, but Tecmo Bowl came out on the NES Classic with numbers and no names. Perhaps they could do something like that with TSB. No names is very lame, but online play? Hell yeah. Aside from the NFL evil empire thing, part of the reason Tecmo Bowl gets the nod over Tecmo Super Bowl over and over again for these re-releases is because this community is poor at making their voices heard. At its most basic form, we need to be sure to refer to the game we play as Tecmo Super Bowl, not Tecmo Bowl. If we made ourselves heard loud enough, perhaps they might even look for a way to work with Roger Goodell and the NFL cash gobblers... Sounds a little far fetched maybe but I think if we get a movement going.... anything is possible. They haven't announced exactly how NES online play will work yet, but there is a lot of potential on the Nintendo Switch.
  3. Regular season round robin is in the books. 1) Seahawks 4-0 2) Cheeefs 3-1 3) Cowboys 2-2 4) Bengals 1-3 5) Raiders 0-4 My Hawks await winner of Bengals-Raiders. 2 plays 3 on the other side of the bracket. Season Zero.
  4. The hype match of the season is of course is the "Tug Of War" between the Bengals and Raiders, both featuring the legendary Jessie Tuggle heading up the LB core.... Both owners when initially viewing the salary cap were like "Okay so Jessie Tuggle and the Falcons LBs, done. Now what can we build AROUND that...."
  5. Bwahahaha Kamp... I don't think there's any question High Smith has more of a chance of getting totes (tokes?) with the Chiefs.... Oh man, your array of nicknames would have Chris Berman jealous. I think my favorite is Bob "You Should" Golic
  6. Louis with two raffles.... Lol. Crushed it in Columbus too. The Raffle King! Wish I could have been at this one. Lots of great players, great partiers, and WHAT A GREAT FORMAT! Toolie finally breaks through. Awesome. One of the community's greats finally takes home a BELT! Guess he's the favorite to take the most prestigious title in all of Tecmo next month! Madison? Naw... TECMO VAN CHAMP! THAT'S THE REAL SHIT! We'll be gunnin for ya!
  7. I got a SWITCH bitch
  8. The only place something this incredible could possibly go down. What's the problem Bo? Haven't you been looking for an excuse to show the Tecmo Van the country? ...Come on with it. Also, I wonder if its possible if Moonwalk will back his way into town to defend his crown. Who else wants to come tangle? No more excuses. Pimpin' Ain't Easley is the reason to come to Seattle for all of those that always wanted to.
  9. I gotta say, I was very excited about wrecking this JAM Tournament with Legalize Kemp, but I wonder if the Tecmo Gods did not deliver us the Fields boys as a reminder that Friday Night in Madison is all about Street Tecmo. Shit got ramped up on that front today! Considering setting up my own #TrickEmDickEm bracket as well with the likes of @Coconuts, @red98sethuthut, @toolie, and other fans of the underused Tecmo artform. Maybe @long dong chuck long wants in on this action
  10. Sniped. TBK, the only thing I see you got figured out is how to lose gracefully. Practice makes perfect I guess.
  11. Tourney looks pretty stacked yo. Danny Stackz and other heavy hitters.
  12. A new challenger approaches. @Tick and I will be reppin the PNW in the JAM tourney as "Legalize Kemp" SuperSonics bitches
  13. FYI, to all the local Tecmo heads out there (and I'm not sure anyone other than the 5 of us peep this thread) this bar Tap Station in West Seattle is having a TECMO BOWL (not super) tourney Saturday Night 2/18. I got plans but the desire to run shit with Kenny Easley and his pink-ass Seahawks may change them.
  14. Most INTs + WRs left in heap after unwisely testing the middle of the field = Enforcer status achieved, poster acquired