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  1. I gotta say, I was very excited about wrecking this JAM Tournament with Legalize Kemp, but I wonder if the Tecmo Gods did not deliver us the Fields boys as a reminder that Friday Night in Madison is all about Street Tecmo. Shit got ramped up on that front today! Considering setting up my own #TrickEmDickEm bracket as well with the likes of @Coconuts, @red98sethuthut, @toolie, and other fans of the underused Tecmo artform. Maybe @long dong chuck long wants in on this action
  2. Sniped. TBK, the only thing I see you got figured out is how to lose gracefully. Practice makes perfect I guess.
  3. Tourney looks pretty stacked yo. Danny Stackz and other heavy hitters.
  4. A new challenger approaches. @Tick and I will be reppin the PNW in the JAM tourney as "Legalize Kemp" SuperSonics bitches
  5. FYI, to all the local Tecmo heads out there (and I'm not sure anyone other than the 5 of us peep this thread) this bar Tap Station in West Seattle is having a TECMO BOWL (not super) tourney Saturday Night 2/18. I got plans but the desire to run shit with Kenny Easley and his pink-ass Seahawks may change them.
  6. Most INTs + WRs left in heap after unwisely testing the middle of the field = Enforcer status achieved, poster acquired
  7. All that I will announce at this time is that there WILL be an epic Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Seattle, Washington Sunday, Labor Day weekend and that Seahawks Legend and new NFL Hall of Fame member Kenny Easley will be honored in some way. Though he may not find his way on the 8-bit gridiron on this day (or perhaps he will??), David Fulcher, Joey Browner and other hard-hitting, ball-hawking safeties certainly will, evoking memories of #45 in blue and white. Save the date! 1. DT 2. MAD MANYO (highest possible prestige level achieved) 3. Kamphuna (tremendous amount of prestige achieved) 4. Tick (of course, going in pretty much the order of prestige I envisioned) 5. Tailback King (if he can crack the code of what day it is) 6. Who else wants the most prestige by chiming in, thusly elevating their name toward the top of the list??
  8. I could also get behind Cascadia Fucking Tecmo
  9. PNWTL is rock solid man. Lets not try to overthink it I say.
  10. Anthony Carter can lick my butt and Haywood Jeffires can get bent. Spell your last name better, you tool. ...ggs
  11. Chuck Long is not to be slept on... ever. I heard someone once tried to abduct his son and it ended poorly.
  12. It's like a switch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvB2RW9i7w0
  13. Just to wrap up, thanks everyone for coming out. It was a lot of fun. I am definitely down to do it again next year. I absolutely love coming down to Portland. Congrats to Invader, Gripsmoke, and MAD MANYO for their respective finishes, as well as SuperSonics for winning the Outstanding Rookie Award and '91 Huskies for winning the consolation. Special thanks for RPW44, xavalepdx. SuperSonics, and LT56 for coming out to their first major Tecmo Tournament. I know its tough doing battle with us vets, but I hope you were inspired to come back harder next time or in the case of SuperSonics, simply just not have QB Browns eat a wiener... haha. GG man. You guys all brought tons to the table. Hope to see you guys, all the vets who brought their typical ruckus, and all the other NW players who couldn't make it out this time real soon. Manyo, you are in charge of the spring and summer and then I'm swoopin back in for PAC RIM SEPT 2. SAVE THE DATE.
  14. Hot tournament. Hot finish between Invader's Rams and Grip's Bucs then Grip's Rams and Invader's Bucs. Vinny was just a bladed motherfucker in the 4th on this night. I feel like I will have more to say to wrap up this event at some pt but I really just want to break down the play of the tourney at this time- PLAY OF THE TOURNAMENT Consolation bracket- Newcomer Ryan aka RPW44 facing off vs Dan aka '91 Huskies. RPW calls Houston-Philly. '91 takes Philly. '91 in control of the game, RPW storms back to take a 24-21 lead late in the game. 40 seconds left, Philly facing a 4th and 11 at his own 35..... He calls the PITCH to HEATH SHERMAN. Richard Johnson gets washed up in a wake of Philly blockers and Sherman is GONE. Bobs and weaves for a 65 yard TD scamper. Oilers stunned. '91 Huskies wins a copy of Tecmo NBA Basketball for the NES as winner of the consolation bracket. Portland Tecmo. Won't be the last one.