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  1. I'm thrilled to have the hardcore Tecmoheads that I have in the mix for this so far, but I'm hoping to peer pressure all the local players to get in the mix and really blow this out in to an epic free-for-all. I call on YOU, my fellow TSB Warriors to let them know that you wish to war with them on the Battlefield that is the Seattle Tecmo Super Bowl Championship! I'm gonna take this moment to take a long shot and call out Randy aka Randalicious aka QB Fairfield aka The Human Highlight Film (it does not seem as if he even has a handle on this forum any more!) We had two great duels in the Tecmo Dojo last year and split them. Round 3. FIGHT. Seattle, Washington. This September. Let's do it!
  2. A former Seattle inhabitant and my long time sparring partner, Louis does not qualify as "some jamoke" nor would Peter this time around, though it would be great to have both. I am challenging all of those Tecmoheads out there seemingly begging for an excuse to visit our great town to book their flight and mix it up PNW style. I promise a great time and some great battles. Also, cool Louis, you got Uber in Buffalo like two weeks ago, now its a prerequisite for any place you visit? We got that shit. We also got the Sound Transit droppin yo ass off 2 blocks from Kessler's. Don't sleep on that gentlemen.
  3. I also updated the roster with some of the likely participants I have heard from. Shaping up to be a decent crew. I don't know if anyone knows ptitteri. He is pretty new to the scene, but he made the Madison trek and has been making a name for himself online. Also it sounds like TBK might actually try this time? I guess that's interesting. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm more interested in hearing if any more big time players like Gripsmoke join up or if some jamoke like Moonwalk is gonna roll in from out of town to try and shake things up.
  4. Locked down a couple details including the location and start time. It's gonna be at Kessler's Sports Bar. It's right off the highway exit in Cap Hill. Should be easy to get to, parking should be decent on Sunday, and like Skee-Lo said, the vibe is right. It's a hard core Sports bar with inexpensive brews, pub grub, proximity to DICK's, and the owner hails from Wisconsin so its like we'll be channeling Madison.
  5. Thanks for the heads up @~Tailback King~ @turbohuna4eva! Gotta get the PIN to reach as many of them dudes as possible
  6. Added a couple for-sures to the list. Brandon seems pretty dialed in. I got Louis to commit by bribing him with M's-A's tix. Mort is a strong maybe. WHO ELSE? I am going to start really rampin this sucker once I nail down the time and place.
  7. YO. Just so everyone knows, this tournament is still happening, and on this date. Just have no new details to report. Once I get new details locked down on a few things, believe me, you'll hear about it here, there, and everywhere. In the meantime, just try to git gud. I'd like to have some competition if possible.
  8. 1. Seahawks 2. Bills 3. Falcons 4. Bears 5. Bengals
  9. OH MY GAWD! ...bout time Tatupu got a shout in one of these... Nice work fellas
  10. If anyone wants to play Tecmo Super Bowl online on the Nintendo Switch, they should call up Nintendo and Tecmo or even write a letter. They have the technology. They may not have the will to pay the NFL's exorbitant licensing fees, but Tecmo Bowl came out on the NES Classic with numbers and no names. Perhaps they could do something like that with TSB. No names is very lame, but online play? Hell yeah. Aside from the NFL evil empire thing, part of the reason Tecmo Bowl gets the nod over Tecmo Super Bowl over and over again for these re-releases is because this community is poor at making their voices heard. At its most basic form, we need to be sure to refer to the game we play as Tecmo Super Bowl, not Tecmo Bowl. If we made ourselves heard loud enough, perhaps they might even look for a way to work with Roger Goodell and the NFL cash gobblers... Sounds a little far fetched maybe but I think if we get a movement going.... anything is possible. They haven't announced exactly how NES online play will work yet, but there is a lot of potential on the Nintendo Switch.
  11. Regular season round robin is in the books. 1) Seahawks 4-0 2) Cheeefs 3-1 3) Cowboys 2-2 4) Bengals 1-3 5) Raiders 0-4 My Hawks await winner of Bengals-Raiders. 2 plays 3 on the other side of the bracket. Season Zero.
  12. The hype match of the season is of course is the "Tug Of War" between the Bengals and Raiders, both featuring the legendary Jessie Tuggle heading up the LB core.... Both owners when initially viewing the salary cap were like "Okay so Jessie Tuggle and the Falcons LBs, done. Now what can we build AROUND that...."
  13. Bwahahaha Kamp... I don't think there's any question High Smith has more of a chance of getting totes (tokes?) with the Chiefs.... Oh man, your array of nicknames would have Chris Berman jealous. I think my favorite is Bob "You Should" Golic