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  1. @tecmopsycho Amazing game. Wait til you get to Spectre Knight!

  2. PORTLAND, OREGON The return to the Rose City. This time bigger, stronger, BOLDER. Logic behind the name: 1) J.J. Birden is a Tecmo Legend that hailed from NE Portland and starred for the Oregon Ducks 2) Portland Tecmo Legend Tailback King constantly struggles with his desire to compete within the structure of Tecmo Tournaments and his need to honor #39 Johnny J for the Cards. It's a burden for him, or a Birden if you will. 3) Winning a game cause of some JJ (jumping jackass) bullshit leaves the winning player a burden, which often results in the Tecmo Gods evening things out later Things to look forward to in this tournament: 1) Momentum carried over from Johnny Johnson in the Beaver, which had an endless amount of memorable matchups and introduced us to several new players on the scene. 2) Co-Organization from Portland native and reigning Seattle champ Ptitteri, who has been organizing a small Portland Tecmo tourney for several years. 3) The further evolution of TBK, who continues to mold his game beyond relying on Johnny Johnson's hidden stats. 4) Gripsmoke not boning out. 5) Some good-ass fucking microbrew FLOWIN 6) The usual Pacific Northwest Tecmo shenanigans All we have to announce at this time is that the DATE will be December 9th and it will be in Bridgetown proper, so clear your schedule and peep the details as they materialize. Chime in on the BOARD to get your name on the LIST. 1. D.T. (The Boss) 2. Ptitteri (The Enforcer) 3. Gripsmoke (The OG) 4. TBK (The King) 5. WHO ELSE?
  3. I welcome all legendary local players back in the fold at anytime. Even without all those luminaries in the mix, I think this was the most competitive day of Tecmo I have ever been a part of with the Buennegal Boys in the mix, Ptitteri showing what he can do, and newcomers Shermy and Dan Carroll bringing enough game to make things interesting. I didn't get to square off with the KING this time, but... he got a couple nice wins! TBK a factor??? I'm not sure I fully believe it yet, but I expect big things from him in the P-town Throwdown that is inevitably happening. Details coming soon. Keep it here or follow @PortlandTecmo for updates!
  4. LOL. That was classic. One of many hilarious moments over the course of the day.
  5. MORT waxed me for the right to a rematch with PTITTERI. Had to beat him twice to take the crown. ATLANTA VS PHOENIX.... JOHNNY JOHNSON, who had been a TERROR all day for TBK has the rock, phx looking to take the lead or tie... FUMBLES. Atlanta recovers. Punts. Survives a last second heave completion to VIA SIKAHEMA. For the 2nd year in a row, your Seattle Champion is SOME GUY. Mort takes 2nd. DT (your boy) takes 3rd. Invaderstar 4th. Congrats to PTITTERI. Well played. Thanks for all who came. It was a fantastic day of competition. See you in BRIDGETOWN. 1/27/18
  7. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are perhaps the best players at their respective positions in the NFL right now, but Easley may have been better. He was the complete player. He laid people out AND he snagged INTs, something that the current crew doesn't really do very much.
  8. This looks like Tecmo David Fulcher out there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96VoLMlSKeU
  9. UPDATE: The Buennegal Bros are just about through the mighty state of Montana, which means they should be here tomorrow. Holler if you want to kick it with us in Sea-town tomorrow night. Gonna treat em to some Mariners-Athletics action at the Safe. Yes that's right, they are actually going to be here, but don't worry I got a 3rd place trophy so there is still something to play for. Mort will probably pass out at some pt during the tourney but don't be fooled. He'll still wipe you. He's not only the wisest player, but the luckiest. My theory is he is able to commune with the Tecmo Gods. They tell him when to time his pass for a perfect JJ in the endzone. One of us is gonna have to bring the most ruckus we've ever brought to keep the Enforcer poster in the NW.
  10. Things to know about the location: 1) Take the Olive Way exit heading North on I-5 and it's right fucking there on Olive Way. There is also a Link Train stop about a block away. 2) If bringing some equipment, there is a loading zone right outside the bar or you can pull in the alley right by the tatoo place 3) You should be able to locate street parking close by. The zone parking that applies to most of the neighborhood does not apply on Sunday. If not, there is a paid parking lot on Broadway. 4) The bar has a decent little menu for pub fare and they don't mind you bringing in outside food. There is a shit-ton of restaurants within walking distance. 5) It's a PACKERS bar. Hopefully we will be able to channel the spirit of Madison and draw inspiration from the words of Lombardi.
  11. Added the Boogster, Stu to the mix. A STRONG PLAYER. 6-killer is a maybe! Anyone else????
  12. Format: The competitors will be split into two conferences and play everyone in their respective conference once, unless each conference has more than 7 players in it, in which case they will play 6 games max. Rivals will be split into separate conferences. Mort and Lou will be in separate conferences. Ptitteri and Shermy80 will be split. Me and Hanging Chadwick. '91 Huskies and 6 Killer. The rest will be arbitrarily distributed by me in an effort to balance the conferences as much as possible. I will probably split B-Wagg and TBK in an effort to have an equal amount of chirping in each conference. Depending on how many fools show up, ill decide then how many will make the double elimination playoffs but it will be between 8 and 12 with everyone remaining battling for a consolation prize. I'll continue to iron it out as we approach next Sunday!
  13. Just to be clear. This is the ACTUAL POSTER from the 80s. It doesn't have the shit on it pertaining to the tourney. Adding "Dirty South" and a new challenger "Shermy80" who is coming up from P-town with Ptitteri and looking for action.
  14. No Gripsmoke! Noooo! But Louis be warned, EVERYONE frowns on skipping the halftime show out here. Even though TBK is talking a whole HELL OF LOT for a guy who is probably stumble his way into maybe one win on the day, I gotta say he's RIGHT. I haven't been hypin up the show. I guess I been busy with this shit that shit, and that's my bad cause this IS the Seattle Championship and the biggest fucking deal in Tecmo this side of the Cascades. More to unveil as we get closer to the event, but I do want to announce one major thing- The winner of the Tournament, in addition to receiving a major cash price, WILL walk home with the actual poster. Manyo suggested it way back when, perhaps jokingly, but its actually in my possesion and I'm handing it out to someone who honors the great Kenny Easley with their play September 3rd. So loosen up them thumbs, review some playbooks, and keep it locked here or @PortlandTecmo for more details as we approach the Seattle Championship Sunday September 3rd.