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  1. Agree, that's a good one. MIN is a weird team to me. Strong D, average offense...I threw in DAL because I see SD and DEN sometimes, and DAL is a sneaky good matchup with DEN, so wanted to extend the thoughts out a bit.
  2. Do I need to formally sign up for the hockey tourney Friday somewhere? I said I was going on FB, but didn't know the protocol. And I think my crew will have at least one NBA Jam team to add to the mix. Somebody bring Joe Montana Football too so I can kick somebody's ass.
  3. Yes, Lincoln Hawk in my group!!! I'll love to talk Over the Top, the underrated kick ass soundtrack, and have shots of Jaeger sir. I better start chugging the motor oil now to prepare.
  4. Wow that's amazing.
  5. Name a better song than Don't Sweat the Technique. I fucking dare you. Actually, you know what--don't even bother to try. #GOAT
  6. More, this time with another enigma of a team to me, who seems to match up against 10 or more teams fairly well, MIN MIN v. MIA MIN v. CIN MIN v. DEN MIN v. SD MIN v. WASH MIN v. DAL
  7. Of course you have to do NHL 95, the "rich man's" version. You're lucky this isn't NHLPA 93, or I'd own souls.
  8. Good tourney Knobbe, thanks. For some reason, I always do crappy at these Lincoln tourneys. Played my first game HOU v. NYG, I take NYG and about the 2nd quarter I find out I'm playing Buck! I turn it over inside the 10 late down 14-13, and Buck makes me pay. I lose 21-13. I then play a new guy Brian I think, and call NO-PIT, he takes PIT. I turn it over on downs and throw an INT inside the 20 again, and lose 14-10. I manage to get a win 21-10 and limp into the bracket 1-2 as the twenty-something seed. I draw Jeremy S, who I've played twice in Iowa tourneys and at Tomczak bowl, he's really good. He calls SD/DEN, I take SD and Elway picks me apart on the burn routes up and down (wherever my D isn't) and I cant stop him. Manage to climb from 21-7 down to tie, but he wins 28-21, and takes that all the way to 3rd place. Good run by him. My offense is RUSTY like the trombone. eek.
  9. Odds are 500-1 you win Lincoln. I'd sell your big rig and bet on yourself--the world meets nobody halfway.
  10. What if we do a best of 7 coin flip, then play paper/rock/scissors best of 5? The winner of the coin flip series chooses their controller, the winner of flip #4 chooses the matchup, and the winner of P/R/S series chooses who sits in what chair and whether the TV is on mute or not (although its not said, criss-crossing controllers in Tecmo is a huge mind fuck advantage). Then the winner of the P/R/S first throw chooses the team. This to me seems cleaner. Thanks for the consideration in advance Dave.
  11. I call this one quite a bit, because I think most players will take PIT here, leaving me with PHX, who I'd prefer. But this is pretty even. Hard to score on either front, but I like the offensive advantage at RB a bit more than I like the D. But its first to 17. PS You have to answer my DET questions now.
  12. Would like to get some opinions on DET, because I think this is a team that elite players love, and maybe the middle/lower players hate. Who do you take? DET CIN DET TB DET MINN DET RAMS DET KC DET SD/WASH/DEN
  13. I never understood why anyone gives a shit about P1. Its 100% mental (outside of the onside kick, and if you win the game you don't need an onside kick). Practice some games at P2, plus you're playing defense at P1 direction, which IMO I think is the bigger advantage if you like P1 so much. Agree with Louis--it is a Tecmo God slap in the face to defer--do it at your own peril. Pick the matchup you turds--or, here's a novel concept, pick a matchup that will make your opponent pick the team you DONT want!! Then you win-win-win. Strategy/matchups is key in tournaments--I honestly can't even remember what controller I had, but I remember who called the matchups. Buck I hope to have a beer at Lincoln with you and calm you down. That is until I play you--then after winning the coin toss I will say "wow what a huge advantage this is for me" the entire game to destroy you mentally. haha
  14. Excited for this venue, I've heard great things. Looking forward to it, been a while since I've been to Lincoln and paid my respects to the Godfather. One complaint with the venue though--how can we not be a big enough deal to get on their calendar?!?!? haha
  15. My crew and I will be at the Hampton Inn baby.