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  1. If you're into online leagues, there are a number of progression leagues that follow this very concept. Many of them have come and gone, but currently for example World Tecmo Federation follows what you described to a T. A bit of a different implementation with who is available to draft each season seeing as previous iterations of the league have gone up to about 2025 and stopped. There are also other progression leagues out there if you go digging. If online play isn't your thing, then you can always edit attributes and players manually.
  2. I'm in. Can host, same name on Discord.
  3. I dunno. Prior to making this poll, I would've thought that the Steelers would be the favorite.
  4. And again.... Loading poll...
  5. Bring it back again. Who you got? Vote here! Loading poll...
  6. Randomly assigned teams? Yikes...
  7. I admit it's a style I dislike a lot.
  8. As far as playstyles go, there's one that hasn't really been mentioned The JJ Abuser - Runs a playbook with only passes that offer JJ routes, and abuses JJ catches to progress. (swampc, Jeid)
  9. Would probably take TB in the MIN/TB matchup. Haddix too good. I'd say KC over MIA.
  10. Let's revive this shit. Who you got?
  11. So how long until it's announced that Merliss won this?
  12. Every time I think I'm getting good at Rocket League, the game reminds me that I suck very badly.
  13. The way you described is how it's done for Round of 64 seeding.
  14. QBS: Steve de Berg (3), Steve Young (2) RBS: Neal Anderson (4), Gary Anderson (2), Earnest Byner (2), Cleveland Gary (2) WRS: Ricky Sanders (3), Andre Reed (3), Sterling Sharpe (3), Ronnie Harmon (1) TES: Keith Jackson (4), Paul Green (1) DLS: Bruce Smith (4), Bob Nelson (3), Keith Willis (1) LBS: Cornelius Bennett (3), Kyle Clifton (3), Jerome Brown (3), Winston Moss (1) DBS: Dave Waymer (3), Gill Byrd (3), Martin Mayhew (3), Ricky Reynolds (1) K: Jeff Jaeger
  15. QB1+LB2+DB2 QB2+LB4+DB3+WR2 RB1+DL1+DB4 RB2+DL3+DB1+K+P RB3+DL2+LB3+WR2 RB4+WR1+LB1+OL fastest draft ever