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  1. Link?
  2. I could potentially finish this season up, but again it wouldn't be until May-ish. And I don't think I could commit to posting videos either, sorry.
  3. First time on here in like 4 years.....I see that this never finished. I might be up for starting another Fantasy "draft and cheer" league based on the original TSB, but it would be end of April / beginning of May timeframe before I could get it rolling. I would probably do it almost the same as the first one, but this time using COM vs COM games instead of skip.
  4. Lol at Esiason leading the yards per rush category....and by a huge margin. No changes here. I'm looking forward to my atrocious pass defense going up against the Montana-Ellard combo.
  5. Nice. I have two cases of twingina on my offense: Bo & Keith, and Gary & Robert.
  6. Heh. Yeah, when Browner inevitably wins Defensive MVP of the season, Boomer gets to be co-MVP.
  7. Well, it's all of those things, but mostly it's the fact that apparently HEAVY RUSH means only rushing THIRTY-SEVEN PERCENT OF THE FUCKING TIME. Seriously. NINE carries for Bo? NINE CARRIES IN THE WHOLE GAME?! I need 9 carries PER QUARTER for this offense to work. Just out of curiosity, what type of rush/pass split are you supposed to get from the HEAVY RUSH offensive preference? Because in Week 1 my team only called 53% rush plays, which still seems low. Also, what's with no intentional grounding call at 5:45? The only somewhat cool thing from that entire game was that Boomer had a couple of good runs with some sick juking. That said, I'm glad he got injured on the last play of the game, as punishment.
  8. Um.....let me know when the spoiler period is over, because I have quite the rant to unleash.
  9. Some comments: --Wow.....that was a great game to watch. I can't believe how close it was. Interesting that buck and I had the exact same amount of total yardage. --I was screaming at the play selection from the sidelines during that whole last drive, but Boomer proved me wrong. --I'm really really glad that I (apparently) wasted my 2nd and 3rd draft picks on elite DBs, only to get one of the worst passing defenses in the league in exchange. And it's not just this one game....all my pre-season simming also seemed to indicate that I have one of the worst pass D's. There must be some factor I'm not considering.... --I love this shit.
  10. Porous? 3/4s of the world is covered by water. The rest is covered by Fulcher and Deion You are who I thought you were. And I let you off the hook. I'll take it out on Max this week. Does "take it out" mean "re-sim the game over and over until you win"?
  11. Ok, I updated my rankings post back on page 9, after getting to watch some more COM vs COM games. I know this is kind of pointless, since people are going to be changing things up throughout the season, but I like to have something to look back on and see how right/wrong I was .
  12. I like how I used picks 2 and 3 to pick one of the best possible sets of 4 DBs.....and I'm last in pass defense.
  13. .....must be turnovers.
  14. Rankings, edited once again based on further game viewage. Also, I left my team out this time because I decided it is crass to rank your own team. Offense/defense stuff is based on yards gained/allowed, whereas best team is based on points scored/allowed and wins/losses. And of course this all means nothing since everyone will be changing their playbook every week. Rush Defense 1. Bad Moon Rison 2. rewhawl 3. elway 4. Bodom 5. philleyOphish 6. Maynard_G_Krebs 7. fatcheerleader 8. buck 9. Knobbe Pass Defense 1. Maynard_G_Krebs 2. buck 3. Knobbe 4. Bodom 5. fatcheerleader 6. rewhawl 7. elway 8. philleyOphish 9. Bad Moon Rison Overall Defense 1. Bad Moon Rison 2. rewhawl 3. Maynard_G_Krebs 4. buck 5. Knobbe 6. Bodom 7. elway 8. fatcheerleader 9. philleyOphish Rush Offense 1. rewhawl 2. Bad Moon Rison 3. fatcheerleader 4. elway 5. Bodom 6. buck 7. philleyOphish 8. Knobbe 9. Maynard_G_Krebs Pass Offense 1. buck 2. Bodom 3. Maynard_G_Krebs 4. philleyOphish 5. elway 6. Knobbe 7. fatcheerleader 8. Bad Moon Rison 9. rewhawl Overall Offense 1. Bodom 2. elway 3. buck 4. Bad Moon Rison 5. rewhawl 6. Maynard_G_Krebs 7. philleyOphish 8. fatcheerleader 9. Knobbe Overall Team 1. Bodom 2. buck 3. elway 4. rewhawl 5. Bad Moon Rison 6. Knobbe 7. Maynard_G_Krebs 8. fatcheerleader 9. philleyOphish Updated end-of-season awards: Best QB: Steve De Berg (elway) Best RB: Barry Sanders (Bad Moon Rison) Best WR: Sterling Sharpe (Maynard_G_Krebs) Best TE: Anthony Miller (philleyOphish) Best K: Gary Anderson (Maynard_G_Krebs) Best P: Sean Landeta (rewhawl) Offensive MVP: Steve De Berg (elway) Best DL: Bruce Smith (buck) Best LB: Jerome Brown (rewhawl) Best DB: Mark Carrier (elway) Defensive MVP: Bruce Smith (buck) League MVP: Steve De Berg (elway)
  15. Still planning on releasing an updated Test ROM? I'd love to have one.