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  1. So, what the heck, right? Yea, Tecmo Madison (TM) is back from the dead. Well, never really died. After receiving numerous emails, PMs, tweets, and etc from you all, we sat down to discuss where do we go from here. In a nutshell, Chet's and Josh's families + commitments outside of Tecmo have needed more attention and rightfully so. Without being able to give TM the time it deserves and needs, they decided it would be better to walk away then put out a half-baked effort. *Enter davefmurray* I am taking over the overall directing and promoting of the tournament. I have a team of awesome dudes helping out -- @Knobbe, @qb_browns, @tecmoaz & my bud Casey. qb_browns has been the tournament event director for many years and will continue to do so. Your tournament day will be just as smooth (if not smoother) as it has always been. Knobbe is helping out on the tech side. We are going to sync the TM site and T-Borg. Your records, profiles, and stats will be brought into the T-Borg world. TecmoAZ is a stream & broadcast professional in the college sports world. He will help take our media offerings up a few notches. You will see a few more cameras floating around. Casey is an event coordinator and marketing professional in the Tampa area as well as a personal friend of mine. He will be helping me with all higher level decisions and be making sure all of our offerings are top notch. Chet & Josh will still be involved. Josh will still be your MC. The book of LT is not going anywhere. All the familiar faces you've come to know will still be around. There is just a change of hands behind the scenes so we can carry the TM torch. There are lots more updates to come. As we finalize things, we will announce them. For those that want the information first, we have an email list that you can sign up for on TecmoMadison.com. Those on the list will get updates first and will get hit up directly with sign-up info when the time arrives. #TecmoXIII is going to be awesome. Let's celebrate Return of the Mack. -davefmurray Let's all be bros and talk on FB. I made a group for those interested. Join here and let's riff about the greatest tourney on Earth -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/tecmomadison
  3. Dude. Let's back up and show you how to add hacks. Asking someone to add hacks to 4 ROMs is silly, especially when you have 3 completely different ROMs. Did you edit the COM juice on your own? If so, you are already mildly comfortable editing hex.
  4. Why you throwing shade at my "common cards"? lol I'll put my kid through school with 900 Farve RCs!
  5. R.I.P. Coach K
  6. Need help uploading your file? Need a new file extension added? Have any questions regarding the new process? ASK AWAY!
  7. It's coming my man, don't worry! New site with all the old tools will be launching soon!
  8. Do you want to go blow for blow or just post 1 reply with all pics?
  9. Go this thread, scroll to CPU & SIM and read the articles on setting COM Juice:
  10. I 100% have RICK STROM & IVY JOE HUNTER (NE or IND? I can't remember which I have.) but need to find them. I suppose it is time I start organizing by Team then Player. I'll throw this up to everyone.. I have a mountain of 89-92 cards. If I categorized them into team packs of say 6 cards and sold them for $1, would that be a thing you'd be interested in? I would put the money towards the raffle stuff with the Bo Foundation.
  11. Correct, there is not one.
  12. Move to ROM Editing Discussion @Bodom supposedly has a master list of the hacks and SET commands but he is too metal to share it.
  13. Can put a star or something by these so I don't have to research it myself? I have more 89-92 football cards than any person I know.
  14. Can you post the 48 needs here?
  15. More generalized strats for Running Play Slot 2 -- http://tecmomadison.com/strategy-running-plays-slot-2/
  16. Bot from scratch or existing? I've been messing with Meebot and was going to present to you about setting it up with auto'd stream updates.
  17. He is also the only man in Tecmo with not one but TWO websites dedicated to him. tacopop.club eatshitorenga.com
  18. I'm going GB/NE because I can't stand ATL and there is noo way PIT keeps up with the Brady machine.
  19. Ok, fine. I'll keep it on the DL. I showed you mine, you showed me yours.
  20. I care about next to nothing about this exceppttt..... One feature of the paid Switch online service will be online NES and SNES play.
  21. He forgot to mention a small fact here.... just that he WORKS FOR NINTENDO!