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  1. So, what the heck, right? Yea, Tecmo Madison (TM) is back from the dead. Well, never really died. After receiving numerous emails, PMs, tweets, and etc from you all, we sat down to discuss where do we go from here. In a nutshell, Chet's and Josh's families + commitments outside of Tecmo have needed more attention and rightfully so. Without being able to give TM the time it deserves and needs, they decided it would be better to walk away then put out a half-baked effort. *Enter davefmurray* I am taking over the overall directing and promoting of the tournament. I have a team of awesome dudes helping out -- @Knobbe, @qb_browns, @tecmoaz & my bud Casey. qb_browns has been the tournament event director for many years and will continue to do so. Your tournament day will be just as smooth (if not smoother) as it has always been. Knobbe is helping out on the tech side. We are going to sync the TM site and T-Borg. Your records, profiles, and stats will be brought into the T-Borg world. TecmoAZ is a stream & broadcast professional in the college sports world. He will help take our media offerings up a few notches. You will see a few more cameras floating around. Casey is an event coordinator and marketing professional in the Tampa area as well as a personal friend of mine. He will be helping me with all higher level decisions and be making sure all of our offerings are top notch. Chet & Josh will still be involved. Josh will still be your MC. The book of LT is not going anywhere. All the familiar faces you've come to know will still be around. There is just a change of hands behind the scenes so we can carry the TM torch. There are lots more updates to come. As we finalize things, we will announce them. For those that want the information first, we have an email list that you can sign up for on TecmoMadison.com. Those on the list will get updates first and will get hit up directly with sign-up info when the time arrives. #TecmoXIII is going to be awesome. Let's celebrate Return of the Mack. -davefmurray Let's all be bros and talk on FB. I made a group for those interested. Join here and let's riff about the greatest tourney on Earth -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/tecmomadison
  2. But do you have the GUNS?
  3. There are a few on our lists. Nothing to announce just yet. In theory, they all can be to varying degrees. I'll shoot you an email after Madison and we can talk.
  4. Yes, exactly. I suppose I skipped over that specific detail. If your tournament is comprised of your hometown friends, you won't get (m)any Tecmo votes... But, if your tournament is sponsored by EatShitOrenga.com, you will get infinite value!
  5. We tossed around similar ideas before registration this year, but as of now, there isn't a solid way to rank those top 8 or 16 other than historical performance. I've been pinging the regulars about which tournaments they attend every year solely to collect this information. The first step was taken this year to have the Tundra Bowl be a qualifier, which, in my opinion, turned out awesome. The player strength top to bottom was significant. If we can get all the organizers of the known tournaments to pitch in and give their results in a timely manner we can absolutely do something like this. To continue this trend, we'd need for it to happen at other tournaments as well. We can't have a super weak tournament be a significant portion of the player's ranking. We'd have to come up with the points system or something to have it tallied, Tecmo electoral votes, if you will. This tourney is X points, that tourney is worth Y points. A player's total gets them into the championship tier. Everyone else then battles it out to get to that tier. On the down side, it could be a boring day for those in the upper tier. 4 hours of just chilling. Reg would be hammered by the time it starts.
  6. Let's meet up! Hit this spreadsheet and enter your info. We can arrange to play TSB, swap beers and talk about life. Info will be published in this thread too! Click here (https://goo.gl/forms/pA4YTkKGQB07040L2) or enter below: Loading...
  7. True, but a major factor isn't being discussed here. You would have two powerhouses in your group of 8 this year anyways. 1-16(19) across the board = super strong. Group of 4 or 8 really doesn't matter because it wouldn't be any easier.
  8. Everyone is one play away from beating Regulator, right?
  9. No worries. We are in for another small shuffle because @hoffnasty9 just got in off the wait list. Also, made groups the first tab
  10. Click the link you just quoted. LM11 A Nick Giordana (Gio) B Jake Ironside (beef juice) C Jason Kerley D Tyler Goad There will be a more formal post on the site this week.
  11. Going over statistics, it is more the hope of squeaking in. The squeakers have accounted for less than 5% of bracket entrants since the modern format. You are still guaranteed the same amount of games. You can still hold on to a wing, a prayer and Tecmo divine intervention to hope to squeak in. I'd be curious to know who holds this sentiment. I've seen two comments thus far, both of whom answered the survey that they are just here to have fun and they both have losing records in group play.
  12. NBA Jam: TE Teams: The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny Team FoxRod: @tecmoaz & @Knobbe No Use For A Name: @Ryan11p & @kevincabarello Vlade Daw Dee, We likes 2 Potty: @JimSocks13 & @Woodshed
  13. 3-0s and those with losses with be split into different groups and sorted by point differential for seeding.
  14. Not yet. We'll come up with something soon.
  15. First group announcement is live!! Head to --> http://tecmo.cc/TM13_groups
  16. 7 teams deep! The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny Team FoxRod: @tecmoaz & @Knobbe No Use For A Name: @Ryan11p & @kevincabarello
  17. Remember when rappers used to try? Also, the in-venue playlist for Tecmo XIII is going to be awesome.
  18. Challenge accepted. Only rule - 90s hip hop that doesn't suck.
  19. We have 5 NBA Jam teams: The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt