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  1. Yea, he's got a thread going on the forums here: @brent is a pretty cool dude to boot.
  2. So, what the heck, right? Yea, Tecmo Madison (TM) is back from the dead. Well, never really died. After receiving numerous emails, PMs, tweets, and etc from you all, we sat down to discuss where do we go from here. In a nutshell, Chet's and Josh's families + commitments outside of Tecmo have needed more attention and rightfully so. Without being able to give TM the time it deserves and needs, they decided it would be better to walk away then put out a half-baked effort. *Enter davefmurray* I am taking over the overall directing and promoting of the tournament. I have a team of awesome dudes helping out -- @Knobbe, @qb_browns, @tecmoaz & my bud Casey. qb_browns has been the tournament event director for many years and will continue to do so. Your tournament day will be just as smooth (if not smoother) as it has always been. Knobbe is helping out on the tech side. We are going to sync the TM site and T-Borg. Your records, profiles, and stats will be brought into the T-Borg world. TecmoAZ is a stream & broadcast professional in the college sports world. He will help take our media offerings up a few notches. You will see a few more cameras floating around. Casey is an event coordinator and marketing professional in the Tampa area as well as a personal friend of mine. He will be helping me with all higher level decisions and be making sure all of our offerings are top notch. Chet & Josh will still be involved. Josh will still be your MC. The book of LT is not going anywhere. All the familiar faces you've come to know will still be around. There is just a change of hands behind the scenes so we can carry the TM torch. There are lots more updates to come. As we finalize things, we will announce them. For those that want the information first, we have an email list that you can sign up for on TecmoMadison.com. Those on the list will get updates first and will get hit up directly with sign-up info when the time arrives. #TecmoXIII is going to be awesome. Let's celebrate Return of the Mack. -davefmurray Let's all be bros and talk on FB. I made a group for those interested. Join here and let's riff about the greatest tourney on Earth -- https://www.facebook.com/groups/tecmomadison
  3. A few bros asked for more pics of the trophy. Here you go. Starting Lineup used for scale.
  4. TITLE CHANGE - I will now be posting what I am listening to on Fridays at work or when being awesome. I encourage you to do the same. I'm always curious to know what everyone listens to. Hurricane55 is jamming Jay-Z. TDO is probably listening to Boy George. What about the rest of you? I've been cranking Young Widows, Young Widows – Old Wounds , and Thrice, Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance , today.
  5. So, did you change the payout and format after the tournament started? @Hirsch
  6. Howdy, streamers! To set your stream to being shown on all of our sites/servers/communities, you'll need to set up three things. First, go to https://www.twitch.tv/dashboard and login if you haven't. then scroll down to set your... Community - start typing tecmosuperbowl (all one word) and it click it. Game - head to Now Playing and start typing Tecmo Super Bowl. Click "Tecmo Super Bowl" - Be sure to click Update Information to save both options. See the next post for setting up Auto Hosting.
  7. I heard only $10 for autos this year too!
  8. Bros! Back again with another discussion point! This time we are talking Tecmo terms. Tecmo XIII has some pretty exciting partnerships this year, however, we can't fully disclose them yet. :/ - With those partnerships comes the task of creating a glossary of terms for our beloved game that we can use to educate those not in the know. Lastly, we are going to come up with names for playstyles. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, let's make this a group thing! I'll keep a collective list running here. Terms - Lingo we use to identify moves, actions or etc. Obvious incomplete list. Feel to list some out. Trying to keep the initial post shorter for now. JJ - Jumping Jackass - when a player jumps to catch the ball. Timed JJ - A purposeful JJ performed at an exact time of a receiver's route CC - Coverage Catch - When an offensive player catches the ball while having a defender in the same player space. Playstyles - Identifiable playstyles that known players stick to Here is a list of playstyles that we've picked out and have named a few. Can you help list playstyles with player examples? Majority pass, lots of JJs, medium pass distance, few forced bombs. (Gats/Sconnie) Majority pass, shorter pass distance, bombs when appropriate none forced. Also, scared of Peter Kerins. (Josh Holz) Balanced, literally perfectly balanced between pass and run (Bruddog/Mort) Run tilted, passes for first downs. (Chet/Regulator) Heavier run, not aggressive passing. (Psycho/Coconuts (based on Coco's latest stream vids. He seems to change a lot.)) Majority run, QB run from pass plays, fewer than 5 passes a game. (Matt Miller/Jimmy Bontempo) Heavy pass players, lots of deep looks. (Orenga/Skunker)
  9. Auto Hosting - Next, go to: https://www.twitch.tv/settings/channel Scroll to Auto Hosting, click ON and then in your host list start adding other Tecmo streamers. Below is a list of them. (if you are missing from the list, add the other hosts, reply to this post and I will add you (but will also delete the comment once added.)) We want to auto host because it helps all of our channels grow by alerting all of each other's followers that a Tecmo streamer is live. List of Tecmo Streamers to Auto Host: TecmoBowl bruddogtecmo darthrockman gamingtrucker1 gatstecmoboys hawkeye98 iowatecmo justinpeters51 kamphuna8 luckytool mort1237 mwtecmo neerrm northeasttecmo OLDirtyTecmo pixelrampage punkyqb red98sethuthut retroworldseries ryan11p segathongsov stalltalk suicideking81 tecmodetroit tecmolegacy tecmomanyo the_tecmo_psycho trojan1979 tundrabowl vogtcd11 war_machine0323
  10. Are you talking about what I posted to our blog? http://tecmomadison.com/tecmo-super-bowl-top-players-per-team/
  11. I care about next to nothing about this exceppttt..... One feature of the paid Switch online service will be online NES and SNES play.
  12. I got one for Tecmo VIII! hahah
  13. That would be a disturbing amount of data points.
  14. Let's meet up! Hit this spreadsheet and enter your info. We can arrange to play TSB, swap beers and talk about life. Info will be published in this thread too! Click here (https://goo.gl/forms/pA4YTkKGQB07040L2) or enter below: Loading...
  15. The Osweiler trade is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceballs Netflix this movie this weekend. No excuses.
  17. NBA Jam: TE Teams: The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny Team FoxRod: @tecmoaz & @Knobbe No Use For A Name: @Ryan11p & @kevincabarello Vlade Daw Dee, We likes 2 Potty: @JimSocks13 & @Woodshed Your Mom Likes Our Jam: @Tecmo_Ninja & Levi Trick 'Em Dick 'Em: @Mort1237 & @red98sethuthut Hangtime Is Better: Tecmo Magnus & Justin TBD: Odell & Jebigred Bogues Nation: Scott B. and Tony J
  18. First NBA Jam Team logo. We Ain't Found Smits
  19. Tournament Organizers: Get familiar with the new formatting. We need all the info mentioned in the first post or we can't host your results. We posted the change warning in Aug '16.
  20. Tournament organizers, this thread is for you! Getting your results listed in the tournament database is going to be a piece of cake. If you are an Excel guy, download this file: tecmo_results_example.xlsx. If Google Sheets is more your speed, make a copy of this guy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vPUUeCDvHcrSxp9LB9xQIVgOWMtKlOHfnYaN-4kR8qU/edit?usp=sharing The sheets are self-explanatory AND have instructions on the sheet. Below are the same instructions, just in case. Participants sheet: Enter the player's info. First, Last and Email are REQUIRED. The username and zip code will help us identify the player quicker. Starting in 2017 username and zip code will be required. See given examples in Row 1. Results sheet: Identify the round of play for the match-up, the player by first & last or username, the team by the TSB initials in-game and then enter the score in numeral-numeral format. See given examples in Row 1. Once completed, send your spreadsheet to tecmomadison@gmail.com. Once received, we'll get it entered into the database. PLEASE NOTE: The site is going through an extensive overhaul. Your results will not be posted immediately. Heck, it is going to take a few months. I won't sugarcoat it. Once the overhaul is done, we'll get these and all future results posted with the quickness. Questions? Post 'em below.
  21. Again? There have been so many "Chuck Norris achievement" threads. *eyeroll* Sorry, but you only do this with Regulator.
  22. I can't take this guy's voice and annunciation. This may be shallow of me but I cannot watch this. lol sry