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  1. Tickets on sale now!Sign-up ➡️➡️ http://tecmo.cc/XIVreg WHAT: Tecmo Madison XIV WHEN: April 7th, 2018. Doors at 09:30AM WHERE: The Red Zone Madison -- 1212 Regent St, Madison, WI 53715 BUY-IN: $55, includes tournament entry, T-Shirt, event grab bag, and one charity raffle entry. REGISTRATION: Registration will go live Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 7:30PM EST on TecmoMadison.com. RULES: tecmomadison.com/rules FORMAT: 4 Regions, 22 groups per Region, 3 players per group. Round Robin opening rounds. Round 2 we have a gold bracket, silver bracket, and bronze bracket, each Region producing 22 Gold players, 22 Silver players, 22 Bronze players. Gold Bracket competes for the cash prize and Tecmo immortality. The Silver & Bronze brackets compete for consolation prizes. Opening bracket is single elimination. Final bracket stage TBD. Tiebreakers: Bracket seeds are determined by record and then point differential. If at the end of the round there is a two-way tie, a deathmatch will be played. If a three-way tie, a 3-man single elimination tourney will be played, where the top seed of the group gets a bye round. PRIZES: Going to place in the money? We applaud your enthusiasm! Tecmo Madison awards cash prizes to the Top 8 places proportional to the number of attendees. 30% of the registration fee of each participant will go into a tournament prize pool, which will be awarded to the top finishers at a 60/20/10/4/2/2/1/1 split. For example, if 300 people enter a tournament, the total prize pool for that tournament will be $4500 (300 x $15 (30% of total)), paying out $2700 to first place (60% of $4500), $900 to second place (20%), and $450 to third place (10%), and etc. Players may not share or split prizes with other contestants. LIVE STREAM: facebook.com/tecmosuperbowl / twitch.tv/tecmobowl WEBSITE: TecmoMadison.com
  2. Yes sir, come on out! If last year taught me anything, is that there is always 10-20 spots. lol
  3. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    We are working on some new, awesome extensions for Tecmo and Tecmo Madison. We are going to start a tournament series, including qualifiers and a last chance event, that leads up and builds to Tecmo Madison -- The Road To Tecmo Madison. Overall, there will be 5 tournaments - 3 qualifiers that will be coined "Majors", 1 Last Chance event and the main event, Tecmo Madison. Each of the majors will contribute to a new point and seeding system for Tecmo tournaments. Players who finish in the top 4 of each major will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. Major winners will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into regions. The points system will also be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats. Those are: They must use the basic rules from Tecmo Madison (http://tecmomadison.com/rules), they must have more than 24 people, they must submit the scores to TecmoMadison.com using the proper format, and the final portion of the tournament must be a seeded bracket, single or double elimination, utilizing standard Madison matchup selection. We have the right to approve non-standard formats at our discretion. The points system is as follows: 1st 25 2nd 18 3rd 15 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7th 6 8th 4 9th 2 10th 1 Players: We will keep track of your points and they will be posted on your TecmoMadison.com profile as we build them out. More on this later. Good luck and Godspeed during this Tecmo Bowl season. View full article
  4. The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov @davefmurray @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite @sonofpatbeach @Leonardite The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt @arncoem @duecethasa1nt Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper @Beef Juice @Super Duper The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny @averagetsbplayer @Child_of_Destiny Team FoxRod: @tecmoaz & @Knobbe @tecmoaz @Knobbe No Use For A Name: @Ryan11p & @kevincabarello @Ryan11p @kevincabarello Vlade Daw Dee, We likes 2 Potty: @JimSocks13 & @Woodshed @JimSocks13 @Woodshed Your Mom Likes Our Jam: @Tecmo_Ninja & Levi @tecmo_ninja Levi @RetroNathan Trick 'Em Dick 'Em: @Mort1237 & @red98sethuthut @mort1237 @red98sethuthut Are you bros repping the same team names as last year? I have to say @DT. & @XtraLargent's Pearl Jam: Tournament Edition is pretty dope!
  5. The time is nigh. Are you the Jam GOAT?
  6. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    "The points system will also be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats"<-- Yep, ALL tournaments. No, Bloomington has not submitted results.
  7. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Talk to @SammieSmith33 The results we were sent show you placing 6th. Millard's 1 TheGamer1185 2 Mort 3 Noonan 4 K-Dog 5 SammieSmith 6 Dykes 7 JustinPeters51 8 LeBron of the Thon 9 RetroNathan 10 Ricor33 Bracket Play Round of 8 Player 1 Team Player 2 Team RESULT Mort CIN JustinPeters51 KC 21-17 Dykes MIA Noonan PHI 14-20 The Gamer1185 SEA Lebron of the Thon CLE 28-14 K-Dog BUF SammieSmith33 GIA 26-21 Double Elimination Bracket Top 8 Player 1 Team Player 2 Team RESULT JustinPeters51 RAMS Dykes DET 0-28 SammieSmith33 MIA Lebron of the Thon MIN 35-10 K-Dog MIA Dykes RAMS 21-3 Noonan DAL SammieSmith33 PHX 21-0 Dykes MIA Noonan DET 20-21 Mort PHX Noonan DAL 9--7
  8. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Thanks, Lou. NYC is one of the incomplete ones.
  9. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    I just re-entered them. They show up for me. Yours are from the Thunderdome.
  10. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Gentle reminder that is this helps overall seeding, the top finishers at Majors are guaranteed a Top 6 Madison Region seed, and the above are not definitive actual Madison seeds. Love live Tecmo.
  11. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Current standings as of 02/15/18. *Some results are incomplete and we are working with tourney organizers to fill out results Player Total Millard's MKE Iowa CT NYC Thunderdome Tundra Bowl Regulator 58 25 15 18 Mort1237 56 18 18 18 2 StallTalk 55 15 15 25 Joeygats 51 12 25 10 4 TheGamer1185 43 25 18 Red98sethuthut 35 10 25 Tadaos 31 6 25 MattyD 25 25 K-Dog 20 12 8 Ricor33 19 1 18 TurBo 19 8 6 5 FLO 18 8 10 JustinPeters51 18 6 12 Ones 18 6 12 Dotdon 15 15 Justin Grunze 15 15 Noonan 15 15 sonofpatbeach 15 15 ArncoEM 12 12 PwnStick 12 12 Prime 12 12 Dykes 10 8 2 Jason Stazio 10 10 SammieSmith 10 10 TimPapi 10 10 ChaosRison 10 10 Coconuts 8 8 Bruddog 8 8 Bartletti 8 8 RetroNathan 7 2 4 1 RandyWags25 6 6 the_shield 6 6 TecmoBo 6 6 Hawkeye 4 4 LeBron Thon 4 4 Patrick B. 4 4 SuicideKing 4 4 Darth Rockman 2 2 ArtVandelay 1 1 Primetime 1 1
  12. The Plaza - Local dive with deep, deep Tecmo Madison roots Cask & Ale - Whiskey & good beer Greenbush Bar - Basement Italian restaurant with amazing pizza, bourbon & beer. Ladies - head to State St. It is a college town. They are everywhere.
  13. Before I answer that, what are you into? Craft beers? Wings? Ladies?
  14. We have potential evidence of one occurrence and holy crap is that specific.
  15. A quote from a staffer: "In 13 tournaments over 12 years, I don't think we've ever had a lurch decision to make." The violations are not hard and fast because there are many, many factors. They'll stay as is.
  16. We should test this assumption since it was on the Tecmo cast, was sent out in an email, on the registration page, and on the rule list at the venue. What other distinction was included in the lurch rule last year?
  17. I have been misled. The lurchfathers have spoken. Even though they said you could never lurch the run, I reserve the right to lurch the sh*t out of Bruddog's Run 2 without penalty.
  18. To be clear, I am waiting for sonofpatbeach's & holzy11's final ruling. Whatever they say is where this is going.
  19. I understand the play situation and you've stated the exact answer. 👊
  20. How is this a grey area? You took a risk and lost. You aren't protected by choice. This is a strat just like anything else.
  21. You could always run away from the potential lurch. If you are calling pass, the opportunity to run towards the tackles very much presents itself. Maybe we should get rid of the LB4 dive and use of LB2/3 vs certain run plays because it is essentially all the same thing. 😁 According to what I have been given, you can lurch runs. We actually discussed this last year too. We added the clarification of making a play on the QB for this reason. Let me see if I can get sonofpatbeach to chime in.