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  1. You've already signed up for the next decade... to my heart. 💜💜
  2. Snes mini

    @stalltalk @meat - If you install hakchi on the SNES mini, is there any difference from the NES counterpart? I have both but probably won't even open the SNES if there is no difference. I can't really find any info via Google.
  3. For those wanting to watch the stream, It is very NSFW. I had it muted then unmuted for a sec and it was way worse. Sorry, can't support this. This is not what Tecmo is about.
  4. The Tailback King Memorial Challenge $25 from Team Tecmo Madison for each victory in single elim play with PHX (Max $100) cough @regulator088 cough
  5. Madison staff select and vote on the majors. Typically size, organization, longevity, etc. Anyone can be part of The Road To Madison provided they adhere to a few guidelines--