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  1. He is also the only man in Tecmo with not one but TWO websites dedicated to him. tacopop.club eatshitorenga.com
  2. I'm going GB/NE because I can't stand ATL and there is not way PIT keeps up with the Brady machine.
  3. Ok, fine. I'll keep it on the DL. I showed you mine, you showed me yours.
  4. He forgot to mention a small fact here.... just that he WORKS FOR NINTENDO!
  5. You would back out of the game and it should make a .sav file. Otherwise, you use savestates to save/load the state in which you left the game.
  6. No problem for now. I'll send out an email to all you bros after Tecmo XIII with all the new formats so you are prepared.
  7. @Eagles9 - Welcome to the forum! I would assume it is like every other emulator out there, but you should confirm by asking the RetroPie people: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/ A quick Google gave me this video:
  8. I was watching him pour hatorade on your avatar when he was seeding. It was pretty epic.
  9. Geez. I feel like an idiot. Too fast scrolling on the phone for novels... I definitely did not read west side of MI and the last paragraph was cut off. 0_o #FAIL
  10. Welcome! Glad you are back and think we're cool bros. Any Tecmo player is a friend of mine! Where are you from? Interested in playing in a tourney ever? (Typically, NES.)
  11. Yes, but you'll need to go here for further instruction and/or help: https://retropie.org.uk/forum/
  12. Do you mind if I make a specific download page here on T-Borg?
  13. Registration list updated! Notable additions since last list: @bigmv54 @duecethasa1nt @hankthetank @vikingmoe02 @Ones11fahzu @hawkeye98 @Ryan11p
  14. Hey, man! Awesome work! I can't wait to play it. I freaking love NBA Jam. To answer your question, since this is a mostly anonymous site, posting a ROM would be fine. As for potential trouble, you can cover your tracks by not sharing your personal info and/or contact information. A creative commons license is not used to protect you from big brother, per se. I implemented it last year because many people take our ROM and then sell it in various forms. It represents our stance of what our ROM is and isn't, but also shows we are not trying to sell it.
  15. We've heard your opinion. I understand your logic. We've explained our position. The outcome is not going to change. THE TECMO UNIVERSE IS NOT GOING TO END.