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  1. Yea, he's got a thread going on the forums here: @brent is a pretty cool dude to boot.
  2. A few bros asked for more pics of the trophy. Here you go. Starting Lineup used for scale.
  3. So, did you change the payout and format after the tournament started? @Hirsch
  4. I heard only $10 for autos this year too!
  5. Auto Hosting - Next, go to: https://www.twitch.tv/settings/channel Scroll to Auto Hosting, click ON and then in your host list start adding other Tecmo streamers. Below is a list of them. (if you are missing from the list, add the other hosts, reply to this post and I will add you (but will also delete the comment once added.)) We want to auto host because it helps all of our channels grow by alerting all of each other's followers that a Tecmo streamer is live. List of Tecmo Streamers to Auto Host: TecmoBowl bruddogtecmo darthrockman gamingtrucker1 gatstecmoboys hawkeye98 iowatecmo justinpeters51 kamphuna8 luckytool mort1237 mwtecmo neerrm northeasttecmo OLDirtyTecmo pixelrampage punkyqb red98sethuthut retroworldseries ryan11p segathongsov stalltalk suicideking81 tecmodetroit tecmolegacy tecmomanyo the_tecmo_psycho trojan1979 tundrabowl vogtcd11 war_machine0323
  6. Howdy, streamers! To set your stream to being shown on all of our sites/servers/communities, you'll need to set up three things. First, go to https://www.twitch.tv/dashboard and login if you haven't. then scroll down to set your... Community - start typing tecmosuperbowl (all one word) and it click it. Game - head to Now Playing and start typing Tecmo Super Bowl. Click "Tecmo Super Bowl" - Be sure to click Update Information to save both options. See the next post for setting up Auto Hosting.
  7. Are you talking about what I posted to our blog? http://tecmomadison.com/tecmo-super-bowl-top-players-per-team/
  8. I got one for Tecmo VIII! hahah
  9. That would be a disturbing amount of data points.
  10. The Osweiler trade is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceballs Netflix this movie this weekend. No excuses.
  12. NBA Jam: TE Teams: The Pain Train: @davefmurray & @segathonsov Rice & Rony: @sonofpatbeach & @Leonardite The Female Canine Backhand Servers: @arncoem & @duecethasa1nt Super Duper Beef Juice: @Beef Juice & @Super Duper The Drunk & Lazy: @averagetsbplayer & @Child_of_Destiny Team FoxRod: @tecmoaz & @Knobbe No Use For A Name: @Ryan11p & @kevincabarello Vlade Daw Dee, We likes 2 Potty: @JimSocks13 & @Woodshed Your Mom Likes Our Jam: @Tecmo_Ninja & Levi Trick 'Em Dick 'Em: @Mort1237 & @red98sethuthut Hangtime Is Better: Tecmo Magnus & Justin TBD: Odell & Jebigred Bogues Nation: Scott B. and Tony J