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  1. TECMO DALLAS – AUGUST 5TH, 2017 – DALLAS, TX Max field of 64. Double Elimination. Top finisher will have their entrance to Tecmo Madison XIV and their flight to Madison, WI paid for by LPGE & Tecmo Madison! The Let’s Play Gaming Expo will be held at the Irving Convention Center in Los Colinas. Just minutes from the DFW International Airport, with almost 100,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, the building’s unique architecture, vertical design, and interior finishes create a new niche in the marketplace. Ideally situated on 40 acres in the heart of Irving’s Las Colinas Urban Center with dozens of unique restaurant options for expo breaks. Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 500 W Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, Texas 75039 To sign up, head to letsplaygamingexpo.com, Register > Attendees > click General LPGE Attendee and go through the checkout process. The TMXIV Qualifier will be on Saturday, but LPGE is a Saturday & Sunday event. Choose your ticket and be sure to tick off “Would you like to compete in the Tecmo Madison Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament?”. We’ll see you in Dallas on August 5th, 2017! We have some Tecmo heavyweights coming out to this event! Joeygats – Tecmo XII & XIII Champ Regulator – Tecmo X Champ @Matty Ice – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @Ones11fahzu – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @suicideking81 – Top Online Player @Nos – Top Online Player Big Hock – Top Online Player @duecethasa1nt – Top Online Player Do you have what it takes to compete? Now’s your chance, Texas!
  2. There are a bunch of ROMs on NHL94.com -- http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/forum/121-downloads/ Mostly 94, but some 95 sprinkled in here and there.
  3. Merged all NHL Threads
  4. This makes a lot of sense. I talked to Joe when he walked in. I introduced him to my wife and he says not your typical meet-and-greet. "Wow. Holy Shit.", shakes her hand and walks away. Thanks for that, Joe. Not awkward at all. lol
  5. No. If you don't want them I can re-accommodate them to a stand-by prize winner.
  6. The answers to both questions: http://tecmomadison.com/top-12-finisher-sponsor-prizes-tecmo-xiii/ Koei Tecmo is hooking you up if you get into the Top 12! All Top 12 finishers will get a 6-pack of awesome, new Koei Tecmo releases for PS4! Prizes will be distributed as a download code for use in the PS Store. Finishers will be determined by Placement > Record > Point Differential.
  7. M

    Please add this to the download section by following the instructions in this forum.
  8. Are you using other hacks? Sounds like you placing hacks in the same space and they are overwriting each other. Started a thread and give more details.
  9. Dude, heck yea! It is a massive undertaking, but hey man, do it for the love of Tecmo. At no point was I discouraged. Pretty sure I was perma-smile all day. Honestly, the worst part was unloading the truck into the storage unit at 7am Sunday. If Casey and his brother weren't there, I would have died and left it all in the street.
  10. DUDES - what a wild ride. Tecmo Madison XIII was a resounding success. We had a record number of players, in-venue spectators and live stream viewers. First of all, thanks to @sonofpatbeach, holzy11 & the rest of the Tecmo Madison for the trust they put in me pull this off. Secondly, the new ladies of Tecmo killed it. Casey established solid branding and set us up great for the future. Bailey fixed the impossible day of (Thanks, no shows.) while casting tournament directing wizardry and J.D.'s broadcast is a great skeleton to work off of for the future. Special shout-out to Jimmie, the new voice of Tecmo. I have so many highlights to mention, but want to keep it short. Every one of you who came to play = awesome. If you watched, just as awesome. If you are a live stream viewer, yep, still awesome. The weather was amazing. The Tecmaraderie still is very alive and well. Those who yelled at us and shit posted, we forgive you. We hear you about the venue. It was a blessing and a curse. We had pleenntttyyy of room for the players, some spectators and all the gear. The reality is we did too good of a job marketing in the local area because we had ~140 local spectators from 11am-2pm, which is insane. We were over capacity of the venue and had a billion NES setups at the same time. Once they cleared out, it was smooth sailing, albeit with a lingering mist of manstank aroma. I 100% understand your concern and will tell you unequivocally it will not be at High Noon Saloon for Tecmo XIV. (Whoa, weird. First time typing that.) Scorekeeping is never going to be 100% when you have to rely on some self reporting. In my opinion, we took too long trying to satisfy everyone about the play-in bracket by doing some recounts. If we didn't have perfect weather, a humongous patio and killer food I would have been worried, however, we had all three and everyone had an outstanding time. Thanks for your patience and understanding. The stage and stream took a hit when some equipment was broken from people moving the security barriers to jump on stage to goof off, which sucks because it ruined it for everyone. Drunk + selfish are never a good combo. Next year, the stage and broadcast will be on supreme lockdown. Problem solved! All in all, love you guys. This was great. Thanks for the encouragement for year one. Expect communication. Expect changes. Expect awesome.
  11. It is always #TEBOWTIME
  12. Middle, back - pre-beard