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  1. Tecmo Madison to end its run this year

      And with that, the conspiracy is born! #TecmoXIII
  2. Looking for SNES TSB data

    My point being that we used to have tons of TSB SNES docs but Turd's Google Sites host expired and he was going to add them as attachments to the borg.
  3. Streaming at Live Tourney: What do you need?

    You'll also need to get your Twitch stream key. Here is a video showing how to grab it:   
  4. Streaming at Live Tourney: What do you need?

      Yes, there are tons.   I found a good tutorial for you: mirror this guy's settings and do NOT set your base resolution higher than 1280x720 if you are using a laptop.       After you get this tweaked and ready to rip, let's tweak the camera. If you are planning to resize the camera to a smaller screen footprint make sure to go Devices > Settings and lower the resolution first. Get it close to what you want and then adjust the window. Don't just resize the camera window. If you do, you are wasting frames/pixels because the camera is still trying to process at the resolution you have it set to and this can lead to the graphics card and/or cpu wasting resources.
  5. MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

  6. Music Video Full of ROM Hacks

    Lots and lots of text hacks in this video and it is awesome.      
  7. Tecmo XII Stream - Info + More

      Yea, got it sorted. It is my composite break-out box. I am starting to get loopy as to how this will all fit together... I need another breakout box or way to split a video signal.   On the plus side, this arrived today
  8. Tecmo XII Stream - Info + More

    Test stream up. Preliminary RGB setup in place.   Preview here: Watch live video from tecmotest on www.twitch.tv
  9. TECMO XII: Where are you staying?

      S8S is booked up?! lol that is amazing 
  10. Looking for SNES TSB data

    @TecmoTurd did you ever reupload your Docs? Google Sites has been gone for like 5 years now lol
  11. NFL 2015-16 Season Discussion

    Oh, man. That is not the whole story. He had a hard season. His OL was beat up.
  12. NFL 2015-16 Season Discussion

    I was trolling the troll's initial one side argument stat line. WE ARE ALL TROLLS.   Keep on trollin' friends
  13. NFL 2015-16 Season Discussion

  14. Discord

     @Neerrm @hoffnasty9  @3Scene O1f Carnage3   Please invite him.