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  1. best usb controllers?

    360 controllers D-pads are hilariously bad. PS3 controllers hands down.
  2. Family Guy

    https://www.takedownabuse.org/familyguy/ LOL
  3. Family Guy

    This is officially a story now.. hahahah https://torrentfreak.com/fox-stole-a-game-clip-used-it-in-family-guy-dmcad-the-original-160520/
  4. Family Guy

    This happens all the time on Youtube. I highly doubt there is any legal recourse. He can file a counterclaim with proof he existed before their airing and claiming ownership. Like Knobbe said, this stinks of software detection gone wrong.
  5. Family Guy

    He is actually raging on YT in comments of other videos. yes it is real ... they stole my video of it which has now been hit with a copyright claim today. The video has been online since 2009 ... assholes So pissed off that they can do that ... take my personally recorded footage from 7 years ago!!!!! then 2 days later hit with copyright and google just says .. ok thanks. How do they copyright a nintendo game that i personally recorded and put it on their show? thats what i don't get. etc
  6. NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    The hypersensitivity of our culture kills me sometimes. Everyone gets up in arms about how offensive something is, but we never bother to speak to the people who are supposedly offended? Uhhh Washington Post poll shows Native Americans unbothered by Redskins name https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/new-poll-finds-9-in-10-native-americans-arent-offended-by-redskins-name/2016/05/18/3ea11cfa-161a-11e6-924d-838753295f9a_story.html Go 'Merica!
  7. Family Guy

    Dude, is this true? "looks like they stole a video from 2009 and put up a copyright claim against the original video recorder." I've been asked or told this more than once. Did they really place a copyright claim on your video?
  8. ConnectedNES (2016)

    A one-of-a-kind project that bestows the power of WiFi to the 8-bit NES game console. http://www.nobadmemories.com/connectednes/
  9. Family Guy

    Ha! Dude, when the doc goes down it would be fun to get an interview. Heck, even an interview for the blog would be awesome. Incoming PM to you, sir!
  10. Family Guy

    Made a post on the FB page. 2.1mil views and counting. LOL
  11. North Dakota - 07/16/16 - Burning Mort

    You changed the date, you the mothafussa.
  12. Random Thoughts

    Awesome show. It gets depressing, but power through. It gives you a sad perspective of our society.
  13. CoachK - The official project thread

    Dude, it's been 4 years. It's okay. Our hearts were broken and we moved on.
  14. CoachK - The official project thread

    The project is VERYdead.
  15. TSB PSX: Tecmo’s Final Super Bowl

    Up next in the TecmoBowlers pipe-line...