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  1. Tecmo XIV is sponsored by Lyft! Have an extra Spotted Cow because your rides will be free or super cheap!
  2. Madison, WI - 04/06/18 - Friday Night Retro II

    We are pumped to announce a new format for FNR! Coming? Let us know https://business.facebook.com/events/285065528673534/(Yes, 2v2 TSB. This will not be a prized tournament. Proceeds will go to charity.)
  3. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Pester these bros to get me the info! Or, put them in touch with me!
  4. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    @noonan @thegamer1185 Please do not post people's full names, city & state along with their username unless you specifically get permission. I know some of these don't give this permission. I updated your post but left your local names. If you want those removed please do so.
  5. Any NES style USB Controller Recommendations?

    @JonValjean 1) http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28 - Bruddog's suggestion is probably best for the experience and the connectors are actually $8 now when they are typically $22. Usually, when that happens they are discontinuing a product. I'd recommend grabbing one. You will need to get an OEM NES controller. EBay is your friend. 2) http://amzn.to/2AtpvBH - The Buffalo iBuffalo controller is pretty good. I have a few and like them. http://amzn.to/2jM1v4N - The Hyperkin Cadet is my go to. I like the hand contour and the buttons feel as close to anything I've found to be a real NES. (Disclaimer: I am sponsored by Hyperkin but my opinion is genuine. I have many of these and truly enjoy using this over the others.)
  6. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Any tournament can be a part of The Road To Madison provided they meet the basic criteria. The Road To Madison is a points system used to help seed Tecmo Madison. If you meet the above criteria, your tournament players will be assigned points that count towards Tecmo Madison's World Championship. I rearranged some above posts to highlight a few things. There is a lot of criteria for choosing our major qualifying tournaments. Longevity, the strength of the field, relationships, calendar timing, staff running it, etc, etc. Tecmo Madison staff spent a number of months laying out this map. When you say "enter their tournament information", are you referring to having the results posted on TecmoMadison.com? If so, that has nothing to with any of this. Below is how any tournament can be apart of this.
  7. Posting all the photos I can find as I find them.
  8. College Football Chat Room

    Didn't get the order but you nailed it, @Bodom .
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

  10. Glad you enjoy it but it was made by Flash Emu (old software company) wayyyy back in the day. I just re-uploaded it here for others to enjoy!
  11. College Football Chat Room

    1) ALA gets in with OSU win, TCU win, MIA win or UGA win. All of which is entirely possible. WISC has no actual offense. AUB lolwut. MIA is pissed off and OU is complete garbage in a weak ass conference. If UGA wins, both they and AUB are out, provided everyone else wins out. 2) 0% OSU gets in at all. 2 Losses, 1 vs an unranked team. 3) UO, ALA, MIA & UGA are in.
  12. NBA JAM

    A little Googling gave me this info about the editor. NOTE: This program works on the following ROMs in this way… NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (Beta): Player stat data cannot be edited Roster data can be edited Cheat codes cannot be edited (yet) NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (E): Player stat data cannot be edited Roster data can be edited Cheat codes cannot be edited (yet) NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (J) & NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (U) Player stat data can be edited Roster data can be edited Cheat codes can be edited NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (U) Mattrizzle’s Old School Edition Player stat data cannot be edited Roster data can be edited Cheat codes can be edited
  13. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    This isn't how we seed events as a whole. Not even close. @qb_browns spends 4-6 weeks out of his life seeding this tournament every year. This helps the process by playing against known players in a predictable format.
  14. The Road To Tecmo Madison

    No, see the above quote. It started with Tecmo Dallas.