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  1. Good tech metal. @buck @Bodom @bruddog -- can your brains handle this math?!?
  2. @Maynard_G_Krebs, your work lives on!
  4. "Do College Football Refs Have It In for Your Team?" - an interesting piece I found. A professor analyzed 39,000 foul calls finding "ample evidence of biases" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2016-12-01/do-college-football-refs-have-it-in-for-your-team
  5. This guy (HollaHawks) is a tool bag. Spams Reddit and then people came back to me/us complaining. Annoying as balls.
  6. Lorenzo goes straight to the bench lol
  7. He is only doing CHR edits.... so not possible. I fired it up and the run animation is a bit awkward so I see what you mean, but it actually isn't off. It is just not a fluid animation.
  8. Atomic Bomb #1 I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT..... Tecmo Madison has officially partnered with the Bo Jackson Give Me A Chance Foundation!! We will be offering raffle tickets for $1 per entry to win various prizes involving Bo Jackson and the Bo Jackson Foundation. Raffle Prize Winners: 2x – Meet & Greet with Bo Jackson and other celebrities 1x – Signed Jersey 5x – Signed Poster -- Meet & Greet winners, plus 1 guest will spend an evening with Bo Jackson and various other sports celebrities at a cocktail party prior to the annual Bo Jackson Foundation golf tournament in the Chicago area. Winners are guaranteed a photo-op and will spend the evening having a great time. Last year’s celebrities included Jerry Rice, among others. Travel is not covered, but a one-night hotel stay will be provided. -- There will be a jersey signed by Bo up for grabs for one lucky winner! -- There will be five custom posters up for grabs. We hope to have them Tecmo themed, but the design is not finalized yet. The raffle is open to EVERYONE. You can buy tickets here: https://tecmobowlers.com/products/bo-jackson-foundation-raffle-ticket/ Winners will be drawn April 10th, 2017.
  9. @Knobbe - possible permissions error somewhere? ^^
  10. When I first started as a kid, I loved the OP superstars. 8 year old me really bought into the power that was Bo Jackson. As the years passed, it was more about the ability to create perfect match-ups versus MY friends. Having relatively even battles was freaking awesome. Now that I am an old ass man, it is all about bonding with you guys. I have made some great, deep friendships through Tecmo & live tournaments. I could have never imagined this happening in a million years.
  11. From the Member Map page, click My Location (top right) then Update Location. Quick gif how-to
  12. Yes, you can make carts out of ROMs.
  13. Alternatively, 1. start fceux and load rom (let game start the intro but don't press any buttons to go to the start screen) 2. select Debug -> Debugger from fceux menu 3. Under breakpoints in debugger, select Add and create a breakpoint at $C390. 4. go back to main screen and press button to go to start screen 5. game should stop at $C390 breakpoint 6. create a savestate (press I in fceux) 7. next to breakpoints list, change A and X to match the desired cutscene to play from http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/9946-events/ 8. press Run button next to breakpoint and the selected cut scene should play to play another cutscene, just reload the save state (Press P in fceux) and the game should stop at the $c390 breakpoint right away (step 5). Then just follow the remaining steps (6 8 ) as before. NOTE: this method will always use the first team and first player - BUF::QB Bills
  14. These are great! Thanks for making them.
  15. The 30 for 30 on this is actually pretty interesting. I watched it yeeaarrrssss ago. I find it hilarious that this is resurfacing again. Google says the video released in 2009.