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  1. TECMO XII: Where are you staying?

    All of these should say Super 8 South. /thread
  2.   You can watch the how-to videos here: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/65827-how-to-upload-your-rom-updated-07212015/   Bear in mind it is slightly different because of the forum update. I am going to remake videos this week. If you'd like me to do a few of your ROMs as examples, send via PM and I'll get them going.
  3. Forum Software upgrade

      Yes, preview is dunzo. Our forum now has a full WYSIWYG editor.  It stands for "What You See Is What You Get" making preview redundant.  
  4. Forum Software upgrade

      I don't see how this fixes anything. lol
  5. Forum Software upgrade

    Filter sets are coming. One step at a time, fellas.
  6. Forum Software upgrade

    The second issue is the profile badge size in relation to content. This has always been this way but with the new layout I would put it in the "issue" category.  
  7. Forum Software upgrade

    BAM! - fixed! suck on this line break IPB
  8. Forum Software upgrade

    Test Test Test Test
  9. Forum Software upgrade

    Not really that, but the Enter key behavior is hard coded to perform certain formatting rules. They changed it from line break to paragraph, which is whack. I am trying to figure out a work around. According to the Invision Power support forums we are not the only ones who hate this change. But, yes, that is an HTML5-ish behavior that most modern apps adhere to and I do hate it.
  10. Forum Software upgrade

    Also, some added images are MASSIVE. See above. Trying to sort that out too.
  11. Forum Software upgrade

    Part of the problem is that each line break is creating a new paragraph (<p>) which is bananas to me. You want that for a blog post, not for a forum. I am currently trying to figure this out.
  12. Forum Software upgrade

    One of the goals is to ditch Tapatalk in favor of the mobile theme.
  13. Forum Software upgrade

    What flavor phone and iOS? I took that screenshot from my 6.
  14. Forum Software upgrade

      1) You enter your text into the text area and reply. See: 2) The other apps will start rolling in soon. As of right now, no site chat. 3) New replies have quote boxes. See this example. Possible glitch with the old quote bbcode. Note taken. 4) See answer 2. 5) It looks like there are too many league names in the subheader and it is overlapping the site breadcrumbs. Note taken.