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  1. FYI I'll be out from late June to July 8. Hoping to get some games in beforehand, but if not I'll catchup when I get back.
  2. I went back and looked at how my team would've turned out if Barry fell one more pick to me, and I vastly preferred that team (Barry, Gault/Brown, Darrell or Oliver at DB, Elway, then basically the same picks), so I guess the grass is always greener! I like my team overall, but a few others will be tough - gats with a great passing team, Reg with a fast RB, QB, and Clifton/Byrd, Arn with some HP in Ottis and outtapping everyone, etc.
  3. Wish I could have made it but weekdays are tough for me. I checked in on the stream though and looked liked a good time. Hope the Chicago Tecmo scene continues to grow!
  4. @davefmurray Thanks to you and the team again for keeping the Tecmo Main Event alive! And thanks to Josh, Chet, and the previous organizers for helping with the transition. Question for ya Dave - I just remembered that there was that "top 12" set of prizes. How are the finishing positions 9-16 determined between the 8 people that got bounced in the round of 16?
  5. Interesting. I never realized that the bar length affected the result, but makes sense. In games with the best teams where they are likely to score every possession, I wonder if kicking more onsides as P1 every time is the best strategy.
  6. Idk, I really like the content people are putting out now - streams, commentary, plus always some good leagues going. Plus the websites and hacks are always getting better (even the hacks that don't affect gameplay, like the madison match rom and tap counter - Thanks Bru!).
  7. Gats called the ending haha.
  8. Browns lost two fumbles but prevailed thanks to Everett overthrowing Rice a lot.
  9. My favorite Jstout story - People into stat-tracking were getting annoyed that tackles after a TD could cause fumbles, which would reset the stats to 0 for that play. I realized that I had never seen an out of bounds tackle result in a fumble, so asked Jstout if there was some boundary logic that could be switched to include crossing the end zone after a touchdown. He looked at the code a few minutes, tried a few things out, and before I knew it he gave us a hack that prevented lost stats from ever occurring again! It took him about 15 minutes, and all of the leagues (and I think even TPC) adopted the hack very quickly. It was one of the more minor hacks ever created by Jstout, but I still thought it was so cool how he took a basic idea and turned it into reality in a matter of minutes!
  10. Wow thanks for keeping this together. I keep trying to retire, but this tourney keeps bringing me back!
  11. Whoops I thought you were in this year. I am sad.
  12. I am in and hoping for a 2 seed haha. Bruddog's rankings or bust! Looking forward to seeing some of the guys I met last year and some new faces. But really just Kamph.