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  1. Regulator088 I'm in
  2. Group H I won toss and chose SD/Den Louis chose Den Game got out of hand early when I was up 7-0 and Louis had a fumble on his own 15. Some lag had an obvious affect on his game. Breaks went in my direction this game. GG Louis and GLRW. Final SD 32 Den 0
  3. @RetroNathan thanks, glad to be coming.... The rust is being shaken off with thunder dome so I should be primed for the tourney. Ryan, Ones and I are riding up Friday night i believe so if anyone is around, I'm sure we'll be available for practice games.
  4. http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75731 Group H I won toss and called Mia/KC Ngunn chose Mia Game was 14-7 at halftime with Ngunn receiving the 2nd half kickoff. Game ultimately became out of reach when the QB fumbled on a picked play and I ran it back for a TD. GG Ngunn and nice to talk/play against you. GLRW Final 28-7 KC over Mia
  5. Guys, I will be on all tonight from 5pm through midnight to catch up.... discord me if you're available. Thanks
  6. I refuse to be booted by a guy whose handle motto is "I fart, therefore I am." I'll be on tonight for games and will catch up!
  7. When I pick someone up for free agency, it says Miami and not Baltimore....
  8. Sorry guys, a disappointing showing on my part. I thought I could swing the minimal commitment to be in this league, and at first I could but (as we all do) I have something significant going on absorbing my mind/time. Apologies for flaking.
  9. Imagine James Brooks actually finishes the season!
  10. I was expecting more lol
  11. Done
  12. I will be available from 8:30-midnight EST tonight gents
  13. I will be available all day Sunday and possibly this Saturday 10-2 EST (am -> pm) I have a lot of catching up to do
  14. I will be available all day Sunday and possibly this Saturday 10-2 EST (am -> pm) I have a lot of catching up to do
  15. Welcome Joey, great to have you in HSTL again