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  1. Flo's real name is Kyle..... all other details are obsolete.
  2. The very thought of me sober has already scared some away!
  3. Milwaukee, WI - 11/04/17 - Tecmo Milwaukee: Who's Next? 11/4

    "Your discretion is legendary"
  4. Team matchup sheet for new players

    Tecmo owes Dave and Bru a blumpkin
  5. Team matchup sheet for new players

    This is why I love Tecmo, because the comment about TB's DB's is MOSTLY correct, but not totally. Their DB 4 is actually what makes the difference versus a range of teams that TB would play like Pit, Dal, Jets or for otherwise teams that would focus their runs at Haddix. These are things you new players will learn and understand with time, thus making the game more fun and competitive!
  6. I also have already taken this from you
  7. Can't wait.... @Ones11fahzu and myself will be present.
  8. Tournament Abundance

    There has been really good dialogue in this topic. My original intention/thought was that there needs to be better cohesiveness between tournament dates versus less tournaments all together. This seems to be the common sentiment which I am happy to see. Some other thoughts as a Tecmo vet and tournament participator.... I really like an idea Dave implemented in Tecmo Dallas in which myself, Gats, and Ones11fahzu were designated as resources for questions and advice on general Tecmo game play and rules. This should reduce some of the stress to those running tournaments as well as increase the communication between talented/experienced players and new ones. I imagine if tournament directors reach out to known Tecmo players prior to tournaments beginning and ask this favor, there would be positive response (I'm referring to smaller tournaments). I for one enjoy giving advice and would be happy to fill this role at any tournament I attend. Also, if you look at the amount of votes cast, only 23 people including myself have done so. Our community is huge! Like Dave and Jon said, there are so many of us. Our participation in active topics like this and communication is key to the success of Tecmo. I want to attend more live events, and if tournaments are spread out, this is possible.
  9. Tournament Abundance

    Hey guys, I would like to open dialogue for the pure betterment of Tecmo about how many Tecmo tournaments there are.