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  1. Hey guys, I would like to open dialogue for the pure betterment of Tecmo about how many Tecmo tournaments there are.
  2. This was definitely an amazing event. Anyone who enjoys video games is missing out. Thank you @davefmurray for setting this up and securing this location for the tournament. It was the more fun atmosphere to date for a Tecmo tournament. It was great to see/compete against many fellow Tecmoer's like @joeygats, @Neerrm, @Ashman, @duecethasa1nt, Flo, @suicideking81, @Nos, as well as meeting many new faces. I don't know who Willie C. is but he gave me a good run for my money our first pool play game. I hope he continued to come to these events. P.S - There were some fine chicas dressed up as many characters you would know from all sorts of games.
  3. Winning HSTL Superbowl QB's Bubby Brister - QB - 3 Jeff Carlson - QB - 3 Tony Eason - QB - 3 Mark Rypien - QB - 3 Erik Wilhelm - QB - 3 Wade Wilson - QB - 3 Steve Grogan - QB - 2 Jeff Hostetler - QB - 2 Rick Strom - QB - 2 Vinny Testaverde - QB - 2 Andre Ware - QB - 2 Let that be some draft strategy for you.... QB Eagles and Joe Montana have a combined 2 championships, and QB Bills/Browns have 0.
  4. Would like to hear how people think they did, the logic behind their draft, and teams you are looking to make noise. Preliminarily, there is 1 team I see while BRIEFLY scanning the draft that I would deem the best. TecmoBo's team is nasty with fast QB/RB and LB 4 help with Johnson trolling the field. Yikes. I feel my draft went as expected with a few errors here and there (like drafting butts/harmon when Neal was available). I'm satisfied and have my typical threat of fast QB/RB and fast decent speed WR's with HP (RB's hilliard/hayes). My defense isn't anything to necessarily fear, but has just enough parts to bend and not break. INT's in the secondary to help with the long ball and Byrd/Clifton to snuff the run. Should be a successful year in Philly. GL HSTL.
  5. Have one online station set-up and I will
  6. A thought..... I would attend if I wasn't already going to Tecmo Dallas. We should all do better to not schedule multiple tournies on the same day.
  7. Regulator088 I'm in
  8. Group H I won toss and chose SD/Den Louis chose Den Game got out of hand early when I was up 7-0 and Louis had a fumble on his own 15. Some lag had an obvious affect on his game. Breaks went in my direction this game. GG Louis and GLRW. Final SD 32 Den 0
  9. @RetroNathan thanks, glad to be coming.... The rust is being shaken off with thunder dome so I should be primed for the tourney. Ryan, Ones and I are riding up Friday night i believe so if anyone is around, I'm sure we'll be available for practice games.
  10. Group H I won toss and called Mia/KC Ngunn chose Mia Game was 14-7 at halftime with Ngunn receiving the 2nd half kickoff. Game ultimately became out of reach when the QB fumbled on a picked play and I ran it back for a TD. GG Ngunn and nice to talk/play against you. GLRW Final 28-7 KC over Mia
  11. Guys, I will be on all tonight from 5pm through midnight to catch up.... discord me if you're available. Thanks
  12. I refuse to be booted by a guy whose handle motto is "I fart, therefore I am." I'll be on tonight for games and will catch up!
  13. When I pick someone up for free agency, it says Miami and not Baltimore....
  14. Sorry guys, a disappointing showing on my part. I thought I could swing the minimal commitment to be in this league, and at first I could but (as we all do) I have something significant going on absorbing my mind/time. Apologies for flaking.
  15. Imagine James Brooks actually finishes the season!