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  1. Miller brothers are only an hour away from Kalamazoo. We could easily make even a small one.
  2. Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    Finally all signed up and paid. Kyle is coming too.
  3. Tecmo Madison to end its run this year

    Shenanigans. I made the Final Four in Muster's Last Stand. This slight is clearly retribution for letting all the time tick off in between plays.
  4. 1973 HSRL Draft Round 2 - COMPLETE

  5. 1973 HSRL Draft Round 1: COMPLETE

    WR Warfield
  6. 10/19-10/25
  7. HSTL S34 DRAFT: Round 9 ~COMPLETE~

    I give permission to anyone on this forum to pick for me. I'm about to be on the way to Nashville for the Jokes/Titans game and won't be available for the duration of the draft.
  8. 1973 Sign-ups / Returning Owners

    I admit, I was mulling not coming back...but I do like the league concept, and there has been a lot of effort from Matt and others to start up and keep up this league. I can't be a part of its demise. I will stay.
  9. HSTL S34 DRAFT: Round 7 ~COMPLETE~

    Lorenzo White
  10. HSTL S34 DRAFT: Round 6 ~COMPLETE~

    Wt Steve jordan
  11. HSTL S34 DRAFT: Round 5 ~COMPLETE~

    All the subsequent rounds are currently the opposite of what they should be. Therefore, every person's draft time and position is incorrect....unless it's intentional that Round 5 and Round 6 are identical.