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  1. That's awesome man would love to have you join us! I replied to your PM - please let me know if you have any questions
  2. Hey man would love to have you join us! Please private message me with your name and email and I will add you to the confirmed list. I would love to attend your event as well and excited someone wanta to throw a big Cleveland tournament. I have a family member who told my wife and I to tentatively to reserve that date for a wedding but if anything changes I will sign up.
  3. From Wikipedia: "In the United States, paprika is frequently sprinkled raw on foods as a garnish, but the flavor is more effectively pronounced by heating it in oil." Tecmo translation - blitz QB eagles at your own peril
  4. This is key - some pass plays have 2 or even 3 call safe receivers. I try to put as many call safe receivers in my playbook as possible. If you are practing alone choose to play Man vs Coa and always have the Coa player pick the same play as you. Then practice counting taps to call safe receivers to make sure you can get the pass off in time. Note: If you have QB Eagles, a lot more pass plays can become "call safe" that aren't typically...
  5. Below are the details of our first Northeast Ohio Tecmo Meetup: Who: First 16 guys to respond What: TSB + Watch NFL Draft When: Sat, Apr 29th, 12-5pm Where: Italian Garden Restaurant 10511 Main Street, Mantua, OH 44255 Confirmed participants: 1. Ryan M. 2. Chris H. 3. Mike V. 4. Danny S. 5. Lee S. 6. Jason A. 7. Bryan A. 8. Cliff P. 9. Steve R. 10. Clarence J. 11. John M. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Please let me know if you are able to bring any of the following: -TVs -NES Systems -NES Controllers -Tecmo Super Bowl Carts -Extension cords -Power Strips If if you are able to bring any of the above items, please come 30-45 minutes early to help setup. Format will be informal, decided the day of the event and depend on number of participants and systems available. Most likely it will be some variant of the Detroit Kumite rules (TBD): -Players with like records play each other for a few rounds -Everyone advances to the bracket with a draft format excluding SF, NYG, BUF & HOU. -Draft order based on records This format allows everyone to play a lot of meaningful games and is extremely fair and laid back At least one TV will be setup with DirectTV turned to the NFL Draft for those who want to watch and/or listen between games. Chris a.k.a. Tecmo Ninja is the owner of the restaurant and has graciously agreed to make the Italian Garden the premier destination for the 2017 NFL Draft! Participants are welcome and encouraged to order from the menu and BYOB. I have eaten there a number of times and everything is great - the dough is homemade every day and they make awesome pizza (I also love the JoJos) below is a link to the menu. Hope to see you there! https://www.orderstart.com/mobile/italiangarden#menuPage
  6. The tecmo "bible" by Leif Powers has what you seek http://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15044
  7. When I was at the Detroit Kumite tournament last weekend, a number of players from the Cleveland area who I had never met before attended as well and we all had a great time! Many of these guys already get together a few times a year to play casual Tecmo Super Bowl at various venues. I collected emails and some cell phone numbers for players that wanted to provide one. This post is to see who would be interested in getting together potentially quarterly to play Tecmo Super Bowl and perhaps consider doing a Fantasy Football League in the fall for anyone who enjoys both Tecmo and Fantasy Football and lives in or near Northeast Ohio. If this is something that interests you, please message me and provide your email address and cell phone number, as I will be creating a text distribution group in addition to the email distribution list once we finalize the initial details. If you could also let me know ideas for places to meet, how many systems, cartridges, controllers and TVs you would be willing to share with the group, that would also be helpful. The idea is to simply get a group of great guys together semi regularly who enjoy both Tecmo Super Bowl and NFL football. Thanks in advance for your consideration. More to follow after I collect everyone's thoughts and responses.
  8. Eric, Matt, Joe and Chas ran a great tournament last weekend! If you haven't been to a Detroit Kumite and are on the fence, this is a great tournament to attend. There was a nice mix of players - some who have attended for years to many different tournaments, some only to this tournament and some new faces as well. This was the third Kumite I attended. Having run tournaments myself as a host and competed in quite a few over the past 7 years, I know how much preparation and work go into these events. Eric, Matt, Joe and Chas did a fantastic job as usual. I had the opportunity to meet some tourney vets that had I never met at previous events, the opportunity to connect with old friends and meet some new ones as well. I loved the format as it allowed "2nd tier" players like myself the opportunity to play a lot of meaningful games even if we didn't make the top 16. Being matched up against players with similar records for the first 5 preliminary rounds left me at 2-3 and the 4th seed in the lower 16 bracket. Two of my three losses were to Eric and Matt who are both great players. Shoutout to Matt on capturing the title this year as it was only a matter of time before he got one. It's hard enough to win a title at one of these tournaments but even more when you are hosting and trying to keep everything organized and moving along! Two highlights of the day for me were: 1) Playing a close game vs. Eric on the stream where I missed a long field goal that would have won the game as time expired. Final score 14-12 (DET over SD). 2) Losing on a last second Hail Mary pass against Mark Nutter in the lower bracket finals. Final score 17-14 (DET over MIN). I have seen other players talking on the boards about "quality losses" and having the ability to play against top competition makes everyone better. Eric and Matt have uploaded all of the streamed games to Twitch and YouTube which is great to analyze how other top players compete. I enjoyed watching the replay on Twitch to see what other players were chatting about while I was playing and watching games I didn't have the opportunity to see while I was playing another game. It's always nice to see others critique especially previous Madison champs like Derek and Joey offering their insight. The ability to draft a team in the bracket round based on seeding and keeping them for that portion was a nice touch (heard DT came up with the format so shout out to you brother) 49ers, Giants and Bills were excluded but every other team was fair game. Nearly everyone stayed until the end and people who were eliminated from the bracket round stayed to play pick up games on extra systems or watch the bracket games still in progress. i also connected with a number of new players from the Cleveland area close to where I live and we exchanged email and phone numbers. Would love to put together a group that gets together a few times a year to play Tecmo and perhaps a fantasy football league as well. This event got me even more excited for Madison next month. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Long live Tecmo Ryan
  9. Everyone had a great time! Thanks again to our sponsor Stone Age Gamer for having all the equipment setup when we arrived (7 NES systems with the tap off ROM and custom team ROM installed). The tournament started at 12pm, we took a 45 minute break from 1:30-2:15 for lunch and finished by 5:30pm. Attached are the results from pool play. The brackets were all on paper (I don't have the electronic results) but were structured as the highest heed playing the lowest seed. 7/13 players had records of 3-0 or 2-1 and were placed into the Tier I bracket. The remaining players were placed into the Tier II bracket. In the tier I bracket 1st seed had a bye in the first round, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6. 4 vs 5 In the tier II bracket 8 vs 13, 9 vs 12, 10 vs 11 Jim was on fire all day - his Colts DBs were definitely playing above their stats! Thanks again to everyone who came out - a day of Tecmo is always a good day
  10. Disclosure on money raised and how it was allocated: Registration: $364 (13 players x $28/person) Sponsor Fees: $104 ($8 per player, already factored in to registration fee) 3 Trophies: $104.96 Payouts will be as follows: Tier I Champ: $120 + trophy Tier II Champ: $60 + trophy Tap Off Champ: $20 + trophy We will alter the format slightly with 13 players so everyone can get more games in: 13 players will be broken down into 3 pool player groups / divisions after the tap off portion for seeding (2 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5) Every effort will be made to not group players in pools that came together Following pool play, the top 6 players will enter a double elimination bracket - winner receives $120 and Tier I trophy The next 7 players will compete in a double elimination bracket - winner receives $60 and Tier II trophy Pool play and the double elimination brackets should move quickly since we will have at least 6 NES systems running simultaneously. This will ensure everyone who attends will play 3 pool play games and at least 2 tournament games. Don't forget every participant receives the following from our generous sponsor Stone Age Gamer (www.stoneagegamer.com) just for participating! · Stone Age Gamer Canvas Bag (Lime Green) · Stone Age Gamer T-shirt (Black) [s – 2XL Sizes Available] · $25 Gift Card to StoneAgeGamer.com · Unopened Pack of Topps 1987 Foot Cards · Random Gaming Related Plush Doll · 2 Tecmo Bowl NES Controller Overlays · BitBox NES Game Case with Tecmo Bowl insert · Stone Age Gamer Sticker · Stone Age Gamer Magnet We will also have a drawing after the Tap Off portion for an amazing door prize: A custom EverDrive-N8 Deluxe Edition in turf green with a white wash board stripe. It will also have a custom front and back label.
  11. How do you rank the teams from 1-13 based on how they were built?
  12. Thirteen competitors have submitted their teams and will compete for cash and trophies next Saturday, April 25th in Salem, OH. Let the debate over who built the best team begin!
  13. We have a list of what everyone will get for being in the Tournament: · Stone Age Gamer Canvas Bag (Lime Green) · Stone Age Gamer T-shirt (Black) [s – 2XL Sizes Available] · $25 Gift Card to StoneAgeGamer.com · Unopened Pack of Topps 1987 Foot Cards · Random Gaming Related Plush Doll · 2 Tecmo Bowl NES Controller Overlays · BitBox NES Game Case with Tecmo Bowl insert · Stone Age Gamer Sticker · Stone Age Gamer Magnet The door prize will be a custom EverDrive-N8 Deluxe Edition in turf green with a white wash board stripe. It will also have a custom front and back label. Deadline to sign up is this Sunday, April 12th!
  14. We now have 15 competitors signed up and ready to play the role of Chip Kelly (Coach / GM) for their Tecmo franchise! Sign up and submit your teams by next Sunday (April 12th). Is there anyone else brave enough to take up the challenge of building your own team under a salary cap of $100 ($99.9 max)? The cost to purchase a franchise for this event is $28. You are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games, if we get 28 players, 24 players will get at least 4 games. Email rmckay82@gmail.com to sign up, pay via PayPal and ask any questions. Franchises in need of a Coach / GM are listed below. Remaining Franchises: CHI, CIN, KC, MIA, MIN, NE, NYJ, PHX, RAI, RAM, SEA, TB, WAS
  15. Extended the date to sign up and submit teams to Sunday, April 12th. The main post has also been updated. This will still give me time to setup the custom teams and get the modified ROM to the tournament sponsors to put on the cartridges. If you are able to attend this and haven't signed up yet, please do so and submit your teams ASAP - this is going to be a unique Tecmo Super Bowl tournament format you will not want to miss!