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  1. tecmopsycho Yes
  2. Haven't been on here in a minute, but for anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the game there is one week left for sign ups. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1438033269854413/
  3. All pass plays No QB scrambling past the line of scrimmage No punts No FGs No lurching on defense COM playbooks not changed Everett injured twice during season Played on console Regular Season was 104 TDs / 0 INTs Everett and Long combined. Greene had 87 Sacks. With playoffs it was 115 TDs / 0 INTs (two TDs were kick returns by Aaron Cox in Super Bowl). Greene finished with 99 Sacks (the last play of the game was a dive fumble and it would have been sweet to finish on 100 exactly. This was super difficult considering I did not scramble for first downs and had many turnovers not being able to punt or kick FGs. *Note that I played a season before this and threw a pick in Week 17 after 107 TDs. The frustration was high as I gambled throwing to Flipper in the 3rd quarter and was picked in the end zone by Nesby Glascow. *All be it purposeful, this is the first time in my 24 years of playing this game that i finished a season with no INTs.
  4. NAME: Derek Ruble NICKNAME: Tecmo Psycho EQUIPMENT: Several systems and carts. Possibly two small TVs. HOMETOWN: Indianapolis, IN PHONE #: 76five 73zero 559nine
  5. Besides SMB/Duck Hunt the first purchased game for me was R.C. Pro-AM. Still hearing that opening music right before the first race.
  6. Tecmo Madison "The Mecca of Tecmo Super Bowl" - A Retrospective
  7. Recap: http://tecmopsycho.blogspot.com/2016/02/tecmo-madison-xii-theres-something.html
  8. This is how online Tecmo should be. Besides TTC my league days are over, but I will play this type of stuff all the time. War embodies what online Tecmo used to be and hopefully what it would be. The videos are awesome. Seeding is not necessary or a big deal in my opinion. I am excited to be a part of this and hope I can be in future. Tried to up vote but it said I'm not allowed to give reputation to this user!?!?
  9. What you fail to understand is that the tap meter stops when drones gang tackle. So yes what you see is 8 or 9, but that is not a one-on-one isolation. There were plenty of 12s and 13s when it was. @Coconuts
  10. Our room will be ryan11p, arncoem, and myself (S8S of course).
  11. Probably too late @segathonsov but I can get the captured cards for $11 shipping included. I can also give you a walk through Friday night at destination S8S.
  12. 7 10 http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75061 Justin won toss and took Chiefs. He kicked and Dolphins drived, but a called play on 4th and 5 left Dolphins turning over. Chiefs got a big run from Okoye with some open passes and scored first making it 7-0. Dolphins have another drive and this time capitalize tieing it at 7. Chiefs couldn't get out of bound to kick a FG before half. Chiefs receive after half and quickly have to punt. Dolphins have a great drive and come up empty on a pass to the end zone is picked off in the bottom back corner (don't remember who it was). Chiefs drive but again have to punt. Dolphins convert a critical 4th and 5-ish. Dolphins continue drive close to the red zone, but after several called plays and a grapple sack; all big losses, left Stoyanovich with a long 60 something yard FG with DT looming (he looked fast too for most of the game; especially second half). Kick is good. Chiefs run two or three plays and hailmary falls short. GG Justin TPC_TSB_tapmeterRD2.nsv
  13. This was as good as Saturday cartoons as a kid. All I know is that Bruddog has improved online Tecmo every year I have been involved. The tap meter rom does nothing to alter the gameplay. The number by the name is not distracting. If people don't like playing with it in leagues then there is a red flag. Coco is right. People can use a pencil or a ring and not "turbo", but that's cheating as well. If you wouldn't be allowed to do it in person then you shouldn't be doing it online. There may be new blood who's joining (you've lost some great ones as well), but if make these measures the default or the norm you are not calling any new good tappers out. For the record, against COM I am a consistent 14-15 and with a strong Internet connection I am a 13-14. With a shitty connection I am 11-13. In a complete wide open isolationist never have a consistent range of 6-15. That's absurd. Use the tap meter. Have some integrity. Play some Tecmo. GG