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  1. MGK for Prez
  2. @~Tailback King~, Get in on this thang: Long-dong Johnson's made the cut on this one.
  3. Bodom... say a little whisper.
  4. No Johnny Johnson... There's going to be cries for your head soon. I tell you what, Slide out Ricky Proehl, and slide in The JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!! ... YeeAAAHH!!
  5. Anybody else feel like Rico Gathers could be the next Gronk? We'll see (if he makes the Cowboys roster) how good his hands are, but I'm liking what he's showcasing so far
  6. And - over span of time - Conferences boogie down like dat: +2 AFC =========== -2 NFC
  7. Ryan Shazier James Harrison badass, attitude.
  8. If people aren't feeling the Swiff/beav love, though, there's always Jim Carrey, Kevin Bacon, and parts "Terminator" ... (not a bad matrix.) (Also, I've attached a good beav song, for if you're not into beav/cross-gender imagery, but do enjoy good beav/cross-gender songs ...)
  9. Ron Wolfley. NFL Network. (Raiders @ Cardinals replay.) Whoever's payin Ron Wolfley needs to pay him more... It's just magic.
  10. Week 12. There's a new B.O./"JJ" in town. And only a majik man like Brock Osweiler could lead the Browns back from 0-16 down to wallop the bengals, yo. Move over Kizer! Move over Kessler! Get out KK!!! Look out, CC!!!!!
  11. 正しい ! ! (with Tomie on the left, and Shimoji on the right)
  12. hint: T, and S Who dis? (One name for each is fine...but you must name both)