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  1. (The play prior to this, Vic "No DB, No excuse" Beasley:) You make that pick, because it's the SUPER BOWL, and you goddamn RiseUp, S.O.b..
  2. fuck off, marky mark.
  3. Lot of rednecks, up there in Wyoming I know Rabbits yawn. Just saw a Rabbit yawn, the other day. I suspect Deer yawn...and not just when they're needlessly slaughtered, with their tongues hanging out, by backward rednecks, for "sport"/backwards "tradition."
  4. The Glove, & DMX.
  5. Blessed Rom. Never give up, my bewildered wildebeests. Never. Give. Up. Oh- did I mention I'm also doing an Eagles season? Game 1. George just showed that other pretender-GOAT who's boss. Leading 14-0 to start the game, we quickly found ourselves trailing 14, with 4:07 remain... That's when the scoring began (again). TD. TD. Tied up. Then, we (again) collected their second fumble of the 4th qtr. With :08, we were all setup for the 60.5-yd FG. Phil K (who dat?) punched it in. We win.
  6. Immediately prior to this, on K Phil Dawson: "That is a LORD OF THE FLIES Kicker, right there." -- Ron Wolfley
  7. I was just daydreaming of Stump Mitchell, yesterday ... Brian Brennan - Known for the best pair of hands during his tenure on the team
  8. Game 1. Against the Patriots. Brock quickly capitalized on Brady's lack of understanding of the Quarterback position. He ran the first in, and threw the other three. (Brady threw one to Mr. Ed'.) (Ignore that interception.)
  9. I'm about to start Playoffs. Browns got a 1st-Round bye ...
  10. For some it is though, bredren, for some it is ... For, Eagles hath made Jets their bitch. Edelman's probably due to get in, too.
  11. No-contest: some others I like, dough: Who Are Yours' Favoritists?
  12. Why have a race dispute anyway? Just settle it with McGregor-Floyd
  13. GOJIPHEN! If we could freeze-frame BDawk, he'd look just-like your avatar