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  1. Bolt

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Can somebody ease my troubled mind: is Andrew Luck gonna be quarterbacking the Colts this season? Because, I'm tired of all the hype.
  2. Bolt

    Great Live Performances - Fun Music Project

    Ever heard good Blues? Smokes better than chronic. Word to all you NW mothers.
  3. Bolt

    Poetry Hour

    Summertime Ya'll er some brave cunts Scooping that nighttime tar With half yer form jutting out into Interstate Roadwork Tell ya
  4. Bolt

    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    Not necessarily in order, name your 10 all-time favorite teams
  5. Bolt

    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    Fell down 0-19 early, to the Steelers. They can go fuck themselves. (I'll say it for you, though: so can my running game! ... thanks, Gio.) Interesting story: Won it on a 54-yd FG, the possession before PIT took a timeout with only 1 second left... They could've taken an equidistant FG, but elected to go for TD. @gojiphen malor... can you explain 2018-19 COM stupidity, here??
  6. * Your Star can look like star, your star can look like horny toad... You Make The Call. Shoot.
  7. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Did somebody say... HorsePenis?
  8. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    Percy Snow Captain Munnerlyn
  9. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    @gojiphen malor /\ Is that the real George, at the top? because THIS shark needs to know what's goin' on, top-side https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2018/05/10/watch-d-j-chark-reunites-with-lsu-and-sec-teammate-leonard-fournette/
  10. Bolt

    Best Ever NFL Names

    D.J. Chark Christian Kirk Xander Bogaerts MLB, but I don't care.
  11. Bolt

    Stars who look like "Stars"* (Etc.)

    Well, nobody's talkin' basketball, so let's look at mr. potato head ... http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70235-2017-18-nba-season-discussion/
  12. Matt Forte Go. There've been only a handful of actual player-inductions for those who played predominantly in the 2000s, so far... {Larry Allen, Curtis Martin, Jonathan Ogden, Warren Sapp, ...} Posted Names for consideration (RB) Adrian Peterson* (LB) DeMarcus Ware (TE) Tony Gonzalez (TE) Antonio Gates (WR) Steve Smith (WR) Larry Fitzgerald* (CB) Champ Bailey (CB) Charles Woodson (FS) Ed Reed (SS) Troy Polamalu* (QB) Peyton Manning (QB) Tom Brady (QB) Drew Brees* (K) Adam Vinatieri* (KR/PR) Devin Hester* C - Jeff Saturday G - Brian Waters T - Jahri Evans T - Joe Thomas T - Jake Long DT - Kevin Williams DT - Vince Wilfork DT - Haloti Ngata DE - Jared Allen DE - Julius Peppers DE - Dwight Freeney DE - John Abraham DE - Mario Williams FB - Vonta Leach FB - John Kuhn RB - Frank Gore RB - Marshawn Lynch RB - Chris Johnson RB - Matt Forte RB - Jamaal Charles RB - Darren Sproles RB - Arian Foster ILB - NaVorro Bowman ILB - Patrick Willis ILB - Derrick Johnson OLB - James Harrison TE - Jason Witten TE - Vernon Davis WR - Calvin Johnson WR - Reggie Wayne WR - Andre Johnson WR - Anquan Boldin WR - Brandon Marshall WR - Wes Welker WR - Marques Colston WR - Roddy White CB - Darrelle Revis CB - Patrick Peterson QB - Aaron Rodgers QB - Eli Manning QB - Joe Flacco QB - Roethlisberger QB - Philip Rivers QB - Matt Ryan P - Shane Lechler Who's going IN?... Peyton Manning Tom Brady Tony Gonzalez Champ Bailey Ed Reed DeMarcus Ware Charles Woodson Antonio Gates Steve Smith Drew Brees* Troy Polamalu* Larry Fitzgerald* Adrian Peterson* Adam Vinatieri* Devin Hester* . . . *somewhat debatable.
  13. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 1.1)

    (I should say too that I didn't press Start ONCE - when passing - in the whole Playoffs... Didn't want to "cheapen" the experience. (Juiced 0.7 version, bytheway))
  14. S: honey BADGER S: CB: darrelle REVIS CB: antonio CROMARTIE OLB: julius PEPPERS ILB: karlos DANSBY ILB: david HARRIS OLB: james HARRISON DE: WILKERSON T: kevin WILLIAMS DE: chandler JONES WR: anquan BOLDIN WR: steve SMITH TE: martellus BENNETT T: d'brickashaw G: C: nick MANGOLD G: T: GIACOMINI QB: cam NEWTON FB: mike TOLBERT RB: matt FORTE KR: jacoby JONES PR: darren SPROLES K: nick FOLK P: (I'll fill this in, over time...) YOURS?
  15. Bolt

    TSB trivia game

  16. Bolt

    Favorite Current NFLers at Each Position

    Gotta update this, now that Matt Forte's gonzo /// RB: alex COLLINS ... good call, manYo953. http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/68227-favorite-runningback-style/?do=findComment&comment=471753
  17. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 1.1)

    Thank you for making this rom, Spanky. I want you to know that, now that it's done and usurped by BETA 1.0 (so as not to ruin the fun for anyone), I did a comprehensive SIM blitz of your last version - Beta 0.7, ya heard? - and CINcinnati turned up Ultimate Victors!!!... (Over either ATL or T.B, out of the NFC.) {Other teams in the Playoff-mix were, MIA / BAL / PIT / K.C / TEN CAR / PHI / ARZ (...who I won SB with, in my own season, bytheway; legit OT, over Ningland) / and CHI}
  18. Bolt

    Best GIFs

  19. Bolt

    TSB trivia game

    Are "The Kaiser" and "Von Wilhelm" one and the same? It don't matter, either way, Because - this really must be the Year of the Backup QB (Nicky Foles), because - Erik. WILL. Helm the CHALLONGE !!¡!!¡!! Regular season. 13-3. Never injured. Divisional, LEGIT (Raiders got the ball) OT: Von Wilhelm threw 3, ran 2 TDs, here. (Toughest test of the playoffs. One of the best games I ever "played" in. Rodney Holman also caught his first - and only - pass of the entire season!... in a throw-it-up-for-grabs, on a called-play, keep the drive alive/season-saving moment!!) Conference: The Kaiser... threw 2, ran 1, herein ... I want to give a Special Thanks, here, to KELSO, for NOT intercepting that very INTERCEPTABLE ball; in the waning moments of the 4th quarter, too (when I already had the game wrapped up... scary!) CHAMPS!!! Erik de Wildebeest threw 2, ran 1, here YE! TOTALS: 49 interception-less balls + 9 running + james BROOKS {MANY Playoff TD recepts} + The SB, to boot. @kamphuna8 UP!!
  20. Bolt

    TSB trivia game

    Not 1-2-3-Fourcade. He's kindof on the middle-to-lousy end of the spectrum.
  21. Bolt

    TSB trivia game

    Thanks for playing! However, I found Tupa to be pretty bad, and did not accomplish the task at hand with him.
  22. Bolt

    TSB trivia game

    It's a no-go, on Wilson; though I found him to be a top-tier backup, and almost got it done. Good try! - By the way, people can also continue to answer @kamphuna8's top-of-the-page post; because I have no idea... Here. I'll put it here: - ALSO, by the way: NEVER try the task I've laid-out, at home. Because it's addictive, and will drive you nuts!! Proceed. And continue. To rock the mic
  23. Bolt

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 1.1)

    legion of baby-backs I tried pressing Start, for the first time: It's AS ADVERTISED.