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    Take him out, Mueller.. take that fuckwit puppet out.

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  1. Favorite City/Town Names

    SASKATOON Cartagena Medellín
  2. T.B. Wunderlich

  3. What's on TV?

    This girl's on TV, now. (Curling World Championships Semifinal.) You better find her
  4. Tell me what license plates you seen

    Could you try "EF"? Or "EHF;" or, "EFV"?
  5. Philly Commander Wave

    What a dink! (Who is this masked man? ^)
  6. Philly Commander Wave

    Vai and By say, "hi."
  7. The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    Yeah, started a Everett *and Wilhelm* season, before you posted. He's flippin' that thing around the yard
  8. Philly Commander Wave

    ^ I thought that was Mack Hollins, Yebediah?
  9. Hey, at least he's got Mike Tyson in his briefs on drums, and a fantastic riddim section