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  1. I think mine was E.D. It was on tv, at L.A. (disneyland? a tv shop? Both?... I was such a youngin; it gets all mixed-up, and jumbled (as to where exactly)). Year 1984
  2. #JerseyFound #MexicanResponsible The wall is definitely getting built now.
  3. Especially on or around dey period.
  4. "Got yur brackets filled?"
  5. Tim Ubick knows Bo wears the emperor's clothes... and they're Tim Ubick's Tim Ubick says, while squeezing Johnny Johnson's hose
  6. Oh, how I love 'gina So too, there's: Chula Vista Pontiac > both Michigan Cadillac.
  7. Surfin' - when you score a TD, and yo defendahz be like (body-)surfin', johnz ... "Escalatin' crab" [alternatvely, Crab escalating] - When you score a TD, and you start escalatin' - like those walking-'escalators' at O'Hare (or Denver) - except, sideways like a crab
  8. This is erie ... I was just at Boulder, and found us a new Betty, ya'll
  9. Russia is like the Bill Belichick of espionage
  10. The off-season is a long slog, I tell you ... what are we to look forward to? Big hats, and horse races?
  11. Fran Drescher. (with Fran Drescher nipples)
  12. Also, columbitch's name should NOT be capitalized.