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  1. Johnny Hekker > Johnny Johnson
  2. Serious hypothetical: put David Johnson at Cardinal RB 1985-86 (with the work he's put in 2015-16) and Johnny Johnson at Cardinal RB 1990-92 (with the work he put in 1990-92), and who's the better Johnson?
  3. Do you believe in magic? How does a 19-point comeback bode for you? Well, Week 14... trailing 0-19 at halftime, we {Jets, MAN} cameback to throttle the Broncos, 28-26 on a 71-yard walkoff bomb to wideout Charone Peake!
  4. I think everybody overlooks Drew Brees because he's so short
  5. to believe otherwise is to be not only against J.J., but against Tecmo... and life itself.
  6. I like it when Johnny Johnson enters the fray
  7. Hines Ward's a great call, too. Especially since he played at Heinz Field...or as I like to call it, the Mustard Bowl.
  8. I could go for a bovine with barbeque sauce, right about now. SUMMA !!
  9. Do you like Tecmo music? I like Tecmo music Don't you like Tecmo music... Sung to the Toon of: By the way, CAN ONE OF YOU ROM-MAKERS MAKE THE IN-GAME MUSIC FOR THIS YEAR'S TSB INTO THE INTRO FROM BASEBALL STARS, INSTEAD? (And it goes a little something like this:) ... Could you imagine "HUT! HUT! HUT!" overlayed on that ! ? ! ! ! ? !
  10. I sense that this might be the year of the Red Bird, ya'll:
  11. Their ways are raw and full of intrigue, i must attest. But would you expect anything less? Maybe they should bring back fat and slow Revis, too.