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  1. Kind of like how MTV went all reality-tv on the bit. Seems like decades since they actually played music videos. Oh, wait- it probably has. A good model to follow? AYE don't think so, Capt. Hooker (not YOU, I mean ESPN... they're like a prostitute).
  2. In short, it unnerves me greatly to see men performing this sport: Because they're doing woman's work. Thank you for your time, and I hope you all have learned something for the day...
  3. It's high time the Bears're relevant again. NFL take note: without it, your ratings will flounder
  4. CORRECT !!!
  5. fat manchu, what are u yapping about?
  6. Need another hint? ... going out on a limb, here
  7. AP's having trouble getting signed, huh? How 'bout we sub Peterson out, and sub back in Ray Rice?
  8. You'll go far, Coconuts. You'll go far...