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  1. yeah, I like that vibe. ATL are going to be crowned, and the patriots are going to begin a slippery slide out of fake dynasty-hood. Gracias
  2. LMAO. Alternative fact-juice, ole billy boy?
  3. Let us know, yo!
  4. Who wins? BORG ^ Halftime: 55-yd bomb to Sanu (Ryan). 32-yd Blount dash. 6-yd Freeman scamper. 1-yd Gronk catch (Brady). 3-yd Freeman run. N.E fg.
  5. Who wins? MONSTER ^ Halftime: 54-yd pitch and catch to Edelman (Brady). Blount, 7-yd run. 15-yd toss to Gronk on the goaline (Brady). 22-yd beamer to Amendola, in stride in the endzone (Brady).
  6. Who wins? QBV ^ Halftime: Holding a 4-pt advantage behind the talented Mr. Ripley- I mean, Matt Schaub. Who filled in nicely for an injured MVP, sacked and incapacitated on the first play. N.E struck first...blood? On a 22-yd strike to Edelman (Brady). The ATL answered, with a quick 2-yd dump off to Freeman (Schaub). Who later ran one in, from the 1. N.E fg.
  7. Gotta feel happy for the Falcons, tho. New England can go fuck themselves Still, an ATL-N.E sb beats a G.B-PIT rematch. That would've blown
  8. Why did PIT get screwed on that obvious recovery of a brady FUMBLE?
  9. Good one: mos def, a must-listen.
  10. I have a feeling the Patriots season will be won or lost on Michael Floyd. And, Rodgers - barring nfl intervention - is not leader-enough (imo) to guide his team to the Championship; perhaps ever again
  11. May freedom rang? I'll be the lone boner to pick PIT, cuz all you cocks are scared @fatcheerleader, @PockyCandy, @BO FB Offtackle Left, @AllOthers: Get in on this thang!
  12. ATL - no more shenanigans, Rodgers