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  1. #13, lucky doll-finn
  2. I like it when I learn something new ... For the longest time, I thought that actress Jennifer Garner was the daughter of that guy from the 1984 movie "Tank" (who's no longer alive). Turns out, her dad is a living Garner, which I just found out tonight.
  3. Set your dial to N.E vs. ATL, folks. It's a heckuva rematch. TSB2017(-18)-base result
  4. Wait, vinegar?!
  5. Won't be long till I got my longjohns on / Sittin' back, sippin' on cocoa / And watching dat NFL, from mah dojo Thank you Darling, I'll take that ... Just be on stand-by, I might need somemore.
  6. Brady's mastered the art Butter on a fish, now that sounds delish Running the Tecmo circuit since '86
  7. no ... BO knows what Bo don't know
  8. I like how Ray Shay's name seems to evolve, with each passing day
  9. not according to Shay Rane.
  10. ^ is this the Bunny Hadger?
  11. Add to that, look for a rebound by Todd [I gotta keep it "TB"] Burley (^ Todd's gurley, by the way.)
  12. Have you changed Ray Shane to Shane Ray, yet? I think you should change his name to Rane Shay. (no joke.)