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  1. Hooray! Hoorah! Can you go 2-0?! Sunday, 1/21/2018 3:05pmE.T. @ 6:40pmE.T. @ Here are Divisional round Medallions:
  2. I seen a 80 RICE plate, a couple nights ago
  3. Conference Championships, pickem

    This is weird. I like it!
  4. Divisional Round PredictFest

    To Re-cap 1. @TecmoSuperFan 4-O 2. @Bodom 3-1 3. @gojiphen malor / @buck / @Mike Gordan / @AZcards77 / Bolt 2-2 Honourable mention goes to 2-1 @PockyCandy.
  5. The Best weekend in sports is upon us. Saturday, 1/13/2018 4:35pmE.T. @ = PHI 8:15pmE.T. @ = N.E ----------------------------------------------------- Sunday, 1/14/2018 1:05pmE.T. @ = JAX 4:40pmE.T @ = MIN Here are the Wild-Card round Borgger results: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70090-wild-card-predictem/?do=findComment&comment=488029 Get after it! ... All newbies welcomed! ... Pick away!
  6. Pre-Playoff Pickem Interlude

    Okay, Amigo. I comprende that you are - excluding your lone-pickless WEEk 1 - a Rehular-Season 64% Señor. ¿. @gojiphen malor 155-86 {64%} ~ 9-5-1
  7. Not great, but pretty good Regular-Season results from everyone involved... Overall: 1. @Mike Gordan 174-82 {68%} = "11-5" 2. @buck 170-86 {66%} = 10-5-1 3. @Bodom 169-87 {66%} = 10-5-1 4. Bolt: 158-98 {62%} = 10-6 5. @TecmoSuperFan 155-101 {61%} = 9-6-1 6. @kamphuna8 144-112 {56%} = 9-7 However, I commend everyone for having the nuutsacken not to go 0-256.
  8. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Quote of the Weekend: "Heck of a game, wasn't it? And the good guys won." - Mike Zimmer "And the good guys won"!! - was what really stood out to me. Because, prior to taking the Saints, I felt like that was a pick for the "evil empire" (sean payton, broom-sweep, whatevs)... And yet, had to make it, because I'd been craving a Saints-Vikes rematch ever since, like, when:
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Pr1nce was in the house, last night ... R.I.P., ol' boy
  10. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I like the way Diggs takes it to the Sugar Shack
  11. Divisional Round PredictFest

    This is bigly business. We run a strict ship around here. If you can't get your picks in on time, it's all woulda, coulda, shoulda for those games: rmm1976 is actually 1-1 for the Week [having timely-picked JAX / against MIN], and bruddog is 0-2 [having timely-picked against JAX / MIN], ONLY. For the Playoffs, rmm1976 is now 5-1, and bruddog is 2-4. {iBronze-medalist (like many of us were; 2-2) got only N.E and JAX right, this-Week}
  12. Divisional Round PredictFest

    LMAO. If only the Jags will dim the lights on Brady's negligee swan song ...
  13. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Bodom already conceded defeat to you - and pretty-much to buck, too, by the looks (ie., coin-flipping, instead of actually picking) - but I don't think buck is that pride-less
  14. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Myles Jack. You stud.
  15. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Happened to see this - atop the Yahoo-page - upon my logging out of my NOT picking poopsburgh, unlike most of the rest of you: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/everyone-seemed-complaining-officials-favored-patriots-045901261.html Interesting ... Leo Fournette. You stud.
  16. Divisional Round PredictFest

    falcons - you fockin' blo.
  17. Divisional Round PredictFest

    please, let me live, Mariachi !!?!! ... Falcons - these fockers are seasoned. Patriots - these fockers are seasoned.
  18. Pre-Playoff Pickem Interlude

    You shall be pardoned. I shall make it a point to discover these truths, to be self-evident. You just sit tight, Charlie Daniels, and await the great unveiling.
  19. Cool images

    gets heated. Fun listen: http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/q/segment/14722544
  20. Cool images

    C'mon, slap em down.
  21. Pre-Playoff Pickem Interlude

    @gojiphen malor, what was your regular-season win-percentage? You only missed picking Wk 1, didn't you? (I could go back and look, too.)
  22. Divisional Round PredictFest

    What if our CC's go ALL-SOUTH !!¿!! TEN-JAX {AFC-S} / ATL-N.O {NFC-S}