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  1. Stars who look like "Stars"* (Etc.)

    sorry, Fonzie.
  2. * Your Star can look like star, your star can look like horny toad... You Make The Call. Shoot.
  3. Best GIFs

  4. Best Player Nicknames

    Baker 'vanilla ninja' Mayfield
  5. Yeah- I'm with Rodney (or whoever that was): no man-boobs / Shout-Out to Gats, on the 3Peete Two things: 1. Somebody needs to do a movie about Joey Gats 2. NFL Network needs to start broadcasting these Madison events (instead of replaying that 2016 cowboys/steelers game all the time).
  6. Philly Commander Wave

    This just occurred to me: Kool Keith's gotta be crackin' a nut right about now.
  7. Jamminnummaone

    Hi. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd... we're back!
  8. Jamminnummaone

    America's Greatest Hero Mue-oo-ller is here Mueller Go!
  9. Could a cock friggin' watch the replay? I don't know who won. I don't WANT to know who won. I want to watch the replay, to find out who won ... (and please tell me there's no porno.)
  10. No-contest: some others I like, dough: Who Are Yours' Favoritists?
  11. Favorite music while playing TSB

    "I wish that I had Johnny Johnson's girl!..." - to the tune of Jesse's Girl This is music of the mind, body and soul (not so much that I have Rick Springfield playing).
  12. NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    The mere idea of Tom Brady even THINKING about retirement makes me sad, friends That Baker Mayfield could be rocking the helm in New England ... blasphemy!!
  13. T.B. Wunderlich

    I think tits have a field day (still), in Texas. But not so much, anywhere else
  14. T.B. Wunderlich