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  1. Looking for a server IP? good one to use. Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. Good stuff Stall
  3. Double Dragon I vs. II for NES

    There will be no Game Genie in #4 also. Going to be tough trying to make it through that som bitch.
  4. Double Dragon I vs. II for NES

    Which one do you prefer? I like #1 the best. #2 is good just way too many impossible puzzle boards in it. I had to use the fucking Game Genie to get past all of them. http://www.gamegenie.com/cheats/gamegenie/nes/index.html I have a feeling #4 will be a more polished version of #2. It will be sick as balls. Also #1 has the way better boss battle. #2's boss battle is just two insanely hard to kill ninjas and a doppleganger Billy. #1's boss battle is a royal rumble of Abobo fury complete with machine gun weilding end boss. I'm gonna play through #3 right now just for shits and giggles. #3 is supposedly the shittiest of the three.
  5. 1984 Rookie of year voting

    I voted for Moon. I feel unclean now.
  6. Team/Owner #Pick Player Mock roll/stat line Bears/Arn420 1 QB Randall Cunningham 31ms 56ps 50pc 50ab 49ers/ArnC 2 WR Jerry Rice 44rs 69ms 81bc 81rec (OG) Bills/RedskinFan 3 DB Eugene Robinson 63ms 63hp 63int Packers/Stall 4 DL Bruce Smith 56ms 81hp 13int Colts/Cubs 5 QB Bernie Kosar 13ms 50ps 56pc 44ab Bengals/Baxter 6 QB Doug Flutie 19ms 44ps 50pc 56ab Cardinals/Rico 7 DL Chris Doleman 63ms 63hp 13int Browns/Paulie 8 WR Andre Reed 25rs 56ms 56bc 69rec (OG) Saints/Drake 9 LB Kevin Greene 56ms 50hp 19int Oilers/PurpleH 10 WR Al Toon 38rs 44ms 56bc 63rec Falcons/Prime 11 LB Simon Fletcher 63ms 56hp 19int SeaHawks/DT 12 DB Jerry Gray 44ms 44hp 56int Jets/Bone 13 OL Lomas Brown 50ms 63hp Lions/Nos 14 RB Herschel Walker 38rs 38ms 44hp 50bc 44rec Vikings/Kamp 15 LB Duane Bickett 50ms 50hp 31int Giants/Dolo 16 WR Eric Martin 44rs 44ms 50bc 56rec Browns/Paulie 17 OL Jim Lachey 44ms 56hp Patriots/Dukesta 18 LB Jack Del Rio 44ms 50hp 31int Buccaneers/Nate 19 DB Mark Kelso 38ms 63hp 56int Raiders/Gats 20 WR Reggie Langhorne 38rs 50ms 50bc 56rec Chiefs/ChiefsJR 21 TE Jay Novacek 44ms 63hp 44bc 44rec Buccaneers/Nate 22 OL Kevin Glover 38ms 63hp Steelers/SwampC 23 DB Issac Holt 50ms 44hp 50int Eagles/Bo 24 OL Ken Ruettgers 44ms 44hp
  7. HSTL S38 Divisions

    Then I'll take the browns? @Cheefzboy and @kamphuna8 want to work out? Kamp gets SeaHawks. Cheefzboy gets Denver?
  8. 1984 Draft Order

  9. HSTL S38 Divisions

    Browns for SeaHawks? MoDeezie?
  10. Let TimBone put faces on faceless players

    There are currently 28 players without a face.
  11. I have the power. I can make it happen. Let the voting commence.
  12. Playoff Race

    Hanging on by the skin o' my teeth! Super Bowl!
  13. Johnny Bailey goes down. L.T. unable to score any TD's. Hawks lose bad. GG O'Dell.
  14. Looking for a server IP? This one works good!