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  1. I know not all tecmo guys are bright, so I'll help you with a bit of deductive reasoning. If I knew I needed a driver I would have downloaded it before we played. Obviously, the issue of the driver only pertained to nestopia. Hence, I needed to download before I could use nestopia. I know your times and I will contact you to play when I see fit to play you when it fits into my schedule. Until then, gl in all your games.
  2. I downloaded a driver and messaged to play you right after. You can see it on discord. It was under an hour. NOT HOURS! Ireceived no response. I stayed on until after midnight and zuir messaged me. Despite 2 desyncs we got our game in. I'm not stressing getting the game in since weeks 3 and 4 have been dropped. We will find time before the season deadline and that's all that matters.
  3. Look for me friday at 9pm cst
  4. Brutal fumble at the end, especially with 81 BC. Should have put in the backup QB since he was an excellent.
  5. VIKES select Sherman and Quick
  6. VIKES select Krumrie, walker and carter
  7. Vikes select tim green, michael reid and brian jordan
  8. NE RB Stephens/ WR Fryar for RD 7
  9. Vikes select IND OL
  10. Vikes select Rathman/Wilson
  11. Vikes select QB wilson/TE Cook
  12. Tready please!
  13. Vikes select OLB Fletcher/ DB Smith
  14. I haven't had a good DB for a while, so I am ignoring my board and going with 3M. Mann/Marshall/Mayhew.
  15. Vikes roll with Meggett/Baker