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  1. Bucs/Suicideking availability for Season 36

    I know not all tecmo guys are bright, so I'll help you with a bit of deductive reasoning. If I knew I needed a driver I would have downloaded it before we played. Obviously, the issue of the driver only pertained to nestopia. Hence, I needed to download before I could use nestopia. I know your times and I will contact you to play when I see fit to play you when it fits into my schedule. Until then, gl in all your games.
  2. Bucs/Suicideking availability for Season 36

    I downloaded a driver and messaged to play you right after. You can see it on discord. It was under an hour. NOT HOURS! Ireceived no response. I stayed on until after midnight and zuir messaged me. Despite 2 desyncs we got our game in. I'm not stressing getting the game in since weeks 3 and 4 have been dropped. We will find time before the season deadline and that's all that matters.
  3. Bucs/Suicideking availability for Season 36

    Look for me friday at 9pm cst
  4. HSTL 36 -- Week 1 -- Bengals at Seahawks

    Brutal fumble at the end, especially with 81 BC. Should have put in the backup QB since he was an excellent.
  5. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 10 - COMPLETE -

    VIKES select Sherman and Quick
  6. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 9 - COMPLETE -

    VIKES select Krumrie, walker and carter
  7. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 8 - COMPLETE -

    Vikes select tim green, michael reid and brian jordan
  8. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 7 - COMPLETE -

    NE RB Stephens/ WR Fryar for RD 7
  9. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 6 - COMPLETE -

    Vikes select IND OL
  10. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 5 - COMPLETE -

    Vikes select Rathman/Wilson
  11. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 4 - COMPLETE -

    Vikes select QB wilson/TE Cook
  12. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 3 - COMPLETE -

    Tready please!
  13. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 3 - COMPLETE -

    Vikes select OLB Fletcher/ DB Smith
  14. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 2 - COMPLETE -

    I haven't had a good DB for a while, so I am ignoring my board and going with 3M. Mann/Marshall/Mayhew.
  15. HSTL S36 DRAFT: Round 1 -COMPLETE-

    Vikes roll with Meggett/Baker