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  1. Your weekly reminder to unregister from the tournament - also, since we've received comments from people via other means about friends and relatives if you notice someone in a group that you know isn't coming, let us know too so we can reach out and confirm with them.
  2. Since you're cramming, another thing to practice/discover is which plays are "blitz" proof with a hot route. Offset Flare E (the offset I play in the 2nd play slot) has a built in hot route to the RB, so you can throw to him on picked play to at least avoid a sack.
  3. You can tell Leif so yourself. The Plaza Region, Group 12, B seed.
  4. Billy Beane wishes he had the knowledge of bruddog. As do Paul DePodesta, JP Ricciardi, and David Forst.
  5. 26 days out everyone. Get your game straight or this could happen to you:
  6. Weekly post: Make sure you contact us to un-register if you find that you cannot come to the tournament. It would be a big help. Thanks.
  7. We're one month and one day from this thing. So, please, if you find that you cannot make it... DROP OUT NOW Thanks, The Poor Bastard who has to rearrange everything because of the cascading effect of one person leaving the tournament who would prefer to do changes now instead of frantically working on an excel spreadsheet the Friday night/Saturday morning of tournament weekend.
  8. Totally Having your vanquished enemies sign your shirt after defeat is an ELITE idea.
  9. The various challenges are always a good time to build skills: Pittsburgh (or really any D) challenge: You can only be the Pitt D, you have to punt or kick a FG on every possession. Works on Special Teams and Defense - if you have a hard time with FGs, doing this with the Chiefs or SD is a good method to dial in kicking. Miami Challenge: You can only advance the ball by running with Dan - so you only call your 4 pass plays. I can't think of any others because those are just fun.
  10. Bruddog is right, you're better off choosing the matchup - but that should be of minimal concern to you. Also, the pages and pages bit about the coin toss is true and not a rabbit hole you would want to go down. A thing to try is to see why teams are a good matchup with each other. Bears-Raiders is a great example. That is a common matchup that people love to call (Bears-Bengals is another). Figure out why that is, which team you would prefer in that matchup, and what type of player would call it.
  11. Here is one person's bit of advice on some of that stuff as well - focus on your stuff. Be good at your stuff first. If you like a set of plays, use that set of plays and know them in your sleep. I am not @bruddog, my knowledge was/is deep, but not that deep. What I always did was focus on my own game play - I could never out-know a player, but I could know exactly how every single team in the game played to my strengths. I like DBs on defense, so my knowledge of DBs is high, my knowledge of LBs is low. I love burner WRs on the bottom, so my playbooks reflect that - I only used 6 total running plays and 6 total passing plays. I know who I should be to fit my style with any team, and I also have a style (some would refer to it as 'extremely effing annoying' though my man brud plays an even more annoying version of it) that I spent time cultivating that works with my mentality. As a noob, you will benefit from playing your game, because if you're going to go out, go out on your terms, not playing someone else's style. The one other thing that can help from a comfort/matchup level is to pick a "tier" of teams and know them inside and out, while leaving the other teams for cursory understanding. If you choose a matchup, you have a go-to tier, if you are forced to choose a team, you at least have a basic understanding of which teams plays to your strengths. I lived in the 5th of the 6 "traditional" tiers. I loved playing in that tier because it fit my style and matchup preferences. Others prefer a different tier, but it at least gave me a safety blanket - when in doubt, choose something from the good tier. The tiers as I remember them are below - everyone will have differences and their own rankings/groupings so treat this is the most basic of basic groupings from tournament play: Tier 0: AFC/NFC Pro Bowl, 49ers (49ers are alternatively banned or rarely used in tournament play so are put here) Tier 1: Oilers, Bills, Giants Tier 2: Eagles, Raiders, Bears Tier 3: Miami, SD, Bengals, Chiefs Tier 4: Steelers, Broncos, Rams, TB, Vikings, Lions, Skins Tier 5: Falcons, Cowboys, Jets, Cardinals, Saints Tier 6: Seahawks, Colts, Packers, Browns, Pats
  12. To paraphrase a rather un-famous quote I had in Polygon about the tournament: games are decided at the elite level in the margins: can you match up a burner WR against a low INT/slower DB? or get your high HP TE blocking a low HP DL to open a larger hole? Part of this is experience - you just have to play against the upper level guys over and over again. Part of it is knowledge - the Holzbauers and I would recite secondaries with INT ratings on long drives to compare. Part of it is opponent research - you should have a cursory understanding of how some of the top guys play, a bunch of their games are on youtube by now. And part of it is self-research - trying playing your friends without tapping, or without calling a running play, or without doing X and see how you adapt. If your friends are not as good as you, take the worst team in horrific mismatches to generate the necessary skill difference. Read mort's blog. Go to tecmogeek.com. Use bruddog's matchup generator ROM if only to see what matchups look like since it takes historically called matchups. You get one month to get your sports training montage in, make it count.
  13. lot of noobs making some noise on Facebook about being awesome - I expect the veterans to keep the young bucks in check this year.
  14. I should have amended that to: "I like some sleep every so often."
  15. Slightly off-topic but needs to be said, it is now time to begin the yearly reminder: IF YOU ARE NOT COMING, LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY SO WE CAN ADJUST STUFF AND REWORK GROUPS This year was a fairly difficult job just doing the initial grouping, each drop out causes some cascading changes and I like sleep.