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  1. At some point in the future we might be able to do something similar to that depending on numbers. When you look at tournaments that run in the 1000s *and* have shorter per-game timeframes, seeding the top (read: sponsored) players with some byes is a good decision - no one wants to play a daigo, infiltration, or justin wong in the first round at Evo. But we are far from that point now. Also, as others have pointed out, tecmo is a fickle mistress who mistreats those who mistreat her through fumbles, interceptions, and other little slaps to the hand of the disrespectful.
  2. Without getting *too* deep into the process, the groups of 4 change is baked in to the placements. Obviously, a newbie to Madison and Tecmo tournaments in general is more difficult to place - and we have quite a few of those - but generally we have a good feel for how everyone has previously done at various tournaments (h/t and thanks to the work of @sonofpatbeachand @averagetsbplayer with creating the database of players). For example, if you look at the B seeds in BB1, TP1, LM1, and HN1 those guys are either complete noobs or 0-lifetime at Madison. We're not out to crush the hopes of guys with competitive records in the tournament, far from it - this is the largest, deepest, and most talented field in memory. I look forward to a great tournament. And @Neerrm this isn't a response at you - this is for everyone, your quote was a good place to start.
  3. And you have to make little Wayne's head bleed for Superfan #99.
  4. Obviously, the goal is to end up either being this guy or having this guy at the tournament:
  5. @RetroNathan our guy @davefmurray has been creating loving images of other men up on this site for years - he loves the beautiful people of Tecmo. I should know, in my younger days, I was one too:
  6. Between this guy and @regulator088 we have some fine looking men playing for Tecmo immortality.
  7. Good luck today! The eyes of the nation are upon you.
  8. The most intimidating move in all of professional sport.
  9. It's seriously just: Name: Anthony Ortega Known As: GarbageTSBPlayer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't call these guys in any matchup:
  10. Good thing you're a top seed then.
  11. When @ImFlo sees that he's the #2 seed in @averagetsbplayer's group, he is going to be pissed. (note, this is purely speculative)