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  1. UPDATE #3 to the seeding is now live https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nherNMIAiTddp_PJ13rLFbM2zLV3hAfels-aW0Yu158/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Can we change the font or does it have to be the serial killer handwriting?
  3. Now that it's Madison week, a reminder to let us know at the earliest possible opportunity if you are dropping out.
  4. Just a quick update - I will be making small changes to the groups leading up to April 7. If/when major changes are required (i.e. a #1 seed needs moving, or a 'name' player drops out), I will produce an official numbered update and announce to everyone. Please let us know if you can't make it as soon as you know, it just makes things easier and more efficient on game day. Thanks!
  5. UPDATE #1 to the groups and seeding of Tecmo Madison 14. If you are registered and do not see yourself, there are two reasons for it: 1. the registration list wasn't updated when I finished this over the weekend, you will be added over the next few days *OR* 2. you are not confirmed as registered, so do that please by either completing registration I tried moving all brothers, rides, friends away from each other, let me know if I missed one. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nherNMIAiTddp_PJ13rLFbM2zLV3hAfels-aW0Yu158/edit?usp=sharing
  6. SEGATHON this Satuday

    I beat up on a player using Tampa Bay against his Detroit 5-2. That's a Packers/Saints v Oilers/Bills matchup in Tecmo terms - though the tiers are super close in nhl
  7. That's the new Tecmo tournament frontier - VIP meet and greets! You sir, are a genius.
  8. Slot L Z drive with Jerry at RB1 is deadly. That is a drawback/benefit to the WR at RB format - you can exploit so much of the defense with a fast player with high REC out of the backfield.
  9. That is the underrated thing about losing Badger Bowl - proximity to only the best meth-adjacent hotels.
  10. Interesting idea to loosen the restrictions for players who aren't tournament tested to a more laid back approach to playing the game. If you get repeat players that way, good on you. You could also, when doing an event, try the playoff tournament format - set up enough systems, sim to playoffs on each system, group guys together, and have them snake draft every team in the playoffs and play it out. Those were always the most fun before hitting the bar because you get a good spread of teams (especially if you take the time to screw with the 49ers), and there are normally low/mid tier teams that become crazy juiced and just wreck people. For whatever reason, for a few of these, Seattle would win the AFC West and just be ridiculously juiced with everyone on offense in excellent and people would cruise to the Super Bowl with them.
  11. Just out of curiosity, why have a tier list at all? If someone wants to roll with the Raiders and Sam Graddy in a Chicago Street Tecmo Fight, then any opponent should be allowed. Or is it going to be informational for those who aren't "experts" with 100s of games experience (and I can wait until you officially roll out your explanation so as to keep the suspense )?
  12. Better than seeing @bruddog giving up a miracle to @averagetsbplayer over and over
  13. Not yet. I'll get Ace Rothstein and Jimmy the Greek on it to provide a stone cold lock for you.