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  1. I'll be interested to read what others think on this subject. Live tournaments can be a positive to the community, but I do understand the opposite point which is that having a concentration of tournaments in an area or around a date lessens the potential pool of participants to any one tournament.
  2. Truer words (about @regulator088 ) never spoken: https://twitter.com/BruddogTecmo/status/893945878611873792
  3. Any and all complaints about the format and the seeding can be directed at Dave since I won't be there and didn't get to spend my usual 5.5 months on the project
  4. @suicideking81 Years and years ago, there was a Southwest Louisiana Tecmo Tournament that myself, the holzbauers, and rico went to west of Baton Rouge. It was small but fun.
  5. Having a second kid is going to make this difficult, but barring any wife meltdowns I can be penciled in as well.
  6. This should be short: Thanks to everyone for coming. It was great seeing many of you there, sorry if I missed out on greeting you, things were kind of busy. Thanks to @davefmurray for keeping this thing alive and letting me work on it with him. Thanks to @tecmoaz for throwing together a professional stream presentation under difficult circumstances. Thanks to @Knobbe for doing a bunch of extra stuff to make things easier for everyone. Thanks to Dave's marketing partner Casey who did an amazing job with the marketing and general look of the tournament. Thanks to the new ladies of Tecmo for holding down the registration desk along with Larry, our scorekeeper who tried to keep the reporting straight. And thanks to the Holzbauers for trusting in the team to make sure their creation was done right by new guys. On a personal note a thank you to @bruddog, @OL' Dirty Tecmo, @daboy8821, @mort1237, and one other guy (who I didn't know - sorry) who distracted me for a few minutes outside while I was taking a stress break from the seeding process. It helped and made sure that my brain didn't explode.
  7. Apparently Coconuts is in every pic that Knobbe is in. Rico is in the black UnderArmor hoodie, O'Toole is the dad behind O'Dell, Coconuts (who's in every picture evidently) in the vikings hoodie, Mort's borther in the middle, Diaz is the giant next to Mort's bro, McKay is behind Coconuts, and then its just a mass of people - oh and hendershot is rocking a tebow jersey which is amazing
  8. Since I'm the guy you all get to complain to when things go wrong and the guy who has to yell at people to get the hell to their stations on time, I guess you should have a pic of me (at least the new guys): I'm only smiling because I just ended @kingsoby1's career. I also wear different glasses now and will probably be a little dressier this year unless I have to play...
  9. @segathonsov since Simms is out of work, if we move fast we can probably get him to call the games on Friday
  10. Ask your friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, moms, dads to make sure they are coming in 11 days. We would prefer to know now instead of day of that you or any of them aren't coming to play in this thing after already registering. Thanks!
  11. Your weekly reminder to unregister from the tournament - also, since we've received comments from people via other means about friends and relatives if you notice someone in a group that you know isn't coming, let us know too so we can reach out and confirm with them.
  12. Since you're cramming, another thing to practice/discover is which plays are "blitz" proof with a hot route. Offset Flare E (the offset I play in the 2nd play slot) has a built in hot route to the RB, so you can throw to him on picked play to at least avoid a sack.
  13. You can tell Leif so yourself. The Plaza Region, Group 12, B seed.
  14. Billy Beane wishes he had the knowledge of bruddog. As do Paul DePodesta, JP Ricciardi, and David Forst.