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  1. Group results, draft order, single elim position, and all the change outs would be nice to see.
  2. I fully support this initiative and wish to learn more via newsletter if available.
  3. Interesting spread of players among the groups, some good quality from the area.
  4. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    Wow, I guess you can never go to Kearney
  5. So much for my master plan to get Flo bumped to group 2, have him go 3-0, grab a top 4 seed, *and* get a choice of top tier team. Damn @ImFlo, you ruined a good thing.
  6. I don't envy Tom's task in making groups out of the current registration list. Reg and Gats are obvious choices for the top group - their resumes speak for themselves. Mort is definitely in that next tier of players given his recent run of form in the past few live tournaments. But then you have this: Flo - #1 seed Madison Lou - #1 Seed Madison TecmoBo - #1 Seed Madison Todd (immortal) - #1 Seed Madison James (player121xk) - #1 Seed Madison Green Majik - #2 Seed Madison Dan Slattery - #2 Seed Madison Hank the Tank - #2 Seed Madison Tom (allamerican1569) - #2 Seed Madison James, Flo, Lou, and TecmoBo could all be that fourth player in that top group. Lou may not like being in the same group as his brother, but maybe he might relish the challenge. And if you want details on the seed within the entire tournament that each of those guys was given in Madison this year to assist in this difficult process I can always send information your way Tom.
  7. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    @hankthetank you're signing Gats up all over the country bud
  8. I hate you both and desire for some kind of vengeance to be wreaked upon you and your houses.
  9. If Hank and Gats are out due to issues, then its probably: Reg, Mort, Flo, TecmoBo Lou, Tom, and two other guys Should be entertaining I suppose.
  10. I, for one, am not afraid of sober Regulator.* *I've also never played sober or drunk Regulator competitively, so my opinion is fairly worthless.
  11. Sober Regulator not making an appearance in Illinois? @bruddog and I will need to adjust our obvious twitter commentary during the tournament.
  12. Nothing like having the Madison Final being a group play game.
  13. At this point, you might as well move to Wisconsin. *As a bonus, its farther from Florida and Dave with his desire to add pictures of you throughout the community
  14. There's a million dollar idea - magnesium infused moonshine, premium Alkali Earth Metal infused hooch.