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  1. It's seriously just: Name: Anthony Ortega Known As: GarbageTSBPlayer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Don't call these guys in any matchup:
  2. Good thing you're a top seed then.
  3. When @ImFlo sees that he's the #2 seed in @averagetsbplayer's group, he is going to be pissed. (note, this is purely speculative)
  4. Watch out Green Bay, this one legged champion is rolling in:
  5. Sorry bud, hijacking is not cool. I'll grab you a beer or 5 in Madison.
  6. I mean if you want to give your strategy away, great! But seriously, thanks @bruddog, I know I missed some things - there's just so much in a game that seems to be simple on its face.
  7. For sake of clarity (Knobbe or mods, please move to a better location so this doesn't completely run a tournament thread off the rails) here is the basics of the Madison rule change rationale: The tournament organizers and committee members have fielded two very different complaints/comments/opinions etc before, during, and after the tournament. They are: 1. I hate choosing a matchup, that's the worst part 2. I hate not being P1 This lead to the bizarre situation in the last 3 tournaments where people would rather lose the toss than win it. Losing the toss would allow a player to have P1 *and* avoid choosing a matchup - the best of all worlds (to a 50%+1 degree of participants). To take the comparison from above, a person would be able to "lose" every coin toss and still feel like that came out ahead by playing P1 and not choosing a matchup, while a person would be able to "win" every coin toss, go 0-2 and never pick up P1. After discussions with people way, way, way smarter than the committee, we decided that the net positive opinion result - being P1 - should be coupled with the net negative result - picking a matchup - to simplify the coin toss process and not end up with some confused participants, which has also happened in past tournaments. Our thought process was coupled with the following thought: the matchup isn't the main point of the coinflip, its the P1 v P2 conundrum. 99% of people who choose a matchup tend to call an even matchup no matter what the situation - very rarely do you see something bizarre like 49ers v Cowboys or Oilers v Seahawks, most matchups are of the Raiders v Bear/Green Bay v Browns variety, evenly (ish) matched teams. Therefore, the importance of matchup to 2 players who have never seen each other (or even those who have seen each other 1000 times) is not as important psychologically as being P1. Since matchup is neutral (in most cases) the next important part of the process is choosing your preferred team. If a player - lets call him Tony O (actually, let's call him T. Orenga) - really prefers a team like the Rams and the coin toss winner chooses a Rams - Vikings matchup, Orenga would jump at the chance to be his preferred team which means he might not care which controller he has in his hands. If you rank the preference of the various things to choose in the game of Tecmo, the rankings would probably go like this: 1. P1 controller 2. Team choice 3. Matchup for the game Since P1 v P2 choice is the top "prize" for most tecmoers, we just made it the default prize for winning a 50/50 coin toss. Since the second most preferred prize is team choice, we made it the default runner up "prize" for losing the toss. Since the "winner" benefits the most and the "loser" benefits next, the third choice goes back to the winner. Now, as much as I would like to rant about symmetrical v asymmetric and zero-sum v non-zero-sum game theory, I think I've revealed enough about the rule adjustment instituted for a different tournament on a thread about a tournament a friend of ours is running.
  8. I keep forgetting that you were sitting at the registration table during the last 12 Madison tournaments.
  9. The coin flip rules from Madison were actually in place from about Tecmo 7 or 8 on - the rules kept being amended because of near constant complaints about who gets P1. After discussing the situation, and taking in to account the constant complaints, we decided to simplify the coin toss system due to the fact that no one wanted to win the toss. That put the tournament in a situation where a majority of players were not happy with winning the toss because the loser of the toss received P1 unless the winner chose a matchup that was so one-sided as to overcome the prejudice against P2 (Just off the top of my head Tecmo VII and Tecmo XII were won from P2 side). Since the general feel of the competitors was that P1 was important and that matchup choice was not important - most people choose a neutral matchup, we allowed for the fact that if a player chooses the matchup (bad by a large group of people) then that player receives a mental bonus of P1 (good by a majority of people). However, if a player wishes to choose the team from a matchup, that player can pass on P1 to grab a preferred team (like if you called Rams - Anyone against @averagetsbplayer, he'll give up P1 for the Rams). This simplifies things. And as the guy who, on tournament day, listened to every single P1/P2 complaint and the endless complaining about the "unfairness" of the 5 year old coin flip system, I like the simplicity of this "not really newer" format.
  10. I believe Dave put this in a post or even on the front page, but we have a tentative plan for Friday night - we need space to hold the Donnell Woolford charity match contest on Friday. Dave can clarify.
  11. The man @davefmurray finally revealed the contents of the Okoye box. Only took like a billion years.
  12. Somehow Orenga is in all of the shots
  13. If you look at my signature you'll see the tombstone of a great player's career and the guy who sent him there: The @kingsoby1 Slayer.
  14. With Sconnie in the tournament @Leonardite 's towel will actually make sense this year. As for @kingsoby1, he's probably still hiding in shame after losing to me (see the below pic for details)
  15. There's so much awesome that topping each awesome thing requires something more awesome. At some point we're going to have to announce that we're playing a Tecmo tournament in the game Tron-style in order to top the last bit of awesome.