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  1. HSTL S41 Draft

    My next pick is Dandy Don Warren
  2. HSTL S41 Draft

    My next pick will be IND LBs
  3. HSTL S41 Draft

    My next pick will be QB Chris Miller
  4. HSTL S41 Draft

    Jesus takes QB Steve Walsh
  5. HSTL S41 Draft

    Jesus takes HOU DL
  6. HSTL S41 Draft

    RB Kevin Mack
  7. HSTL S41 Draft

    Per list Drake gets CLE OL
  8. HSTL S41 Draft

    Robert Clark for Gats
  9. HSTL S41 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me has OL so I will take DAL OL with my next pick.
  10. HSTL S41 Draft

    MIA backups
  11. HSTL S41 Draft

    He's up here!
  12. HSTL S41 Draft

    wrong forum?
  13. HSTL S41 Draft

    Is a comeback in the works?!?
  14. HSTL S41 Draft

    WT Keith Jackson
  15. HSTL S41 Draft

    DL / K / P BUF
  16. HSTL S41 Draft

    He was already taken (not checked off on doc). Giving you Paige instead (same stats).
  17. HSTL S41 Draft

    arn takes Meggett.
  18. HSTL S41 Draft

    List for round two... Thurman Butts
  19. HSTL S41 Draft

    MIA DBs See this vid for Tim McKyer career HSTL highlight.
  20. So I was about 10-11 when Tecmo came out. Here are some songs that make me think of playing TSB when it first came out. Feel free to share yours!
  21. Drake and Dirt are on the mic, we 2 hype!

    I miss the sigs!
  22. 1986 Rookies of Year

    I'm sure I will find a way to screw this up!
  23. Favorite Coach

    Opinions vary!
  24. GBLAN Online TPC_Tapmeter Tournament

    That group got added in after we had started, so I think that was just the next 4 guys that wanted to play.
  25. Worst Possible Playbook

    Back then I was actually running the run 4 reverse but the one in run 3 is a better play, especially with the rest of the motion runs in there. But it sucks having to go without the standard run 3; worth it if you have a fast wr (63+) and a slower RB (44 or maybe even 50). Getting yards / scoring TDs with the reverse is great for laughs! I had a blast gaining Sam Graddy in WTF Retro by racking up the rushing yards.