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  1. The garage for the Detroit Opera house is very close to Detroit Beer Co. Also, there is a People Mover stop close by, so that is an option as well.
  2. My buddy Nick and I are staying at a Doubletree downtown on Friday night. Ready for the Moskwa Motown Experience! We should have a lot of fun this year, and no getting squeezed out by Pistons fans like last time!
  3. Had a lot of fun checking in on the stream. Looks like it was a great time! Well done.
  4. So here's the idea. You have N guys playing, where (N-1) divides 28 evenly. So this could be played with 2, 3, 5, 8, 15, or 29 guys. (Any number would work, but this ensures a balanced schedule). Each TSB28 game has 28 rounds of Tecmo games (potentially). Every round you play one game. Player 1 chooses his team first, then player 2 chooses his team. You can be each team only once. A win gets you 1 point, a tie gets you 0.5 points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the 28 games is the winner. The game can also end when one player has first place locked up. For example, in a 2-player game, the first person to 14.5 points wins (but this wouldn't be the case with more people). If P2 can choose a team different than whoever P1 chose then he must. If he cannot, then the game is automatically a draw (this could only happen in the 28th round). So it's simple, games could be uploaded to TPC, and all you'd need is a shared Google Doc to keep track of points and who has chosen which teams. Some interesting things about this setup are... 1. The dynamic of team choosing would be new and some out-of-the-box matchups would get played. 2. The best player wouldn't necessarily be favored, since his opponents would try and give themselves a leg up (team advantage) when they're P2. Conversely, a weaker player would play more games with a better team and would receive sort of a built-in handicap. But it's dynamic, because if that player starts to lead in the standings the other players would start policing him. 3. Games could be immediately conceded to save time; say I'm playing somebody and he takes SF as P1, I could, say, take IND and concede if I felt like not burning one of my good squads in an attempt to beat SF. Of course it would take some commitment from the players, but that goes with anything beyond basic TPC. You could also choose a subset of the 28 teams for a shorter game. Anyone interested in trying this out let me know and I'll try and organize it!
  5. I'll play! Any team will do.
  6. If winner goes a) or b), then coin flip loser gets his choice of controller AND a ) his pick of team from the winner's matchup choice or b ) has to call the matchup, and then coin flip winner gets his choice of team. If winner goes c), then loser either calls the matchup (and winner gets his choice of team) or forces coin flip winner to call the matchup and loser gets his choice of team.
  7. Since everyone would prefer to be P1, there are really two types of people: those that strongly prefer to call the match-up (I am in this camp), and those that strongly prefer to not call the match-up (I can't imagine any "upper-level" players in this camp, but maybe there are... and the rules shouldn't only cater to that group anyway). Under old Madison rules (and buck's equivalent system), a player that hates calling match-ups might get double-boned by "winning" the toss (they have to call the match-up and they might get stuck with P2 as well). A player that likes to call match-ups is guaranteed to get a match-up call or P1. I understand the complaints. Under the new system, a player that prefers to call the match-up automatically gets double-boned by losing the coin-flip (they don't get to call and they are P2). A player that hates calling match-ups gets a push regardless of who wins the toss. Here is my suggestion for a more equitable system where neither side gets double-boned. There are two choices: 1) choose your controller or 2) choose who has to pick the match-up (the person who doesn't pick the match-up will get their choice of team). Whoever wins the coin toss gets to choose one of these and the coin toss loser gets to make the other choice. Here, if I strongly prefer calling the match-up and I lose the toss, I at least get player 1 and my choice of team as a consolation (I get my 1st and 3rd ranked choices or 2nd and 3rd ranked choices). If I hate calling the match-up and lose the toss, even if homeboy forces to call the match-up I get P1 (again, I get 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 3rd ranked choices). Neither type of person would get stuck getting their 3rd choice only. Coin toss winner gets their pick of the litter and the loser gets the other two. The coin-toss winner could still get two of his three preferences if the players have different tastes. Nobody gets double-boned. At Kumite we used the new Madison rules (essentially), but we needed to save some time because our process of drawing ping-pong balls each round was lengthy. This year we are not drawing ping-pong balls and there will be a coin flip, so O'Dell and I will have to determine how it goes down. If this system has any glaring flaws that I missed please let me know!
  8. Kia needs to sponsor Madison this year... winner gets a 2017 Sorento!
  9. Will the controllers be able to be adapted to work with a PC or with the regular console or will they only work with this new contraption? Having new controllers produced by Nintendo would be a plus.
  10. Congrats to Ted for making the playoffs with that roster!
  11. Classic fail at the end of the first half!
  12. For your enjoyment: HSTL 28 NFC Championship Game...
  13. Hahaha I was pretty wasted by that point. What a blast.
  14. I'm in! Will be trekking across the Great White North with O'Dell to get there.