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  1. This is a new level of tournament flaking for you. Normally you just RSVP and then back out within 24 hrs of the event. Props to playing half the event this time!
  2. Denver Broncos HSTL S41 Recaps

    Oh man I should have checked the schedule. Pressure's on!
  3. Round 0 Vote

  4. Round 0 Vote

    To be clear about getting skipped: If slot #1 was available and your time got skipped you would automatically be given slot #1 (not slot #28).
  5. Round 0 Vote

    See: Pros
  6. HSTL S42 Draft Format

    I like it. The question is, how much does @OL' Dirty Tecmo love Ron Hall?
  7. Round 0 Vote

    So here's how round zero would work. The process would last one day and would occur the day after the draft lottery process is completed (the tandems would also be known at this point). I would volunteer to mod this process. Once the draft lottery is over the teams would be ranked in a certain way. For example... 1. stalltalk 2. JPthebowler 3. LuckyTool 4. Ol' Dirty Tecmo ... 28. Prime Each player would have a half hour time slot (say ranging from 9AM eastern to 11PM). When their time slot comes up or when everyone in front of them has picked their slot, they get to choose their draft slot from the ones remaining. Anyone who "gets skipped" will automatically be given the highest draft slot remaining. Players could also declare at any time that they want "highest available" or "lowest available" or leave a list of their desired draft slots. So stalltalk could choose whatever slot he wants (1 through 28). Then JP gets to choose from what's left, and so on. The last guy would be stuck with whatever slot is not taken (this is usually not slot 28, btw, someone snaps that up). Pros: You get to choose a slot that is to your liking, which should be the case if the lottery is to give an advantage to those who had a rough season. If you got ranked #2 but would rather take someone not Joe or Bo (or QB Eagles, I guess) and want to shoot for a defensive group or Marino or Jerry then you can drop down, get your man, and have a better 2nd round pick. If you want to pick a certain slot simply because it's more convenient for you to draft at that time, then you can do that as well. If you want no part of this process you can just peace out and get highest slot available. Cons: It takes a day. For all of the rounds of the draft that are uninteresting, this adds one more fun round to the process. Vote yes!!! See here for an example of the results of round zero from season 33.
  8. Random Thoughts

  9. Indianapolis Colts HSTL S41 Recaps

    Don't be afraid to punt out the clock!
  10. You could most likely count myself and @modeezie in. We run a Detroit area tournament every winter/spring (last one was in march).
  11. First half was very laggy after the first drive or two. After the half we reconnected for the 2nd. Pats convert a 4th down and eventually score. Bratton fumbles the kickoff for the Dolphins and the Pats score on a pass from Mitchell to Jackson. From there the Dolphins took some chances and it was 24-0 at the half. We were just sort of happy to be playing lag-free in the second half. Pats 31 - Dolphins 14 GG wags, see you for the rematch.
  12. Did someone say sig wars?

    Get educated people...
  13. Ken O.Brien is Ted from Hey Dude!
  14. HSTL S41 Draft

    My next pick is Dandy Don Warren