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  1. Hunker down in the Ukraine or the Congo with all your troops and die with honor like a man.
  2. Butts Ironhead, what's with this thingy?
  3. Hank, you are the modern version of this man from Tecmo II, more than a decade ago:
  4. Though some poor girl did vomit all over the girl's room. Quintessential Plaza.
  5. Pete Kerrrrrrns has returned to Madison to re-take his rightful throne as king of Neenah Tecmo. #ripskunker
  6. Spoken by many a married lady in the 70s
  7. My "call safe" word with QB Eagles is paprika.
  8. Just remember that the players engaged on the boards tend to be the players least likely to no-show. Emails are a pain but they work. Remember the old days when we used to call every person? I don't miss those! Anyone remember getting those calls between Tecmo III and VIII? "hi, this is Josh with Tecmo Madison." "who?" "Josh. With Tecmo Madison." "Tech what?" "TECMO TOURNAMENT in MADISON WISCONSIN." "Oh yeah, I forgot I signed up for that. When is that?" Those were the days
  9. Both the memories and the indigestion will remain with you indefinitely
  10. I think it's pretty cool that Flo's brother has continued his legacy by attending tournaments and posting to threads after Flo's untimely death at BurningMort. He's not as good at Tecmo or nearly as good looking as Flo, but you take what you can get. I didn't catch his name at Green Bay, but he seemed like a good guy.
  11. Rik prefers slow receivers.
  12. Colts-Packers sneaky good matchup.
  13. Ooh, that second kid may have been a bad idea...
  14. I have a very particular set of skills...