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  1. I have a very particular set of skills...
  2. That man has as many Oscars as Marty Scorsese. The only equivalent move in Tecmo is to bench Jim Everett for Chuck Long. Translation: "I am not f*cking around here, and you are not prepared for what's about to happen." Alternate translation: this guy doesn't care about winning. He just wants to watch the world burn.
  3. As the emcee of this year's tournament with no director responsibilities, I promise to be the same asshole to people complaining about the new coin flip rules as I was to the people complaining about the old coin toss rules. In my ceremonial role, consistency is paramount.
  4. Rik and I played these playoffs, game by game, in TSB. The Oilers subbed for the Texans. And the Falcons won the Super Bowl over the Chiefs.
  5. A bit of sideline reporting for everyone: I asked Regulator what inspired him to play with such passion today, and he said it was the trash talking Mort was laying down on What'sApp in the week leading up to the tournament. "I thought it was weird when he sent me the portrait of his family, but I understood he was looking to intimidate me, and I responded in kind," an effervescent Regulator said to no one in particular in between opponent beatdowns.
  6. What Mort did to Orenga tonight should be illegal.
  7. You made a mistake in your groups. @ImFlo died the night of Burning Mort, consumed in the conflagration of Tecmo merchandise, corrugated cardboard, and life-size Orenga cut-outs. Along with the Tecmo VI bracket.
  8. The Tecmo community has to come together to spread out some of these January/early February tournaments so more can attend!
  9. That's A LOT of Wyman-and-tonics.
  10. Sorry, the only correct answer to that question is "dat ass"
  11. Can't wait for the profile on @averagetsbplayer: <Poo.gif>
  12. If you guys put me in the same group as Moonwalk/Sconnie, I'll go 0-2, and can focus on my emcee duties.