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  1. You made a mistake in your groups. @ImFlo died the night of Burning Mort, consumed in the conflagration of Tecmo merchandise, corrugated cardboard, and life-size Orenga cut-outs. Along with the Tecmo VI bracket.
  2. The Tecmo community has to come together to spread out some of these January/early February tournaments so more can attend!
  3. That's A LOT of Wyman-and-tonics.
  4. Sorry, the only correct answer to that question is "dat ass"
  5. Can't wait for the profile on @averagetsbplayer: <Poo.gif>
  6. If you guys put me in the same group as Moonwalk/Sconnie, I'll go 0-2, and can focus on my emcee duties.
  7. JJs aren't a style; they're a state of mind
  8. Yeah, I'm trying to make it happen, but not looking good right now. I'll update if that changes. Portland / Ground Kontrol / that strip club down the street from GK (Mary's???) are all awesome.
  9. How about something fun like changing the TD celebration to play Return of the Mack mp3, change halftime show to music video, etc.? Don't limit yourself to what is possible in reality. If I can dream it, it must be possible.
  10. Now that Tecmo appears to have gone mainstream, it's up to educate the masses on such nonsense.
  11. Looks like Ground Kontrol hosts pinball tournaments: May be time to reach out to them for the tourney, if you haven't already.
  12. Damn, Peter, way to represent the Madison crew! For those who don't know Peter (aka @moonwalk): He found our listing for Madison Tecmo I on back in 2005, and showed up at our tournament as a complete unknown (sound familiar?). He rolled the tournament field, beat Chet twice, only to lose to me in the championship game. In Madison Tecmo III, he beat @kingsoby1, Oilers over Bears, to claim his first and last Tecmo Madison title. Along with Rik and James, won Tecmo Ryder Cup II outside of Minneapolis, MN. Despite claims of superiority by Rikster and Skunker, Peter remains the most decorated player from Neenah, WI. He is curently being guided cross-country by an Elway figurine I left with him in Denver last year. Only the Tecmo gods know where he'll end up next. Congratulations, Peter, on your second major tourney victory!