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  1. Tournament Abundance

    "sounds like one of them good problems"
  2. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    I have the same lawyer as LT, so don't post ALL Burning Mort pics. -Conjurer's slave
  3. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Things went quite well last night I think
  4. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    We'll be at the Radisson tonight. Uber/Lyft don't work when my phone is dead and I can only access the reptilian part of my brain, as I found out a few weeks ago after an ill-fated trip to the Plaza.
  5. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    I'm half way there, at the Minneapolis airport. I don't board my plane for Fargo for a little while, but I expect most people on it will be spectators en route to Ardiente Muerto.
  6. North Dakota - Burning Mort II

    Rejected session names: Mort Knox The Big Mort Mortellini Tim Morton's Lord Voldemort He's Not Heavy, He's Mort Morter of the Phoenix Law and Morter: Special Victims Unit Law and Morter: LT Intent Mortormouth Mortorhead Mort Gage
  7. Green Bay WI - 08/03/17 - GBLAN Presents, 3rd Beebe

    May I suggest ThreeBe or 3be as a name?
  8. Hunker down in the Ukraine or the Congo with all your troops and die with honor like a man.
  9. Butts Ironhead, what's with this thingy?
  10. Hank, you are the modern version of this man from Tecmo II, more than a decade ago:
  11. Though some poor girl did vomit all over the girl's room. Quintessential Plaza.
  12. Pete Kerrrrrrns has returned to Madison to re-take his rightful throne as king of Neenah Tecmo. #ripskunker
  13. Spoken by many a married lady in the 70s
  14. My "call safe" word with QB Eagles is paprika.