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  1. I tried this and I am still not getting it to work. Can you post the file with the correction or e-mail it to me jqwaldron@aol.com. Thanks in advance. Jim
  2. Drummer, I was trying to use your rosters with the fantasy draft mod and it seems that the NFC west always gets screwed up. Is it possible to use your rosters or is this common. Thanks Jim
  3. I'm down for doing roster updates and some ratings but I cant figure out this graphic editor.
  4. Will there be a NCAA 2013 mod for TSB on NES?
  5. So far its pretty a pretty good play! playing with texans, only one change for them that may be needed. Zac Diles will be the weak side linebacker, Xavier Abidi will be his backup. anyway will play more tommorrow but so far between playing this and madden 11 football is back.